Jason Campbell the Solution? Don’t Think So.

The Jason Campbell led Raiders lost big time on Sunday 38-13 to the Titans

By: Chris Ross

Despite the Oakland Raiders finally making some right moves this past off-season, the move to trade for perennial mediocre quarterback Jason Campbell was an incorrect one. Many analysts at the time felt this to be a shrewd move by the Al Davis run franchise, but all I could do is wonder why they would make this decision under the circumstances.

The Oakland Raiders have not had much success since the departure of Rich Gannon, and after the Jamarcus Russell era was over any quarterback would have been an improvement. It got so bad to the point that head coach Tom Cable was starting Bruce Gradkowski over the former #1 overall pick.

Owner Al Davis, who is very well-known around the NFL for making questionable decisions to say the least, did make the “tough” decision to give up on the great potential of Jamarcus Russell and start a new rebuilding process for the Raiders.

During the 2010 draft the Raiders made actually made some solid picks, such as shoring up the middle of their defence by drafting Rolando McClain with the 8th overall pick. They even waited until the fourth round to take a chance on the unproven, physically freakish offensive tackle Bruce Campbell, who was pegged by some analysts at #8 spot in early mock drafts.

However, I believe that the Raiders, as well as other NFL teams for that matter, made one major mistake on draft day that they will regret in the future.

For a team in desperate need of a franchise quarterback the Oakland Raiders passed up on Jimmy Clausen, who very easily could have been a top 5 draft choice. As I mentioned earlier the Raiders decided on middle linebacker Rolando Mcclain.

Alright, reasonable enough.

What was mind-boggling to me was that when Clausen actually slipped all the way down to the Raiders 2nd round pick at #44 overall, they once again decided to pass on the possible franchise quarterback. In this situation the risk-reward situation seemed so heavily weighted on the reward side that I don’t see how it was possible for them not to at least take a chance on him.

This is a guy who could have very easily gone to Washington at #4 or Seattle at #6. This is a guy who led a potent professional style Notre Dame offence in college. This is a guy who could one day be leading his team to the playoffs year after year.

Instead, some genius decided that the soon to be 29-year-old Jason Campbell could provide stability to the much maligned Raiders franchise. That’s the key word right there, stability.

Oh yeah, Jason Campbell isn’t necessarily going to give your team stability, he maxes out at stability.

Did or does anyone still actually believe that Jason Campbell could become what many hoped he would become when he was drafted by the Redskins in 2005?

The stable Trent Dilfer led the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl title

For most teams stability is not going to lead your team to a championship. Trent Dilfer offered stability to the Baltimore Ravens when their stellar defence led by Ray Lewis won the super bowl in 2001. There aren’t too many exceptions though and I don’t even think that Jason Campbell has the ability to guide a team that was as good as the Ravens to the super bowl.

If you’re an NFL GM and you’re in the process of rebuilding would you take a chance on a quarterback who has the ability to be an elite quarterback in the league or would you want a quarterback that has shown nothing more than stability and mediocrity after four seasons in the NFL?

Carolina decided that using up a second round pick on the former option was worth the risk even though they already had a young quarterback to take the reins of their team in Matt Moore. The thing is, even if Jimmy Clausen doesn’t work out you are only using up a second round pick on him, not a top 10 pick. The reward is so great compared to the risk.

This past weekend Jason Campbell and the Oakland Raiders got steamrolled by the Tennessee Titans 38-13. The 38 points that the Titans scored obviously cannot be put on the shoulders of Jason Campbell and the offence, but the way he ran the offence can be. You’re not going to win many games if the other team scores 38 points, but on the other side of the spectrum 13 points isn’t going to get it done either. Especially when 7 of those 13 points came during garbage time.

Jason Campbell had a very Jason Campbell-like line Sunday afternoon. He was 22-37 for 180 yards and threw for one touchdown and one interception.

Not horrendous. Not spectacular. This has been and will continue to be the story of Jason Campbell’s career.

I do realize that one game doesn’t tell it all, but let it be known that the Oakland Raiders will not be going anywhere with Jason Campbell under center. Also, remember to tell all your friends to check back here in 5 years when Jimmy Clausen is flourishing in the NFL and Jason Campbell is getting spot starts as the second string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

Agree? Disagree? If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to reply in the comments section below. Or you can e-mail me at cross_can15@hotmail.com. I’m now on twitter follow me @paintstheblack and I will gladly return the favour.

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27 Responses to Jason Campbell the Solution? Don’t Think So.

  1. kramerj7 says:

    Solid post today. Jason Campbell is mediocre at best. Sadly for the Raiders, there are too many wholes to fill for a “mediocre” at best Jason Campbell to fix. Oakland looks to be in for another long year sadly.

    I do disagree with one of your points though. I would have taken Campbell over Trent Dilfer on that Raven’s Super Bowl team. So I do think Campbell could have taken home a Super Bowl with that team.

    Keep up the great posts.

    Hope all is well.


    • Rrocksolid says:

      Chris Ross you suck and Oakland sucks that’s why JC shouldn’t tried to go to Carolina to avoid retarded fans who think a #16 ranked NFL quarterback is slightly above gradkowski when there are 16 plus more clear cut qb’s in the league plus Oaklands whole organization sucks their dirty and can’t get the job done everyone besides JC Sucks

  2. joshsuds says:

    Is Jason Campbell the answer? No. Like you stated in your post, he can bring stability but he’s not going to be a superstar. However, I think he can play much better than he did on Sunday. The real problem in that game, I think, was the offensive line. While Campbell does hold the ball too long sometimes, Mario Henderson repeatedly giving up sacks is not going to help anyone but the other team. If the O-line had played more solidly, I think the game could have been a little closer. Not a win, but definitely closer. There were a lot of disappointing factors, but I think the O-line was the worst.

  3. Erik says:

    I like ur article but I don’t necessarily agree with ur assessments.. Is Jason Campbell an elite quarterback? No but he is a worlds better than Jamarcus.. I’m a diehard fan of the raiders and I can become very critical of their decisions but jason was the best qb available that we could get.. We tried to get Donovan but he didn’t want to come and supposedly we were in the Hunt for Big Ben we never truly know if he was available.. Jason Campbell never stood a chance on Sunday with that o line.. I don’t care if we had Peyton manning behind there.. He wouldn’t have gotten that much done with that protection. Jason improved each year in washington besides changing coordinators every year.. Let’s just see how this year plays out before we crucify Jason.. Good blog though 


  4. Baumer says:

    Hey there, I found your post interesting and I have to say that there were at least three or four throws that I watched Campbell set his feet, gauge the defense, and sling the ball…two feet over his receiver. Jason Campbell will continue to be better than half of the quarterbacks in the league, but he will also continue to fall far short of the other half.
    The Raiders have a long way to go, and the offensive line and receivers need to get better. Until that happens, Campbell has no chace to take Oakland anywhere near the playoffs.

    Overall, excellent post, and I look forward to seeing what you write in the future!

  5. buddad1957 says:

    Great analysis, fine writing as usual. Happy you the site figured out. I would have taken Claussen over Campbell, was hoping Seahawks would take him.

  6. Good post. Being from the DC area, I’ve seen Jason Campbell a lot and I think he’s capable of being a dependable QB ala Kyle Orton. He’s not going to lead teams to win that many games but he can keep games from getting out of hand. The biggest problem with him is his decision making. He spends forever just sitting in the pocket, checking off receiving after receiver until he finally gets sacked or just throws it away. With how bad the Redskins offensive line is, that’s a recipe for disaster. I don’t follow the Raiders that much but from what I’ve seen, their only good lineman is Robert Gallery so I think Campbell is going to struggle a lot. Oakland has decent receivers so if Campbell can learn to get rid of the ball quicker then I think he could go back to being a solid QB.

  7. All of your points make sense. My opinion? Al Davis has to be gone. The Oakland Raiders will never be able to win a substantial amount of games with Al Davis calling the shots. But as fans all we can do is wait it out. He already looks like he’s 120 years old so it can’t be long.
    I think your blog is really interesting and well thought out. I’d be interested to hear more.

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  9. Robert Neely says:

    Great thoughts Chris. I think Campbell is a league-average quarterback – about the 16th best in the league. Thing is, that’s only a slight edge over Gradkowski. Clausen might have the potential to be more, though I must say as someone who lives in the Carolinas and has seen more of him than most, that I’m not super impressed at this point. But your risk/reward thought about him is still right on.
    Thanks for commenting at http://www.footballrelativity.com. Would love to have your Raiders (and other) thoughts anytime.

    • Rrocksolid says:

      Lol 16th in the league over a bench rider is a “slight edge” are you retarded JC has a some bums named Louis Murphy johnnie lee higgins and derriaus “no hands” heyward-bey can you honestly tell me they can explode on even a 29th ranked defense from the cfl?

  10. A.G. says:

    LMAO!! this is a dope article. You hit it on the nose. Jason is average @ best. an 80% rating short completion kind of guy. Feel bad for him. hopefully he can grow unde that offensive scheme. havent seen him comfortable at all. Overall the blog is pretty dope. keep maintenance up and all that good stuff. thats what its about

  11. chappy81 says:

    We’ll see with Claussen, maybe there was a reason they didn’t pick him, and so many others didn’t either. I can’t say I was overly excited when we got Campbell, but anyone that looks close to a QB after Jamarcus makes me happy.

    It’s our O-line that is dreadful. Did you watch the game? He had less than two or three seconds each time he dropped back. In Washington he was on his back just as much, I will wait until he actually has a good O-line before I completely write him off.

  12. ssbss says:

    Good points. I don’t think Clausen is fast enough to satisfy The Old Man’s need for speed. Campbell’s ok, a vast improvement over Jamarcus The Unmotivated. I’m not a huge Clausen fan, but he does seem like a decent fit, and a potential long-term QB would be a very good thing for this team (if the O line can keep him in one piece).

  13. Thanks for your response to GettinAfterIt Chris, I’ve really enjoyed what you have to say and I have for a long time thought the same about Jason Campbell, not great, not terrible, just a guy who’s going to give you 15-27 160 yards and 1TD, 1 pick – very mediocre. And it was questionable from the start for me when Washington thought so highly of a guy who at Auburn handed the ball off to 3 very good NFL running backs in Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams and Brandon Jacobs.

  14. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the comment on my Week 1 thoughts on http://thekzone.wordpress.com. As for your post, The Raiders need a caretaker and a #1 receiver more than anything. Campbell is a decent placeholder, but nobody on that offense scares me except for Darren McFadden’s “potential”. He had a good week 1 with 150 all-purpose yards, but opposing defenses will stack the box from here on in. Is Louis Murphy, Chaz Schilens, and Darrius Heyward-Bey really an NFL caliber trio at receiver? God no. Campbell didn’t have much help in Washington either to be fair, but he doesn’t have the skill set to be more than just an average quarterback.

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  16. Thanks for the read over at CHEAP SEATS first of all. Everybody else, head on over too. I’m doing some decent work over there and it’s expanding. http://www.cheapseatsplease.wordpress.com

    As for Campbell, I’m gonna go in a different direction on it. I think it was the right move for them to make. With the instability everywhere else, getting him for a 4th round pick, two years from now, was a great move (from a value perspective). The problems for the Raiders are right in front of him. That offensive line does nothing to enable any part of the stable of running backs they have and they barely protect the QB, Campbell or Russell, enough to let them make any true difference. And the receiver group is the emptiest in football. There’s nothing that strikes fear from a WR or protection perspective that keeps team honest versus them.

    Considering the youth and inexperience everywhere else on that team, thrusting a rookie QB into that fold right now would have been a colossal mistake, especially fresh off of the the historic travesty that was Russell. Campbell, while a stop gap potentially to Ryan Mallett, Andrew Luck, Jake Locker, Terrelle Pryor or any of the other tons of QB prospects that will be available for the 2011 draft, is a solid decision here as they (hopefully) start reconstructing the offense now that a defense I feel is going to be very solid is intact.

  17. sjechoi says:

    As a Raiders fan for the past eight years, I completely agree that Jason Campbell is not the answer. In the preseason, he was outplayed by Bruce Gradkowski and even Kyle Boller. Gradkowski made the offense look brilliant. As I was watching the game against the Titans, Campbell looked lost and had no idea what was going on. He did make some nice down field passes, such as a long pass to Murphy who was double covered in the endzone. However, Murphy dropped the ball. Campbell made a lot of check down plays to Zach Miller and Darren McFadden, and had no sense of the field when he ran for first downs, coming up short both times. There is no trust between him and his receivers, and quite possibly, his o-line.

    I know it’s only the second week but I say sit Campbell, start Gradkowski, and hope to God a top caliber QB falls to the Raiders in the second round.

  18. Don Lafferty says:

    Hey Chris,
    Thanks for the comment, and I really liked your post too. I don’t think you should be so down on Jason Campbell though. He may not be a superbowl caliber quarterback, but he is not terrible either. I do agree that they should have drafted Clausen and let him play behind Campbell for a year but I think that they know their team still has some building too do. Judging Campbell based on his performance from this week is tough, being that he was on the road against a very good Tennessee Titans team. They are only a year removed from going 13-3, and if they hadn’t gotten off to that horrible start last year, probably would have been a playoff team. In any case, I think Campbell will do alright, not being flashy, but managing games and not turning the ball over. If Oakland wants to win it will be on the ground and on defense. I don’t think a lot of teams could have won this week if their defense gave up 38. Well keep posting Chris! I’ll keep checking it out.

  19. Tyler McAdams says:

    I just think there are so many issues with the Raiders team that they could have Peyton Manning at QB and still not make the playoffs.

    There’s nothing exciting about Jason Campbell, but he’s a huge improvement over anything the Raiders had before. I think someone said he is only slightly better than Gradkowski and I think that is way off.

    Campbell is a quiet model of efficiency. He doesn’t get much credit. He just does his job. That’s all he’ll ever be. The offense has to be built around Campbell. He can’t be the superstar and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    He has improved across the board from year to year. He completed 64% of his passes last year which ranked him 10th in the NFL. His QB Rating of 86.4 ranked 15th in the league. He ranked 14th in the league with 3,618 passing yards. In 2008, Campbell threw a minuscule six interceptions. For his career, his TD-INT ratio is 56-39.

    Given that I don’t follow the ‘Skins or Raiders — I can’t comment on Campbell holding on to the ball too long or what the Raiders needed in the draft. I do know that there’s no way I would select Clausen over Rolando McClain in the 1st Round, especially at that spot.

    I can’t blame the Raiders that much for wanting to take a QB with more experience and a proven track record over a complete mystery. You never really know how a player will pan out. The Raiders played it safe with this one and given the turmoil that franchise has been in, I can’t blame them.

    I think Campbell and the Raiders will both benefit when they get Michael Bush back. Campbell thrived when Washington had a good running game. I think Campbell will continue to improve and develop into a solid, reliable arm.

  20. Damion Ferrell says:

    Good blog man, thanks for giving me the heads.

    I agree with you overall, and I wish those “experts” on ESPN could understand this. I don’t necessarily blame them for passing on Jimmy Clausen only because I don’t think Al Davis was sold on cutting JaMarcus Russell at that point. Sure, it would be easy for any of us to make the cut. But for an owner who hand picked a quarterback and invested so much in him, it isn’t as easy of a decision to make.

    I think the bigger point is that there is nothing in Jason Campbell’s resume that should lead anyone to believe that he will instantly make the Raiders better. Is Campbell better than Russell? Absolutely, but it’s not like that’s saying much. But Campbell isn’t better to the point where he alone makes the offense a lot better and turns the Raiders into playoff contenders. Anyone who thought the Raiders were suddenly competitors in the division because of him were fooling themselves.

  21. Rrocksolid says:

    Dumb post JC has a crappy o-line but dumb raiders fans dont wanna accept the fact that JC is better than those other bum qb’s Tom Cable best talent is beating his wife and that’s they need a new regime big time

  22. Rich Gray says:

    Looks like you were right about Jason Campbell. I wonder how fans here in Phoenix will react if the Bruce Gradkowski lead Raiders beat the Cardinals the weekend.

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