Chris Bosh will be money in the bank

After much speculation, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade have finally teamed up

If you haven’t heard, the state of Florida has no state income tax. With Chris Bosh announcing today that he will be joining Dwyane Wade in Miami, a little extra cash in his bank account isn’t the only thing that you can count on from the former Toronto Raptor.

For much of his 7 year career in Toronto, Chris Bosh was the face of the franchise. With that title, a player assumes great responsibility, big expectations and enormous pressure. Chris Bosh took the title to heart and worked as hard as he could to improve his game and make himself into the best player he could possibly be.

His hard work has paid off. Chris Bosh has become one of the best big men in the league. It is apparent from the amount of interest he has garnered from teams trying to court him to their city this off-season as well as posting the best numbers of his career last year. He averaged 24.0 points and 10.8 rebounds after adding 15 pounds of muscle prior to the start of last season. Now Bosh may not be the intimidating presence in the paint that other big men are but he makes up for it in so many different ways.

Chris Bosh may not be in the same category as Lebron James and Dwyane Wade there is no doubt that he will have lots of success in Miami.

As mentioned earlier, Bosh is one of the best offensive big men in the league. He has worked extremely hard on his jumper and as a result he has one of the best mid-range games in the league and can nail the 15-18 footer as consistently as almost anyone.

Bosh has also added more of a low post game and a nice fade-away in the low post to his repertoire.

When fresh, he has a very explosive first step that provides serious mismatches for most opposing power forwards. Last season he showed the ability to go to his off right hand on a more regular basis.

The problem in Toronto was that he had to carry too much of the load and consequently was battered, bruised and exhausted as games and the season wore on. Even though before last season he stated that he was going to stop setting for jump shots, a combination of tiredness and frustration made Bosh a pure jump shooter at times later in the season.

Lebron James has setup a press conference for 9pm eastern on ESPN to announce his decision

In Miami Bosh is not going to have the same issues that he had in Toronto. Dwyane Wade will always be the #1 option so long as Lebron James doesn’t decide to come along. With Wade handling and dishing the ball it will allow Bosh to be less beat up as the season moves forward. Moreover, Bosh will be seeing less double teams and getting more easy baskets than he ever did in Toronto.

Chris Bosh was forced to be the late clock, late game situation player in his tenure in Toronto, which is something he clearly did not have the ability to be. Minus Dirk Nowitzki, most big men are not suited for late game, isolation situations and Chris Bosh is no exception. This again will not be an issue in Miami as Wade will be the obvious choice for those types of situations.

I have read and heard people wonder if Bosh will be unhappy about being the #2 option. I think any Raptor fan can tell you that Bosh will have no problem being Robin to Dwyane Wade’s Batman. Chris Bosh is all about winning and this fact was evident in Toronto even though they didn’t actually win all that much. Fans around the NBA don’t know or don’t realize that Bosh actually has probably one of the most unselfish personalities in the league. Less shots, less touches, who cares? It’s all about the winning for CB4.

Dwyane Wade may be the go to guy in Miami but I don’t see Chris Bosh’s numbers dipping in the coming seasons. I think that if we’re going to see any change in his numbers it will be up rather than down. Bosh has improved every year that he has been in the league and he will be even more motivated this year to do the same

Wade and Lebron is not a good fit in my eyes but it seems like Bosh is the perfect complement to Wade for a number of reasons. The most obvious of them being that Bosh is a big man and Wade is a guard. Secondly, Bosh is not going to demand the ball as much as Wade does and he will be able to step aside at times and let Wade do his thing. Thirdly, Bosh is not the type of big man who is going to clog up the lane for D-Wade’s driving, slashing ways.

Most importantly, defensive game plans are no longer going to focus on stopping Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade alone, they will center on stopping possibly the best dynamic duo in the NBA.

I’m not sure if the duo will be able to bring Miami a championship right away because of the lack of pieces surrounding them, but make no mistake, Chris Bosh will be money in the bank for the Miami Heat.

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34 Responses to Chris Bosh will be money in the bank

  1. tommysports says:

    Bosh-Wade is going to be a strong force in the East.

  2. Mike says:

    Good post Chris, I’m with you on the whole bringing a championship to Miami right off the bat, I think it’s gonna take a season or two. Will be interesting to watch how all this unfolds.

  3. alexristea says:

    I like the picture you put in the middle; this article is infinitely easier to read than your previous ones.

    Getting better, I like it!

  4. Bosh-Wade or Bosh-Wade-James will certainly make the Heat the favorites in the East next season. My only concern for the Heat will be their complementary players. How many titles would the Lakers have won without Robert Horry or Derek Fisher? Would Boston have won without Rondo? Those type of guys can’t be overlooked.

  5. dioselev says:

    Bosh is a terrific player who doesn’t get the credit he deserves because he played for a mediocre team most of his career and was overshadowed by the likes of Wade and LeBron (and Carmelo, also from the same draft class). However, he is an absolute match-up nightmare at his position with that skill-set, and playing with another superstar who can open up opportunities for him will take Bosh to another level. I don’t think this makes the Heat favorites to win it all necessarily, since they still have fill up the roster and make it through an entire season healthy, but it definitely makes them dangerous.

    I like the work, Chris. Check out my own blog at

  6. eddy says:

    i really agree on what you said but where do you think Lebron will end up im hoping for the bulls or the knicks because the knicks have stoudomire and bulls have derrick rose noah deng and now buzzer

  7. sunyraaam says:

    If the Heat get Raymond Felton and John Salmons to help out the mega duo, they could become the favorites in the East. All they’ll need from these two lower-level guys (to become a great team) is a combination of 20-25 points/5-6 assists a game. The real x-factor is Michael Beasley; whether or not he can develop more into the player he was perceived to become out of college. Remember, he broke Durant’s freshman Big 12 records for ppg and rpg, so he does have game.

  8. jetcarrera says:

    good post .

    obviously Bosh needs the money more than D-Wade & LeBron . (endorsements & such)… but Bosh getting his money was the key to all 3 teaming up together. We’ll find out if Bron Bron joins them 2morow .

  9. gene84 says:

    Good post. Very informative. Only time will tell to see where King James will install his throne.

  10. atm23 says:

    I think Bosh is a great addition to the team. But only 2 all-stars would not make Miami a championship team. If they do sign LeBron then they won’t have enough money for mid level players.

  11. atm23 says:

    Hey, do you think you could put my blog on your blogroll? ( I put you on mine.

  12. bryan says:

    Although this is good for Bosh and Wade and Miami but it will be tough going up against Queen James and Amare

  13. chappy81 says:

    Word! As Rodger Lodge would say “This is a match made in heaven!” I don’t think Bosh will have any gripes handing the ball off to Wade in crunch time. He just needs to be the Pau Gasol of the team to keep others honest!

  14. Y M says:

    Lol the Heat have 4 players under contact, and they will probably trade Beasley. Being in VA I don’t see a lot of Raptor games, but Bosh can do it all , the Heat gonna get some pieces though…

    I my eye is on H Warrick with the Suns, no Amare and he has Steve Nash. He might win most improved player this year, because at Syracuse he was the MAN!!!!

  15. Very good post. It is interesting how much you focused on Bosh and the success he had in Toronto, and how Dwyane Wade will help him build off of that. I agree with what you were saying about Bosh being the perfect fit for Miami rather than Lebron. Lebron and Wade are both pure shooters and guys you can, and should, build a franchise around. Having both of them on one roster would probably result in one, or both of them being unhappy as there wouldn’t be enough minutes, points, or possessions to go around.

  16. Christian says:

    Good post. I agree with your take on the Wade-Bosh duo. I think CB4 is the Robin to D-Wade’s Batman. I think they will be a contender in the East next season if they get some quality bench players. However, I hope that LeBron does not join them in Miami because I would rather see Wade and Bosh play against LeBron in the playoffs.

  17. Sean Dreznin says:

    Personally, If LeBron goes to the Heat. I am done with the NBA. I’ll watch High School LaCrosse… at least its still got its purity, unless those kids are juicing.

    As for Wade and Bosh… Its a nice upgrade from Wade-Random cast of underachieving characters. Now its Wade-Bosh-Random cast of underachieving characters… I see 48-52 wins out of these Heat and a Second Round playoff exit which is a nice run in the stacked East.

  18. heavenhollywood says:

    love your blog bro my sources said 2 days ago that lebron was going to sign with clev because he thought bosh would come there because the raptors had worked out a deal with cleav but when bosh said no it may have been the last straw for cleav. I hear lebron will also go to the heat

  19. Steven John says:

    I think you’re right Chris, Lebron and Wade are not a good fit. Too many cooks in the kitchen but Chris Bosh in Miami is a great fit and will only help Miami get to the next level. Will Miami be able to contend with the Lakers and other NBA powerhouses remains to be seen,.. and I can’t wait.
    Regardless where Lebron goes I will always watch NBA basketball because I’m a fan of the game not the players.

  20. orangeswim21 says:

    Thank you for commenting on my post! I really enjoyed reading yours too. The news today has said that there are insiders saying that LeBron will be going to Miami. I completely agree with you though that Wade and James are not a good fit. If LeBron were to go to Miami he would have to be the number 2 guy because Miami is
    D-Wade’s city. I am just hoping that he stays in Cleveland for a little longer to give them a chance to get some good guys and win a championship!(:

  21. bengunby says:

    Bosh is a guy who knows what he can and can’t do. What he can’t do is carry a team on his own to an NBA title. What he can do is play a great number two, or even three. He doesn’t have to have the ball at all times to be successful, or to help his team, and is a great number two guy. I think his game is lacking some physicality, and that too is one of the reasons he can’t be “the guy” on a championship caliber team. He’s similar to Pau Gasol, but more athletic, and overall, more talented. I do think though, for him to have his most success, Miami needs to put a banger with him, otherwise teams will continue to implore physical play against him and take him out of his comfort zone.

  22. epilcher319 says:

    Intresting take. I do agree that Miami does not need James I feel the money would be best spent get some veterans to help out. This is considering the Heat only have 4 players under contract currently.
    Overall, good points on bosh and a great look at a player the common fan might not know about!

  23. hombre316 says:

    Great post with a lot of really valid points. I agree that Bosh will thrive in Miami with D-Wade. He’s done nothing but get better throughout his career and shows no sign of stopping. I think people give him a hard time for not carrying the Raptors farther but come on, look at the roster he had. Bosh is going to open some eyes in Miami for sure. Great post. I’ll definitely be checking back!

  24. afrescas says:

    i like your blog man

  25. Sheng Ye says:

    Hey! Read your post as requested. Just wanna say that it was a good read. However, with LBJ coming to south beach now, I am certain that their numbers will be down. However, they will win games…imagine getting the ball on the fast break with LeBron and Wade chasing you down… What a scary view to have…my only concern is injuries…Miami will be a team now with a good first unit, and a so-so bench. if one or more of the big 3 were to be down with an injury, can they still win games? Also, I am excited to see the improvements in Mario, think rondo and the big 3… One interesting senario to look out for would be to see them holding a losing streak…how would they(the media) response to that? This team Is now facing alot of pressure to win be a dynasty. Hopefully, they deliver as promised. Can’t wait for te first game to start..

  26. degencutter says:

    I think Bosh is a highly skilled big man, but as Bill Simmons noted, he really isn’t and hasn’t been a superstar on the level of Wade or James, both of whom have lead their teams to multiple playoff victories over the years. As a complementary piece to Wade and James, I think Bosh will thrive. These three proved that they could play together during the Olympics, and I don’t believe that selfishness will be their undoing.

    The first year may be rough going, however, depending on what they can get for teammates. All three are going to be required on the court for heavy minutes, and that can wear guys down. I think the Heat will get better each year as they can add mid-level exception players and draft picks (depending on how the new CBA works, etc.).

    Anyway, a fine post, and you bring up a lot of good points in regards to Chris Bosh, ut I agree with Bill Simmons that a true superstar takes his team further than Bosh was ever able to take his Toronto teams. Still, I think he’s a hell of a complement to Wade and James, and both of those guys are superstars.

  27. sportstator says:

    I agree completely, Bosh will be a force to be reckoned with. Many fans across the NBA don’t even know who he is because he hasn’t been playing in a big market, but they’re about to.

    I think people are overlooking the juggernaut the Heat are going to be this year. They’re caught up in the LeBroncalypse, worried about the other free agents, and unwilling to say that the Heat are going to be a BIG PROBLEM. Well I said it. These guys keep Chalmers, might get Mike Miller, drafted two centers last week, and have 3 mega superstars to bring in free agents at below-market value. Fear them.

    You can check out my blog at

  28. Hey, I am a Celtics fan and I don’t mind too much…. I just don’t want to see Kobe with another championship!

  29. Pingback: Suck it up Cleveland « Basketball Outsider

  30. Bowser says:

    By moving to Miami, Bosh gets exactly what he wants: a second elite player in Wade (third with James), an organization that can attract other players, and massive national exposure to elevate his status publicly.

  31. debeck says:

    hey chris,
    you mentioned bosh not being the one to “clog up” the lane for d. wade, so that he’s free to drive to the hoop, which made me think of shaq and d wade on the championship team a few years back. i’m sure shaq was in the way more often than wade woulda liked, cuz he’s so slow and frickin enormous. bosh is gonna let d wade and lebron work, and then come crashing in from the side.
    bosh may not be as great on offense as amare stoudemire, but he’ll be a better fit with LBJ n wade, cuz he’s less selfish.

  32. Andrew Macaluso says:

    Well, now that LeBron is a coward and decided to join Miami. Chris Bosh will only benefit from this, offensively. Defensively I’m not so sure.

    The Eastern Conference is completely stacked with the best bigs in the league. Bosh has gotten owned during the regular season against almost all of them and it’s only going to get worse in the playoffs.

    Check out my article on why I think Miami should bring Shaq back.

  33. I hope that the deliver another championship to the city of Miami. They have all the correct pieces( Wade, Bosh, James), to get Kobe and the Lakers a run for the title next season.

  34. Need to work on spelling errors and grammar, but the post was good.

    check out my fantasy blog!

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