Moss to the Vikings? Say it ain’t so!

Randy Moss could be returning to his first NFL home

By: Chris Ross

In his first 6 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, Randy Moss did not have a season under 1233 yards receiving. For a time, Moss and quarterback Daunte Culpepper formed a dynamic duo as good as any. 6 years after his controversial exit from Minnesota, rumours are swirling that Moss could once again be back where it all started.

After a disappointing 1-2 start the Vikings are desperately seeking a number one receiver with Favre’s pet receiver Sidney Rice on the shelf until at least the mid-way point of the season. The Vikings attempted to land disgruntled Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson but failed, which was probably the best thing for the franchise. However, the Vikings front office is doing their darn best to hurt their team and the future of their franchise by going after another unhappy diva wide-receiver.

There have already been a lot of issues surrounding Randy Moss and his inability to land a contract extension with the New England Patriots, which has led to him being irritated and feeling “unwanted.” The Vikings are trading for a receiver who has had attitude problems in the past, present and subsequently would be bringing a poor mind-set to Minnesota.

At 33, Moss is looking for another big contract, which as most NFL fans know, the Patriots are unwilling to give and with good reason.

If a team is going to give Randy Moss a contract extension during the season, what would he have to play for? Does Randy Moss have the burning desire for a Super Bowl ring?

Moss isn’t the type of guy who will play hard no matter the circumstances and without a new contract to play for; there is no guarantee that you are going to get maximum effort from him. Can you get a better situation than playing for a championship coach, and catching balls from a championship quarterback? Randy Moss obviously doesn’t care about the ring, he wants the money and the recognition, which has ultimately led to his poor effort and the Patriots putting his butt on the trading block.

In reality, contract or not, there is no situation that can assure you full effort on the part of Moss.

It has been rumoured that the trade is pending on Moss receiving a contract extension from the Vikings. As I mentioned, a contract extension is not the best idea and not just because you can’t guarantee a maximum effort from him. At 33 years of age there is also the question of the inevitable decline of an athlete.

A constant comparison that is made is Randy Moss to Terrell Owens, who has shown that at 36, he can still put up numbers (222 yards this past Sunday). Despite some quality numbers, it is evident that TO has lost a step or two over the past couple of years which, combined with his attitude problems, caused him to be cut from Dallas, sign with Buffalo, where he had a very pedestrian season, and then having to sign a 1 year $2 million deal this year with the Bengals. The Punch line? Terrell Owens has not been the same receiver for the past couple years with a big part of that being his age in all likelihood.

So then why would anyone want to give a big contract extension to an aging wide-receiver with attitude problems?

I guess obviously the Minnesota Vikings, but it is for all the wrong reasons.

If they do indeed bring in Moss and sign him to an extension they will be stuck with him for at least a couple of post-Favre years. I understand that you can release him if he isn’t doing what he is supposed to do, but you are potentially wasting money and cap space on one of the NFL’s true enigmas.

Also, what are you giving to get him?

Obviously it is going to be some sort of draft pick that could be used to assist in the “pain” of the post-Favre era. The Patriots love draft picks and utilize their picks so well, which is part of what makes them such a successful franchise.

Moreover, Brett Favre is already having chemistry issues with his current roster. It is no doubt going to make it more difficult for Favre to get accustomed to his receivers with Moss entering the picutre. Also, once Sidney Rice returns will Moss be happy playing second fiddle?

So then how does potentially harming the future of your franchise for one faint chance at glory and a possible bust make sense?

I am honestly not sure.

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28 Responses to Moss to the Vikings? Say it ain’t so!

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  3. JW says:

    There’s a whole boatload of desperation dripping off the Vikings these days.

  4. tophatal says:


    This is what happens when there are way too many egos in a room , namely Moss and Belichick. One would’ve thought after the shellacking that the Pats gave to the Dolphins Moss would have been happy that the team won ? No he had to bitch and whine that he didn’t get thrown the ball. ‘nough said Bill didn’t like it so he had to go .

    Speaking as an avowed Pats’ fan I hope this doesn’t come back to bite Belichick in the a_s !

    tophatal 🙂

  5. Bud Denney says:

    ESPN News – Schefter: The Patriots agree to trade Randy Moss to the Vikings for 3rd-round draft pick

    Sadly, it is now a done deal. Agree with everything you said, well thought out, well written. Look forward to all your posts

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  7. Rick Sobey says:

    You say how the future of the team is in doubt because of this trade, but I’m going to have to disagree a little bit. I don’t believe Moss will be with the Vikings next year, I believe that he’ll play 13 regular season games in Minnesota and leave after. He didn’t sign an extension, which makes me think he will leave next year.
    That said, I put Minnesota as a favorite to make the Super Bowl now. Randy Moss and Adrian Peterson together, add in some Percy Harvin and Visante Shiancoe, not to mention Sidney Rice in Week 8! Wow, what a lethal offense. They’re defense has been limiting teams, also, so watch out NFL. This trade has quite the impact, and I think it makes perfect sense for Minnesota.

  8. bkatman says:

    I agree with the thought that Moss is somewhat declining, but I see it as the Patriots giving up on him in terms of not appreciating how much pressure he takes off of other receivers to get open, especially as a deep ball threat. Yes, he hasn’t had star numbers yet this season, but he creates a offense in Minnesota that seems almost unstoppable with Harvin and Rice back eventually. Talk about having some options for Favre, nevermind the fact that the defense is still rock-solid by not having to deal away one of those pieces. I understand that they may over-pay for Moss, which is why New England dealt him now, but with Favre around and missing out on Vincent Jackson, it all points to winning now. We’ll see if the chemistry issues really come out and hopefully they can take down the Jets first game.

  9. joshedge says:

    Thanks for the comment on my post.

    I’m not really sure what to think not that the trade has apparently gone through. Moss was definitely a powerful weapon in New England. The only thing that made me question his utility there, however, is that in the last game – albeit against the Dolphins – he had no receptions and at least one dropped pass that I saw. After such a great season last year, one could think that he would be the number one receiver for Brady – but that last game shows that there are other viable offensive options for Brady.

    Maybe the Vikings will benefit from having him. Though he is 33 and is, or already had, started the decline, I think he could still have another season or two after this one, because he has shown he still has the speed and the ability to go up for the ball.

    I can only hope that his relatively low-key, or at least as low-key as Moss gets, will continue in Minnesota, or else it will be detrimental to the entire team. I think the Vikings are just looking for a short-time replacement for Sidney Rice and I’d be surprised to see him with the Vikings for much longer than the remainder of the season.

    Thanks again for the comment, I’m going to make more of an effort to keep my blog up-to-date and I’d like to hear your opinion on my future posts.


  10. sportsfan1980 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! The vikings decision to pick up Randy Moss makes them look…. DESPERATE! The have a great team dynamic and by bringing in Moss four weeks into the season could prove to hurt them more then help them in the long run. I understand that the Viks want to win a super bowl but by already bending over backwards to get Brett Favre to come back and now picking up Ross as their last ditch effort, I don’t think their efforts will be rewarded with a super bowl win this season. They need to stop focusing on just this season and focus more on long term. Which I don’t think Ross will be beneficial whatsoever in that case.

  11. Nice piece…Favre finally gets to play with Moss who he desperately wanted before he “quit” on my Packers after the NFC Championship game. I still like the Vikings, but not as much as the Packers as a Super Bowl contender. I also think it is not the WR that is the problem in Minnesota. Favre has had a lesser talented group of WR he’s worked with and won games with before. I think the combination of Favre-Childress relationship and the fact that Favre peaked for the final time last season. It’s all on Favre now to carry the team because the running game gets abandoned way too quickly.

    It is what it is in the end but enjoyed the piece.

  12. tyto416 says:

    Thanks for commenting on my post.

    I generally agree with sportsfan1980 as well as the view shared by Jason Whitlock at I have never beena Favre fan, and the prima-donna act he has pulled thelast few years has been downright annoying, and made the Vikings look desperate, having three of their players fly down and basically beg him to play, and on thop of that he did not decide untik he was given more money-he basically runs the organization. Their slow start and injuries and not to mention tough schedule (at NY Jets, home to Dallas and Green Bay, at New England) means they could start 1-6 and knowing this is Favre’s last year, they are going all in. I see Moss being productive, especially since he is playing for a new contract, but he is a me-first player. If they start 1-6 or 2-5 and in a division with Green Bay and Chicago, they may start too far behind to catch up.

  13. boaswa says:

    I agreed with pretty much everything you said here. There’s different ways you can look at the contract situation. 1. Wait until the end of the season or 2. give it to him now. Waiting until the end of the season could motivate Moss to earn it, or it could disgruntle him and he could whine and complain. If you give it to him now, he’ll be happier, but then the whole motivation factor comes into play. Who knows? The answer is nobody. Probably not even Randy. Quick question: how’d you find my blog? I’m just a college student and had to make it for my english class. For anyone who wants to follow or take a look:

  14. diamondjoe88 says:

    Good story a little old I think you should fix it, just change a few words, because he is going to the Vikings but other then that it was really good. You really rip Randy Moss though, I mean for the last two years he has been as good as anyone would expect including the year Brady got hurt. So I think that you/ we have to give some credit and then this year, a year where we have heard a couple of patriots come out and talk about their contracts, logan mankins being the other, he decided he was going to do the same. I think he will help Minnesota a little bit cause Favre likes to throw the long ball more so then the Patriots and it will be interesting to see what happens from here as Moss is holding a press conference tomorrow in Minnesota, will be interesting to see what he says.

  15. chappy81 says:

    It’s sad that my raiders got less for Moss than the Patriots did…

  16. I really don’t know what to say about this. I guess one could say that Brett Favre got his wish in that he now has a fully healthy go-to guy down-field. My only concern is how in the hell does Brad Childress intend on managing two superstar players with egos???


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  18. thelipps22 says:

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the comment; here’s my response:

    Hope to hear from you again soon,

  19. 10yardslant says:

    Im not sure what to make of Moss in Minnesota with Favre. Too me its more about him being pushed out than being accepted for a second time. Moss has a history of being a head case in the locker room, and now with reports of him and the QB coach arguing after week one, its more about Brady, Belichk, and the organization removing cancer from the locker room. This move creates more for the patriots than Minnesota. Now have 8 picks in the 1st 4 rounds of the 2011 draft there youth movement with quality players gets even better. Good luck to the aging Favre and the Freak that is Moss…

  20. stsports says:

    I would have to agree with you in part that the Vikings are taking a giant risk on grabbing Moss, especially at 33 years old. I have the same apprehensions toward his attitude and the fact that he seems to be a cancer on the teams that he plays for. After all, “he plays when he wants to play.” On the other hand, however, the Vikings are seemingly out of options at this point. I would argue that it does seem as if Moss has a desire to play here… Favre has wanted to share a field w/him for some time, and I think that could bode well for MN. Also, losing a third-round draft pick is not a huge sacrifice on MN’s part. Thanks for checking out my blog! I’ll be sure to follow yours if you’ll do the same 🙂 Feel free to email me at I’m also on Facebook

  21. mattmclear says:

    Patriots didn’t have much of a future with Moss so why not at least get someone they could use in the future? If they draft like last year it will probably be another player from Florida. Good article bro.

  22. Ryan says:

    Chris —

    Very good blog. Keep up the fine work. Thanks for visiting my site and for the kind compliments on my Pete Carroll article.

    Take care, and keep writing!



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  24. poverti9 says:

    Completely and politely disagree with you on your view on Moss return to Minnesota. Not only will Moss help the Vikings walk into the divisional playoffs, he will be a key factor in their next 12 games, how ironic many people downplay Moss resume. This cat has many more years to play in the NFL, and if he decides to play nearly as long as Jerry Rice did – he will indeed break his receiving and touchdown record. Even though Moss spoke out about his contract situation with New England – no one should fault him for doing so. Thanks for leaving your comment on my post.

  25. Big Chillidog says:

    I can’t believe they traded him for absolutely nothing!! How was there not half the teams in the league trying to get Randy for a 3rd round pick? I only wish he could help the Cowboys. Unfortunately the only way that would happen is if he came in and murdered Wade Phillips.

  26. What makes you assume that Moss is “looking for a big contract?” Has he said anything about it? Not that I’ve heard.

    Think about it this way: the Patriots would have gotten a 3rd round compensatory pick had they let Moss’ contract expire after the season and allowed him to sign with another team. So why would they trade him now, giving up 10 games with him to move up maybe 10 slots in the 3rd round? Because he isn’t planning on signing another contract. He’s stated before that he wants to retire early. Therefore I believe this is his last season in the NFL. Sure, he has enough talent to play at a high level for several more years. But he won’t. The Vikings gave up a 3rd round pick for 10 games of Moss.

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