Who cares about Reggie Bush giving back the Heisman?

Reggie Bush still plays for the New Orleans Saints

The first sentence on Reggie Bush’s Wikipedia page reads “Reginald Alfred “Reggie” Bush II (born March 2, 1985) is a professional football player who plays for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League.

Yesterday, Reggie Bush was “forced” to give back the Heisman Trophy that he won in 2005 during his final year at USC because he received improper benefits in his tenure at USC. In other words, he took money that he wasn’t supposed to take.

The NCAA had to take the trophy away from Reggie Bush but the real question is, what does it all mean in the
grand scheme of things?

To be honest, I don’t think it means very much.

First off, Bush did not win the Heisman with the help of the indiscretions that took place during his college career. Whatever he did, which Bush has still not specified, did not challenge the integrity of the game itself. Unlike Barry Bonds or Mark McGwire, he did not use performance enhancing drugs. The stats that Reggie Bush put up during the 2005 season were legitimate in that sense and there is nothing that can take that away from him. Reggie Bush still rushed 200 times for 1740 yards (8.7 yards per carry) and 16 touchdowns.

The formality of the trophy may have been taken from Reggie Bush but that doesn’t make Vince Young, who was the runner-up in 2005, the real winner of the Heisman trophy. This is more of a Pete Rose situation than anything else, except not to that extent, which makes me feel that this isn’t a big deal.

Just like Pete Rose, the actual gameplay of the game itself was not cheated. The fact that Reggie Bush violated certain NCAA regulations doesn’t change anything about him as a football player. Maybe as a person, but not a football player.

In my mind, Brian Cushing still being awarded the NFL defensive rookie of the year is much worse because how can we know that he still would have won the award if not for PED’s. However, we do know that the rules that Reggie Bush violated did not have any effect on his play.

Reggie Bush won a super bowl with the New Orleans Saints last season and giving up his Heisman trophy doesn’t make that accomplishment any less magnificent. Heisman or no Heisman, Reggie Bush is still preparing for the 2nd week of his 5th NFL season with the New Orleans Saints.

All this talk about legacy doesn’t mean squat because it has nothing to do with what he has done on the football field.

I could go on and on about this but as I’ve stated, if you look at the big picture it really doesn’t matter. It may no longer be in the record books, but Reggie Bush won the Heisman Trophy Award in 2005 and nothing is ever going to change that.

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26 Responses to Who cares about Reggie Bush giving back the Heisman?

  1. buddad1957 says:

    The NCAA could not take away the Heisman Trophy, because they do not hand it out. That is done by Downtown Athletic Club in Manhattan. http://lnk.sk/adtz Secondly, he was not forced to give it back, by a stroke of genius, he gave it back on his own accord not knowing whether or not the Club would take it back. Today, they club vacated the award for that year, choosing not to award it to the runner up.

    I agree, nothing Mr. Bush did takes away from his accomplishment on the field. He violated NCAA rules, some of which are archaic to begin with, and the action the NCAA took was to punish USC’s present team and future teams, which in itself is not making Mr. Bush’s wrongs, right, by any means.

    His playing on the field made him deserving of the award. Giving him the award as reflected by the voters affirmed this. I think he did the right thing by giving it up. Had he been caught while playing it would have made him ineligible to play.

    In the long run, (pun intended) it is all much ado about nothing.

  2. Matt says:

    100% agree with buddad. Bush and his accomplishments will never be forgotten. Like I said it my post, no one will ever forget that Fresno State performance. It was simply the most amazing thing I have seen in a college football game (Vince Young’s performance was impressive but he took advantage of a bad USC defense that year.

    When it comes down to it though Bush has become a scapegoat for what has happened at USC. Stop by the http://www.thenewjerseyboys.com for my take.

  3. thesportsfeed says:

    First off, I still believe that Vince Young should have won the Heisman that year anyway (not only did Young have a great year, but he out-played Bush in the National Title Game). Second, I think it was a good move by Bush to give the trophy back (even though it was going to be taken back anyway), because he did break a rule and young kids who want to be professional athletes should know there are consequences if you break a rule…no matter what the rule is…rules are rules and they are there for a reason. Of course, giving or taking back the trophy does not take away from what he did on the field, but he should feel ashamed of what the players at USC have to go through because of what he did.

  4. Chappy81 says:

    I think it’s stupid too. Bush returned it without being forced, so it shows how much meaning the trophy holds for him. I guess when he’s done playing one day, and kills his wife along with her boyfriend, rides away in a white Bronco, and goes broke defending himself in court, he might want that trophy back to sell to some memorablilia collector. Other than that, there’s no real reason to keep it and keep the drama going in his life. Now he’s done with it and won’t have to keep answering questions.

  5. Ricky Keeler says:


    I agree with you in many ways. Reggie Bush has suffered enough with USC basically shunning him from the record books. Bush should have been allowed to keep it because he didn’t cheat the game on the field with PED’s. I would be more concerned with that than the situation Bush is in. However, I applaud him for putting the Saints before himself and taking the distraction away to focus on a repeat title for the Saints. In his mind, he is still the Heisman winner and I would rather have that than have it be vacant or give it to VY over one game because if Bush is ineligible, then Brady Quinn could have won the Heisman with the Bush Push affecting Notre Dame’s season.

  6. codystephens says:

    First off, thanks a lot for taking interest in my blog. I started it as a project for my New Media 100 Lecture class at IUPUI in Indianapolis, Indiana, because it was required, but have started to take a great liking into the whole “blogging” thing. I blog about what i feel and enjoy seeing major bloggers like yourself take interest in my little blog. I have took a good hour and read through your blogs, mainly the football aspect of it, and feel that we are hypothetical twins. We share the same ideals. Although, I cant say I fully agree with your comments on Reggie Bush’s forfeit of the Heisman, because it outrages me to see the NCAA waste their time on small things in the past instead of major things that are happening now, but besides that you are right on the spot my friend. No heisman or not, Reggie raped in his college career and especially in 2005.
    I took another great interest in your piece on Jason Campbell. When i started my mock draft back before the draft, I had Jimmy Clausen being drafted by the Oakland Raiders, on a side note I had Tim Tebow going to Jacksonville and Colt Mccoy actually going to Cleveland believe it or not, and was very surprised to see them pass up a young quarterback with such potential. Notre Dame wasn’t the greatest team in the NCAA but they did have an extraordinary coach in Charlie Weiss. I believe that if it were not for Weiss, Clausen would not be as high caliber a quarterback as he is now.
    To wrap this up, because I’m typing a book here, you are a supremely gifted blogger and your ideals are very accurate. Just after reading two of your pieces, I immediately subscribed to your blog. Keep up the good work, and I’ll try to do the same my friend.
    Once again, thanks for taking a look at mine.
    -Cody Stephens

  7. fastfootball says:

    I agree that people will always remember Bush as the 2005 Heisman winner. I disagree with your statement that Bush’s 2005 stats are legitimate, because they aren’t. If his was ineligible, he should have never played. Therefore any stats he accumulated shouldn’t count.

  8. 10yardslant says:

    Good Stuff, lots of facts and opinions. I would try to stick to the point on the specific issues that you are discussing and not compare issues. I’ll definitely check back and see what else you have to say. Where did you hear about my blog?

  9. gjmcrae says:

    Hey chris great article the program as a whole should not be punished reggie bush was awsome with the trojans his ability was natural. He had a very memorable career and they can not take away his highlight reel. Along the lines would college sports share the wealth what is your take.

  10. MrTide62 says:

    Good blog. I don’t think it matters whether he owns the award or not; the way he played that season is cemented in everyones mind. The only reason I’m not 100% against them vacating the trophy is because, had he been ruled ineligible during the season, he would obviously have no chance to win the Heisman. However, I still don’t think it matters. By the way, I was trying to approve your comment and I accidentally deleted it… haha

  11. Aludara says:

    I love this artical playboy, and I can’t agree more! But Reggie should have faught for it! Take a page from the Juice he killed folk lol and aint give up his Heismen!” You know who you fucking with! I’m the juice lol..

  12. carsonb says:

    “Who cares about Reggie Bush giving back the Heisman?”

    Vince Young… That is if he was not “paid” as well.

  13. Mike Blake says:

    Hey man nice post!! Check out mine. It really isn’t an in depth article about the going ons with Bush and the Trophy but about an article I read that pretty much says Bush didn’t have to give it back!! But with all of the media and talks that he would have to forfeit the Trophy he did and pretty much just made himself look guilty. He got punked by the NCAA, that was their way of him making himself look guilty!!

    Keep up the good work bro!!

  14. Mike Blake says:

    Oh and hey bro, if you have Facebook become a fan of my Facebook Fan Page @ http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2889&id=100000830428622&saved#!/pages/Everything-Football/100907939973474

    I would like you to get into the conversations on there. It’s all about football. We read each others blogs and connect on Twitter, might as well get the facebook thing going!! LOL!!

  15. Mike Blake says:

    Sorry man that link is taking you to the wrong page. Just search “Everything Football” on Facebook.

  16. Benti says:

    Chris Ross back with a bang. Missed your posts all summer dude.

    Now I got to pick my shit up.

    ~Benti, bostonsbettah

  17. greenknightmusic says:

    All valid points, they are punishing him on the field for off the field behavior. I think these guys should get paid for what they do anyway. It’s kind of wrong how they are done now. Coaches get these ridiculous contracts and players get nothing but a pat on the back, good job. There are too many college athletes that almost made it and have nothing but an injury to remind them they didn’t make for the rest of their life. That’s all they have to show for playing for that big time college team they played for.

  18. Good thoughts about Reggie and the indifference we should have in him giving back the award. You’re right in that at the end of the day – who cares? The award was based on what he did on the field not what he was doing in the classroom or who he was hanging out with. So he gave it back. Big whoop. It’s not going to take away the ankle breaking runs and the pure dominance of many of his performances. However, did it alter the integrity of the game – depends on how you view the “amateur” status of college athletes i suppose.

    Really liked the point about Pete Rose. and Brian Cushing.

    as for Reggie’s legacy – i think the jury is still out on that one as a player. i’ll say this – his legacy as a person will not suffer as much for his big indiscretion (taking money) than it would have if it was for one of the following: a. taking performance enhancing drugs b. abusing women c. driving under the influence d. dating a reality star (oh – wait a minute – fail!)…

  19. tv2sports says:

    good read, I agree with the big picture. you can follow me on twitter @Shookie_Cookie

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  21. sjechoi says:

    I agree that Reggie Bush’s achievements can never be taken away because the reasons his Heisman was taken away wasn’t due to performance enhancers. With that being said, I think that even in the grand scheme of things, it is a big deal.

    Outside of college, he has yet to become the impact player that he was supposed to be in the NFL. This is his 5th year in the league and is not the offensive player that everyone envisioned him to be pre-2006 draft. Sure, he won a Super Bowl with the Saints this past season, but I don’t think he will be remembered 20 years down the line because of his play. Hell, even David Tyree will be remembered and he was a nobody.

    As far as comparing Bush to Cushing is apples and oranges. They were playing in two different leagues and to be honest, the Heisman Trophy is simply in it’s own universe when comparing it to the NFL Defensive ROY.

    Currently, his legacy IS his college career and the highest achievement a college player can be received was taken from him, or rather he gave it up because it was going to be taken away from him. I think that’s a pretty big deal.

  22. demariaj says:

    You’re right that he earned the award by his performance on the field. However, by giving up the trophy it leads one to speculate the allegations were true. If that is indeed the case, then he would have been ineligible and never had that opportunity. You’re also right in saying that it matters very little at this point as he is a Super Bowl Champion making millions with the Saints.

  23. Tyler McAdams says:

    Definitely something I didn’t think of before, Chris. Who cares?

    The absurd numbers he put up that year will always be there. I still remember some of his highlights from 2005.

    I like your comparison to Brian Cushing. It is far worse than what Bush did. We just can’t be 100% sure that these athletes are not using PED’s.

    Thanks for reading my blog. I was pleasantly surprised to see a new reader!

  24. Ducky D says:

    I agree with you: it didn’t enhance his actual performance. However, how are we to know that him actually choosing to go to USC wasn’t in large part because of the “benefits” he was being told he’d receive?

    We’d be naive to think that this doesn’t happen at other schools. The only difference is that they haven’t been “caught red-handed.”

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