Unemployed and Desperate

Off the field Terrell Owens still shows the same swagger that he is so well-known for to NFL fans and players alike. Only a short time ago Owens was considered to be one of the best receivers in the game but his aging combined with his unpredictable personality has led teams to shy away from him.

With less than two weeks until training camp, Terrell Owens is left without a team and with no immediate offers on the table ‘Camp Owens’ are seemingly willing to take any offer given to them at this point.

So which team is going to be dumb or shrewd enough to give T.O. a chance to contribute to their organization?

The major problem with Owens at the moment is obviously not his steadily declining play. Teams have to weigh the costs and benefits of his attitude, and whether his play will make up for the somewhat cancerous presence that T.O. provides to a locker room.

Gone are the days when he was too talented for anything to matter. Terrell Owens is now more or less an ordinary player in the NFL, and it seems pointless for teams to take a chance on him when he is not going to necessarily provide a jolt to your offence week in and week out.

Owens right now is saying all the right things to get signed by a team, but no one really cares. He says that he doesn’t mind taking on a smaller role, a pay cut, and do whatever it takes to make it work.

Yeah, whatever you say bud.

First of all, are we supposed to believe that THE Terrell Owens is willing to do anything to make any situation a success?

T.O. could hardly handle not getting the ball every down during the prime of his career as the #1 receiver and now we are expected to think that he can handle being possibly as low as a #3 receiver.

Jeff Garcia isn't the only quarterback to have had his fair share of problems with T.O.

No matter how much he has liked a quarterback, there comes a point in time where he just doesn’t get along with them anymore. Whether it is Jeff Garcia, Donovan Mcnabb, or Tony Romo, it just doesn’t matter. Moreover, it must have taken every shred of will power in Terrell Owen’s body to not snap at Buffalo Bill’s quarterback’s Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

On the other hand, the ability to shut his mouth for the better part of last year could be a sign of maturity from the 36-year-old receiver.

Well…maybe not.

In all honesty though, if you take away T.O.’s personality and just look at him as a player I think that he would make a very solid #3 receiver at this point in his career. The only thing that is gone from his repertoire is that real burst that very few receivers possess. Without that burst he is no longer a #1 receiver anymore, but if he is genuine in saying that he is willing to take a smaller role, then the #3 receiver slot may not be such a bad idea.

Although, you can’t overlook the fact that T.O. is prone to dropping passes which makes him a little less ideal to be more of a possession receiver. But even Owens himself will tell you that he has dropped balls his whole career and that should never be the issue. That’s great that he is willing to admit that he has dropped passes his whole career. However, now that he is not that same big time receiver, you are not going to be as tolerant to dropped balls anymore.

Now taking all that into consideration you could probably go either way on T.O. The thing is, Owens is a proven receiver in this league, and come crunch time would you rather rely on younger, inexperienced receiver or a 36-year-old veteran?

I’d take T.O., but then again I’m a sucker for giving guys with baggage and talent a chance.

At this point in his career, it pretty much has to be the perfect fit for Owens. The kinds of situations that work out for guys like him are more likely to be the ones where a team is already are set up to win a championship prior to the season. There already has to be a winning mentality in place, in which bringing in a #2 or #3 receiver is one of the final pieces to the puzzle. It has to be a stable organization with a quality quarterback to keep Owens in check.

There have been rumours recently about a possible T.O. signing in New England, but that has fallen through. The Patriots could be a perfect fit for Owens because it matches so many of the criteria above. They already have so many pieces in place and a couple real winners in quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick.

I sort of alluded to this earlier but the problem that everyone realizes is if you’re bringing in Terrell Owens to be a role-playing receiver rather than a primary one, why wouldn’t you just sign someone who could probably contribute equally well but has no baggage?

Well you would do exactly that, which is why T.O. is still without a job.

It is inevitable that T.O. is going to get a job at some point this season. Either a team feels they need a little more punch offensively and decide they are going to give Owens a shot, or a team is going to be so decimated at the receiver position that their final option is bringing in T.O.

Terrell Owens will be successful if he is brought into the proper situation, but those situations are few and far between.

Even though T.O. is advertising the right product people have seen his inferior brand all too often.

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23 Responses to Unemployed and Desperate

  1. Great read Chris – your style of writing is very easy to follow and cuts to the point. I couldn’t agree with your points more, but wanted to throw out what T.O. really needed all throughout his career was a QB with a backbone! A down and dirty QB that won’t be afraid to mince words and throw down if he needs to. For all their accolades, Garcia, McNabb, and Romo have all been pushovers. Buffalo was a talented pitfall mired in bureaucracy – and their QB more a mystery to them as it is to the rest of us – so I can’t include them in my assessment.

    With that in mind, there are only a handful of QBs that will be able to keep TO in check, and even though I am suggesting it, some of these come as a surprise. Let’s get to it – Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady run the league – there’s no question if TO ever dropped a ball on their team, he’d be in the doghouse by himself because one of those guys sent him there.

    My next pick makes all too much sense, but I agree with the Bears in terms of developing their talent – but Jay Cutler is a beast – his tantrums for perfection is unmatched in the league – I still remember feeling bad for WR Juaquin Iglesias in his rookie training camp when one-handing Jays bullets to showboat earned him Cutler in his face screaming that he’ll never throw to him again if he didn’t use two hands – and lo and behold – Juaquin never saw action again, lol! (I’m a huge Cutler fan btw).

    So here are my two surprises that I know will be able to handle TO, with only one team having a real clear need for him – Kevin Kolb and Vince Young. Obviously, Titans landing TO will be a blessing for CJ – regardless of what is said about TO, he’ll put winning above personal stats – so he’d block for CJ28 to get 2500 yards. After watching Vince throw down off-the-field, coupled w/ losing McNair as a close mentor – I feel that he can psychologically handle TO. Kolb is an up and coming beast – I can’t wait.

    TO w/ Brady makes the most sense though – Moss WR1 deep-threat, TO WR2 decoy, Welker – terrorize the slot, where he’s an unstoppable beast. Every-time TO gets out of place, Brady can simply say in a quiet voice … “TO, TO .. stop. Look at me, then look at my wife. Then look at me. Now look at my wife. Now look at my fingers and see the rings. Then look at my wife again. Now tell me, what do you have?”

  2. Tom Brubeck says:

    After seeing Owens lose out to the luminary Antonio Bryant in Cincinnati, I really think he is going to have to wait for a preseason injury in order to draw interest from teams. we saw it in baseball with Barry Bonds and I think today’s general manager’s are finally smart enough not to gamble on an aging veteran with an attitude problem. Do I think TO still has enough skills to contribute? Yes, he could be extremely effective in short yardage or goal line situations, as he still has the size to make stopping him on a quick slant nearly impossible. However, his days in the spotlight are over, and I’m not convinced he is the type to fade from the spotlight gracefully.

  3. Nicely explained and well put. My guess is Owens will not be anywhere by training camp, but will play somewhere this season. Some team will take a chance on him.

  4. Ezekiel says:

    Good post. All valid points. Owens is a very curious character at this point in his career. His tendency to drop the ball too often does hurt the whole “I can be a possession receiver” argument. The only team that I could see benefitting from T.O. without having to deal with his attitude would be the Colts. Unfortunately for Owens, Peyton Manning is pretty much the Head Coach at this point and I don’t see any QB, let alone someone as established as Peyton, willingly asking for a teammate like Owens.

  5. Bo Jackson says:

    Yeah i thought your article was good also (linked thru nfl.com!) keep it up , all this said about T.O. won’t really matter after week 3-4 , cause we all know a few good wr’s will go down with injuries and if T.O is still available , he will become a godsend to that team , he will get the cash he wants and will be immediately inserted in the starting lineup ! Enjoy the nfl season boys ! Next year maybe 18 game season !!!

  6. Karteek Manchala says:

    Nice Post! I am very much aware of T.O. But used to follow NFL briefly during my stay in US. The attitude also is very important for any player. Better if T.O was conditioned in the beginning of the career!

  7. Andrew Macaluso says:

    Great read, Chris.

    It’s nice to see that someone understands T.O.

  8. Larico says:

    Man I’m loving your website. Loving the style and feel of it. Keep up the work my brother.

  9. Mike Randall says:

    Very thorough arcticle my friend. Teams do not need the baggage, and media swarm that will invade the training camp of which ever team signs him. I see two options here.

    Option #1: If a team loses it’s best wide out to injury in training camp and needs a replacement. Could be anyone without depth at wide out, and who would be a contender. Lets face it, T.O. said “I’d love to play for the Patriots.” No kidding. Who wouldn’t want to play for a contender evey year. I don’t hear him saying “I’d love to play for the Detroit Lions.”

    Option #2: One place I could see him going is Jacksonville. Heres a city that needs to sell tickets, and merchandise badly, or they may be on the move. MJD can’t do it all. It’s warm, beatiful weather, a nice clean city, great coach, and even David Garrard has a playoff win experience. All things that work in T.O. favor in picking where he wants to play.

    Then again, beggars can’t be choosers, and if a sorry team like the Lions, or Browns is the only team making you an offer, you gotta take it.

    I feel like he’s also burned too many bridges in his time with contending teams that he would want to play for, and that would like to have him. Teams like the Eagles, Cowboys, and 49ers could all use an un-selfish version of this guy, but they have already delt with it, and I bet their own fans would turn their backs to their teams if they brought T.O. and the baggage back to their team.

    He made his bed, now he has to sleep in it.

  10. sonsothunder says:

    Yeah good stuff here Chris…hey, Maybe you should write a post selecting, and implementing certain bad guys from the league to build your own take of sort of an all “Madden” team!!! Hey yeah, callem the “Outlaws”

    Put maybe Michael Vick in the pocket, with T.O. down field…or, I’ll leave the drafting up to you…But with your smooth, descriptive, sports analytical prowess …I for one will certainly await patiently for the great read…

    By the way, did you know that Bat Masterson spent the majority of his remaining (Ex-Out-Law Marshall) years as a sports writer?
    Maybe there is hope for T.O. Behind a Mic or something? Who knows.
    Keep up the great work.

  11. The Sports Brain says:

    I disagree with the fact that you call him a “No. 3 receiver”. I don’t care how old T.O. is, he always demands attention on the field and if he isn’t preforming well at least he opens it up for others.

    As far as destination I think Chicago would be perfect. I cannot think of too many more reasonable places for him to land. He did this to himself with his obnoxious attitude so I cant feel sorry for him

  12. howigit says:

    I’d take TO on the Patriots in a heart beat. Bill would keep him in line, and TO would be thrilled to be on a team with a real chance to win the super bowl. Getting TO equals Super Bowl in my book.

  13. Matt Fried says:

    T.O. will be back, after someone goes down with an injury. In fact, that’s the only way he’ll have a remote chance of winning a ring at this point.

    Being an Eagles fan, I’ve loved the story of T.O.’s demise (plus the fact that the guy got maybe 3 wins on us in the 9 games we played against him as a Cowboy). What I think is also great is that his idea of being humble is still calling out the “golden boys” of the league with a police record. T.O. may still have a little gas in the tank, but that man will never learn how to keep his mouth shut.

    Great post!

  14. Very accurate blog Chris! All opinions made on T.O. are on point. I’m looking forward to reading some more of your articles. Thanks for taking time out to check out my blog (www.getblacknblue.com)

    Stay tuned for updates!


  15. Matthew says:

    Owens still has flashes of brilliance and could certainly fit into a solid squad as a number two or three man. The problem is will he? With most players I would think that the protracted period without no calls would be a wake-up call, but it’s hard to believe it will be with T.O.

    And, now, he has to share a locker room with the equally unpredictable Chad Joh…sorry Ochocinco. The two of them are either going to be best buddies and drive everyone crazy, or worst enemies and, well, drive everyone crazy.

    I definitely agree with your analysis that he will have the best chance to maintain composure and maturity in a well-established team with rock solid leadership in both the players and coaches.

    The real question becomes are Marvin Lewis and Carson Palmer up to that task?

  16. marksmessages says:

    Good stuff. You write well. Very detailed. T.O is definitely not what he was, but I think he can some team (Cincinnati has signed him as I write this) if he decides to come in and play. He still commands attention and with Ochocinco and Gresham and Bryant with Benson at running back – it just might work.

    For one year – I could live with it. One thing is for sure. It won’t be boring.

  17. Good stuff man. Great detail. I have always been indifferent with Owens. Maybe it’s his personality or his self proclaimed status, but that’s how I feel. He is a good athlete but there are definitely better receivers out there. It still shocks me that him and Johnson, excuse me, “Ochocinco” are on the same team. Seems more like a circus than a team. Haha. Who knows, maybe it will work out for the best.

  18. Mike Blake says:

    Hey man, that was a very good article. I agree with most everything you said regarding T.O. except for the fact about him being a slot WR. I still feel he is a great #2 guy and I think he will end up being that in Cincinnati even with them bringing in Antonio Bryant before him. He may be lined up in the slot sometimes but i think his catches will surpass Bryants. I really didn’t see the need for the Bengals to sign Owens with Ochocinco and Bryant as yor top 2 and Andre Caldwell and Jordan Shipley providing depth. For them to bring in Owens kind of shows me that they do not have a lot of faith in Bryants bum knee after all. It will be the Owens and Ochocinco show in Cincinnati.

    Good article though I will be reading more from you.


  19. Great article! Although i disagree with you on one vital aspect of your argument and that is the inevitable truth that Terrell Eldorado Owens will never, as long as he plays widereciever in the NFL be a #3 option. I love your use of picture art in adding color to your story its definitely an aspect that i will have to employ in my commentary. Although i do respect your opinion and the way in which you deliver it the truth of the matter is that owens is one of those physical anamolies in life, and you can’t hold him to the limitations of a normal 36 year old man. More over, people dont become washed up or outdated over night or over a season and if one follows the fact they would see that in 2008 just a year before his season with buffalo he recorded a 1,000 yard 10 touchdown season…..doesnt sound to wahsed up to me….we thats just my opinion…please do tell me how you got such a large following on your blog i am hoping to achieve the same type of follwoing…

  20. Josh says:

    Now that we know where he is going, the circus begins. I liked the article. I also really appreciate your commentary over on my blog. I will be linking to you in my blogroll.

    At the very least we know that it’s going to be entertaining. Does T.O. send Cincy over the top, I doubt it. But I can’t wait to see T.O. and Ochocinco pulling off a “Captain Morgan Pose” TD celebration with one on all fours on the ground and the other with leg up and hands on the hips. I think fine checks are going to fly this year. It’s going to be hilarious.

  21. laplum02 says:

    Great post man. Should be an interesting NFL season.

  22. mbt shoes says:

    i am happy to find it thanks for sharing it here. Nice work.

  23. Was an interesting article, thank you..

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