Brett Favre Epitomizes Why We Put Up With Superstars

At 41 years of age Brett Favre is not having his best season in Minnesota

By: Chris Ross

Sexting, sex addiction, dog fighting, careless gun handling and everything else in between always give people something to talk about around the water cooler. Athlete and superstar haters want to question our morals when we put up with this behaviour, but on Sunday afternoon Brett Favre showed us why you can’t blame us for accepting these “heroes.”

For the past two weeks, the story that I’m sure any football fan or gossip lover has heard about are the rumours surrounding Brett Favre’s apparent attempted “seduction” of former New York Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger. The fact that Brett Favre supposedly did these deeds is not the only surprise, but our notion of Favre as the simple, likeable, country family man was essentially crushed by these allegations. Many people have shown their disgust for Favre and have even gone to such extreme measures as jumping off his fan-train.

Favre gives every reason for people to hate on him with his constant wishy-washy retirement soap-opera, but on the field he makes you forget about everything else. Sunday night, amidst all the controversy, cortisone shot to nullify his elbow tendonitis and the hype surrounding the “Panic Bowl,” Favre led the Vikings to a 24-21 victory in a game that could end up being the biggest of their season.

It wasn’t his statistics that were most impressive though (14-19, 118 yds, 1 TD, 106.9 passer rating), it was all the other things that we constantly take for granted when watching Brett Favre. Throughout the game, Favre was consistently hit, knocked down, and hurried by the front four of the Cowboy’s defence.

Troy Aikman during the broadcast just seemed in awe of the ability of Favre to keep getting back up hit after hit and game after game. We all know about his Cal Ripken-like streak of consecutive games, and to keep it going at 41 years of age is something we might never again see in sports. If you don’t respect him as a person, you have to respect the way he plays. He puts it on the line every game and is one of the most electrifying players that the game has seen.

Up by 3 points with time winding down in the biggest game of the year, Favre attempted a throw to Randy Moss in the end zone against double coverage. Most players couldn’t fathom making that throw under normal circumstances, but with the game on the line Favre didn’t think twice and made a perfect pass that only Moss could catch and probably one that he should have come up with. The gunslinger, a risk taker, that’s what Favre is.

Should we be expecting anything less from the man known on the field as a risk taker and daredevil? Guys like Brett Favre have their lives revolving around risk taking, it’s in their nature and there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes that we don’t hear about. I can guarantee you sexting isn’t the worst of it.

Current Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick gave a middle finger to fans during his time in Atlanta, was sent to prison for dog fighting, and yet we are still cheer the “Underdog.”.

The thing is, I think you can make a legitimate case for Michael Vick being the most electrifying quarterback of all-time. Obviously not the bes, but the most exhilarating to watch. If you don’t agree with that assessment that’s fine, however there is no denying how exciting he is to watch, which is why fans tune in each week just to watch Vick play since the day he became the starter in Atlanta.

When these superstar athletes are producing and entertaining us fans on the field, we can pretend to be appalled by their indiscretions off the field, but in reality we could care less. Once these guys stop entertaining and thrilling us on the field, their off the field issues suddenly become less prominent and thus a relative non-issue. Either way we don’t really bother ourselves with what they’re doing off the field.

Would you care if it was Kellen Clemens who had sexted Jenn Sterger?

The NFL has to show some authority by putting forth an investigation in the Brett Favre saga. Despite that, you know that Roger Goodell doesn’t mind it as long as it doesn’t mean he has to suspend Favre.

Brett Favre + Sexting + Fans + Green Bay Packers = Big Fat Ratings. Now that’s the NFL’s kind of mathematical equation

On Sunday night Brett Favre was tough, resilient, victorious and most importantly entertaining. He exemplified everything it means to be a superstar athlete, leader and hero. You wonder why we put up with superstar athletes; well just take a look at Brett Favre’s resume.

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12 Responses to Brett Favre Epitomizes Why We Put Up With Superstars

  1. chappy81 says:

    Back in Vick’s Falcons days I remember someone asking me what athlete I’d most pay to see, and I picked Vick over everyone in all the other sports. When he’s out there you just have to keep your eyes on him, because you might see something you’d never seen.

    Same sort of thing goes for Favre. Love or hate the guy he’s good to have out on the field. I could care less about the sexting. Doesn’t bug me. Whatever he wants to do with pictures of his junk is his business not mine!

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  3. Chris Ross,

    Subscriber!!! Good stuff man.

    I don’t really care what he texted or what he didn’t, but I think eventually what we’ve learned with Tiger is that your woman can only put up with that crap for so long before she tells you to hit the road.

    Hey thanks for commenting, find a new one I did about new Cubs manager Mike Quade at



  4. Also, am I the only one that find this weird that this is coming out while the NFL is doing breast cancer awareness month? That’s gotta be a slap in the face to Deana for sure.


  5. Tracy Mangold says:

    Hey Chris – great post! I think you are spot on regarding Favre and what he brings to the game. My issue with the entire debacle is that none of this s0-called evidence is conclusive. And much of it is so murky. <>

    I guess we’ll just have to see. It does disturb me that we seem to have forgotten a person is innocent until proven guilty.

    Today – maybe we’ll find out something from his upcoming weekly press conference but I’m thinking more than likely – we won’t. I’m not sure we ever will.

    Again – great post!

  6. jdewey79 says:

    You hit on exactly what I was trying to get at it my blog entry Chris. He is a football hero because of what he has, can and probably will do on the field. To hold him to some other ideal is unrealistic, just like it is for so many folks we set up on a pedastal in society.

    I dislike of his actions and his regard for his wife, but I’m not vetting the man to be my son’s Godfather either. Not to mention I’m a season ticket holding Saints fan, so I don’t need any excuse to hate on Favre 🙂 Good post. If you or any of your readers care to check it out my blog is at It’s mostly political and just started, but I will defiitely sneak sports in there semi-regularly. Cheers,


  7. kipreiserer says:

    Good points here. I think he has really proven himself throughout his career when issues off the field “should” get in the way. I never really thought about if it was someone like Kellen Clemens. Maybe a mention on SportsCenter? Probably no investigation and minimal airtime about the matter. But this is household name Brett Favre we’re talking about. Like I said in my article, he should really just come forward and admit it now. If he does, it’ll be hardly mentioned by mid-November. If he keeps quiet like Tiger did, people will start talking and making up rumors. I posted a new article yesterday that involved Favre if you want to check it out. Thanks for the feedback on mine.

  8. pbayer4 says:

    Hey thanks for checking out my blog.. And I really liked your article. My point is kind of like yours, just because a big celebrity does the sexting is the only reason that it matters. Just like Tiger Woods, nobody would have cared if some low rated guy on the PGA did the same thing.

  9. maaaaaaaandy says:

    You have a great point, he is an excellent player on the field and keeps wowing us! It is their personal lives that happens off the field but I just felt that it was wrong to exploit Tiger Woods wrongdoing.

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  11. Granted Favre is arguably the grittiest, gutsy QB in the history of the game. He’s always demonstrated a lack of focus. He is the all-time leader in TD’s and INT’s… If the allegations are true his character is questioned. His wife was suffering from breast cancer while he was behaving this way. A family man demonstrating poor judgment is becoming all too typical these days among athletes. Nice post, I have similar post pertaining to Deanna Favre. Check out my blog

  12. Thought you might appreciate this one. Brett Favre dancing to “Ice Ice Baby” I always enjoy reading your content. Keep it up…

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