Boston Celtics’ Nate Robinson Securing a Job

Distraction, immature, selfish, attention hog, circus act,. These are just a few of the things that supposedly describe Nate Robinson. However, in the 2010 NBA playoffs, 5 foot 9 Nate Robinson is doing everything within his power to prove his critics wrong.

The Boston Celtics tied up their series with the Lakers at 2 a piece last night after a 96-89 victory. Powered by their bench, most notably Glen “Big Baby” Davis, the Celtics were able to use a 36 point fourth quarter to lock up the win. The big time play from “Big Baby” is not something new to NBA fans. Through the absence of Kevin Garnett last year, Glen Davis stepped up to play a key role in the Celtics attempts at back-to-back championships.

However, Nate Robinson, an even more unlikely candidate, has also emerged in these playoffs to give the Boston Celtics a major lift. Last night Nate Robinson came off the bench going 4-8 from the field for 12 points as well as 2-4 from beyond the arc. Doc Rivers had enough confidence to keep Robinson on the floor late in the fourth quarter. Robinson hit a floater in the lane with 4:16 to go in the final frame.

Nate Robinson was constantly in and out of coach Mike D’Antoni’s dog house while in New York for his sparkling yet selfish and attention grabbing play. It was thought that Robinson cared more about the attention rather than the team winning. It culminated with D’Antoni taking Robinson out of the rotation for 14 straight games. During this period Nate Robinson and his agent had requested a trade out of New York. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, after being on the bench for almost a month, Robinson came back against the Atlanta Hawks with an astounding 41 points of the bench.

Finally, Nate was granted a trade to the Boston Celtics on February 18th. Robinson wasn’t given full opportunity in Boston either though as Rajon Rondo had already emerged as one of the league’s premier point guards. During the season, Robinson was limited to 14.3 minutes a game.

Before game 6 of the Eastern conference finals Nate Robinson had been all but forgotten. But that all changed as Doc Rivers put him in to deliver a spark to the tail-spinning Celtics. Robinson did not fail to deliver. He finished the game with 13 points, all during the second quarter, allowing the Celtics to once again reach the NBA finals.

Right now the basketball world is focused on two things: The NBA finals and where Lebron James is going to land. Not Nate Robinson. There is no way that the only thing on Nate Robinson’s mind right now is the NBA finals. Even though Nate Robinson has been quiet throughout his tenure with the Boston Celtics he has to have wondered if anyone will give him a legitimate shot to play regularly next season. Nate Robinson knows that, right now, he is playing for another contract and doing a darn good job of it.

Nate Robinson has proved to general managers around the league that he can be put the team’s needs before his own. Everyone knows that Robinson doesn’t mind the spotlight and will jack up shots at will. Performing during the regular season is one thing, performing at key points during the NBA finals is a whole other beast. It’s a fact of life that some people just don’t perform well when the pressure is on, but obviously Nate Robinson is not one of those guys. Nate Robinson should feel so grateful that he got this opportunity to play in the NBA playoffs because if not he might have been unemployed next season.

However, all that has changed now. Despite his past problems, I think it is very likely that someone offers him some sort of multi-year deal that will give him the chance to show he can potentially be a starter or at least a solid 6th man in the NBA.

Personally, I love Nate Robinson as a player. He is just so much fun to watch because he has absolutely no conscious, which means he could go off at anytime. Like JR Smith, Nate Robinson is one of those high risk, high reward guys. You just never know what you’re going to get. The bottom line though is that he is going to have his games where he lights up the score sheet, as long as he is given adequate minutes, which is why I would take the risk of signing him. Even during the 14 game benching this past year, he said all the right things. Then, when he wasn’t getting an opportunity in Boston, you didn’t hear a peep out of him. He is not going to be a distraction anymore. On a less important note, if you are more of a bottom feeder team having trouble getting fans out to games, he is going to bring in a certain amount of fans.

How can you not take a chance on a guy who 2 years ago averaged 17 points a game coming off the bench on a bad team? Now that he’s proved he can compete with elite competition in crunch time all I see is a tremendous amount of upside to a truly electric player.

Agree? Disagree? If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please feel free to reply in the comments section below. Or you can e-mail me at


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27 Responses to Boston Celtics’ Nate Robinson Securing a Job

  1. Keep up the good work, man.

  2. Why Did I go to Law School? says:

    Love the blog and thanks for checking out mine. As a Celtics season ticket holder and all around NBA fan I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Nate’s approach since coming to Boston. I don’t know if it’s because he’s in a contract year and is just trying to do the right thing or if this really is who he is as a teammate and player. On a good team he’s that perfect spark off the bench who on any given night can come in and completely fill it up. As we saw this season with the Knicks I truly believe Nate needs to stay away from signing with a bad team and make sure he surrounds himself with a solid core of vets to keep him focused at all times.

    Gonna be interesting to see how the final 2-to-3 games play out (at least in Boston and LA) while the rest of the NBA universe continues their free agent speculation. I think the C’s take Game 5, but closing out in LA is gonna be a beast of a task. Any thoughts?

  3. Thanks for the comment. Good points being made here. The city of Boston is going nuts for these suddenly scrappy bench-warmers making national headlines.

  4. O. Nova says:

    Nice Blog! Keep up the good work!!

  5. Good post and good angle… Nate has a chance to be a player who contributes. I don’t know where his arrow is pointing but he still seems raw as a player. Doc Rivers was quoted saying they are still teaching him how to act. This is understandable since he was coming from that hot mess called Knicks. I doubt if a team signs him to a big deal. No one will doubt his abilities. I think the question most will ask is can he do this on a regular for a contender? People like Robert Horry, Mario Elie, and Vinnie Johnson to name a few were able to do this in the past. They were able to come off the bench and change the game from hitting clutch shots to taking over quarters without requiring major minutes. If Nate can do this…that is good company to be in. All guys have multiple rings and were key parts of their respective teams winning titles. After game4 Nate is going in the right direction but the sample size is too small to crown him that guy. I want to wait and see if he can do it game 5 and game 6 helping Boston to another championship… if he doesn’t and LA wins the championship no one will actively recall his game. It will be all about LA and who help them win the title.

  6. We LOVE your blog! You are totally right about Nate (a.k.a. “Donkey”) …we totally agree with everything you’ve said (which is rare). Who would have thought that when he left NYC that he would show up in the playoffs like he did last night!

    Keep up the AWESOME work and please check us out whenever you have time!

    The Girls

  7. schreinerpatrick says:

    i agree he is high risk player…can be great like last night, but it can also turn bad. He is proving himself in the playoffs.

  8. I like your blog although I do think that you are giving Robinson too much credit. He definitely has provided a much needed emotional and offensive push for the seemingly tiring Celtics starters. However, many of his antics ate showboaty and not necessary. The technical showed me he still doesn’t hve sound judgement and his shot selection is suspect at times today the least. Time will tell mehinks. 🙂

  9. jpalumbo says:

    I’m a displaced Celtics fan living in NYC, so I’ve seen a lot of Nate over the past couple of years. He is one of the more talented super-undersized guards I’ve ever seen. He is explosive and nearly unguardable when he gets in a shooting rhythm because of his quickness off the dribble.

    BUT, like most little guys, he gives a lot back at the other end because he can’t challenge passes over the top and he’s always at a disadvantage in post up guard sets. He has the potential to be a better Earl Boykins playing his current style. If he develops a conscience and learns to run the point, who knows? Maybe Avery Johnson type starter, but that would require a lot of maturing.

  10. Great job on the blog. Really 🙂 but Lakers will still take this 😉 hugs!

  11. imsomi248 says:

    thnaks for the comment. your doing a good job yoursefl. now, although im a lakers fan, and i have a hate for the boston celtics. I like Nate Robinson and alwayz have.

  12. By says:

    Great stuff man!

    Don’t know what Nate’s issues were behind closed doors, because to me, he seems like a like-able guy. Whatever those issues were, you’d have to think that being put into the situation he is now has helped him get over them.

  13. thesportsfeed says:

    Good job! I like the fact that you didn’t just throw out facts and stats that people already knew.

  14. Why Did I go to Law School? says:

    Gotta agree with Vincent and jpalumbo a bit here…a Vinnie Johnson comparison is spot-on in terms of being able to light it up on any given night, but as jpalumbo pointed out he gives up a lot of size on the defensive end. One of the big reasons he stopped seeing playing time in Boston was just that reason…or at least his lack of grasping the Celtics defensive scheme. While he still seems a bit lost out there at times he has definitely stepped up offensively in Game 6 vs. Orlando and again in Game 4 as you’ve already pointed out. He also has stated on multiple occasions his desire to stay in Boston and how much he’s enjoyed being around this group of players. Any thoughts on the type of contract you see him landing? Thoughts on him staying with the Celtics?


  15. Joseph Earp says:

    Great points on Robinson. I have always liked him myself, toinclude his attitude. He’s got a swagger to him that a 5’9″ guy needs to have in this league. I myself thought it spoke volumes of Doc Rivers when Robinson got in Odom’s face after a foul, a technical was called…but Rivers kept him in the game. That shows Rivers thinks he’s important, and I’m sure other coaches and GMs around the league noticed too.

    Joe “Wyatt” Earp

  16. tophatal says:


    Robinson will prove his worth to this Celtics’ team when it’s all said and done. For the Lakers to win this series apart from Kobe and Gasol having their usual game. Mr Kardashian will have to step up to the plate .

    AP aka tophatal

  17. Mayank says:

    Hey! I am Mayank from and I created a life blog post where I talked about my support for the Boston Celtics. You asked me to come here.. so here I am! LOL. This is an interesting blog. I am not a sports fan except for basketball, tennis, and a little bit of soccer.. so this is not the ideal blog that I would be visiting.. but I think this is really cool. 🙂

  18. High Above Courtside says:

    Nice job Chris. I really like your web site. It will be interesting once the series is done and # 18 hangs from the rafters what will happen with the team from North station this summer. Ray, Scal, Tony A, Nate are all pending free agents and with the winds of change and not much room with the salary cap, we’ll see what happens

  19. mimigadget says:

    Great blog Chris. Thanks for checking out mine.
    You have to hand it to Nate. He’s doing what ball players get paid millions of $$$ to do–play good defense and attacking the basket with ball in hand.

    I’m still standing behind the Lakers to take the series in Game 7. It’s not going to be easy with Bynum injured, Artest making bad shooting decisions and Odom not stepping up. Lakers is still the better team. They just need to keep focus and play well defensively. Two games left. Let’s see how the series pan out. Go Lakers!

  20. gregtrainer says:

    Hey Chris. Nice Work here! Go celtics babay!

  21. Sriram says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog. Nate is volatile, and has a selfish reputation to heal. Nothing does that like contributing on a winner. His energy has been invaluable. That the Celtics, THESE Celtics are on the brink is utterly incomprehensible.

  22. jamerchant says:

    I guess I’m a bit skeptical of Nate Robinson because of his defense and his tendency to dominate the ball. I think that’s why some of his coaches have been a little wary of him. He’s definitely explosive, though, and his leaping ability makes up somewhat for his height. Plus he’s really a pretty decent three point shooter. If he could land somewhere that need s some scoring burst off the bench, that would be perfect for him.

  23. Great Blog as well as your others that I checked out. Keep doing what your doing.

  24. minimunchkinmin says:

    Great blog to you as well! I really love Nate’s enthusiasm. Game 6 was such an ugly game for the Celtics. Let’s hope they can pull through in Game 7!!

  25. judebautista says:

    Your blog was very well written Chris. Both Jeff Van Gundy and Mark jackson said that Nate really grew and matured as a player since he’s arrived in Boston. Nate is able to have the pass first mentality and really improved defensively. This may be the first time he was able to learn the team concept. it’s difficult to grasp the importance of the team concept when you’re in a relatively unsuccessful team. But when Ray Allen or KG pulls you aside and tells you to shut up to prevent another Technical, you listen because they’re champs. Whether or not they win it all, Nate and the rest of the Celtics are already winners in my book. Thanks again and hope to see you soon in my blog!

  26. aaron says:

    Great post and thanks for commenting on my blog =).

    I love Nate too! You should see what he did for a kid during all-star slam dunk competition 2010. Nate has an explosive personality, which can really help the team when they are losing in a game.

    However, I guess the reason why he is still a bench player is perhaps because of inconsistency. Coaches might also have difficulty placing him in a proper position, as he’s not one who can read the game very well and pass brilliantly. But he isn’t also a really good shooter due to his height.

    We can’t really judge Nate Robinson in just a few games for Celtics, lets wait for the next season and see how he performs!

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