New York Yankee Fans Don’t Deserve a Winner

New York Yankee fans are some of the most bipolar fans in the world

For the most part there are two sides to baseball fans, people who love the New York Yankees and people who just hate ‘em. Yankee fans are some of the most passionate fans in the world, but most of the time they just act like spoiled brats.

In game 4 of the ALCS, A.J. Burnett put up another stinker giving up 5 earned runs in 6 innings of work in the loss. However, when walking off the field at the end the end of the 6th inning Burnett left to an echo of boos from the Yankee “faithful.”

You have got to be kidding me.

First off, booing is a ridiculous practice for sports fans especially in baseball when the nature of the game requires you to be as relaxed as possible in order to be successful. In general, the act of booing accomplishes nothing when your team is putting in a maximum effort, and probably has more of a negative effect than a positive one.

Wayne Rooney said it best when he looked to the camera after an England draw in the first game of the 2010 World Cup. “Nice to see your home fans boo you. That’s what loyal support is.”

You Yankee fans are such spoiled little brats.

I guess it has been a while since you have won a World Series, 2009 was a whole year ago. It obviously must be frustrating to cheer for a franchise that has won 27 World Series championships and 40 American League Pennants.

For god sakes, it’s not like your team is last in the league, you’re in the American League Championship Series. The Texas Rangers haven’t even made one trip to the World Series.

You take for granted the fact that you have been able to watch so many incredible players over the years. Some franchises would probably be happy to boast just one of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, or Derek Jeter.

Why are you complaining?

All that garbage about high expectations for your team and you deserve to boo them if you don’t feel they are playing up to par is completely unjustified. The line that divides passion and stupidity is constantly crossed by Yankee fans, which is why so many people hate the team and its fans.

No one wants to see a team that wins all the time to keep winning, but it makes it even worse when the fans celebrating the many victories constantly act like spoiled brats. When you don’t get what you want you cry like when Daddy won’t buy you a new Mercedes.

After 1918 it took 86 years for the Boston Red Sox to finally win another World Series, and the Cubs still haven’t won one in 102 years and counting.

I wouldn’t feel sorry for Yankee fans if you guys go 100 years without winning another World Series, and I bet a lot of other fans would express similar sentiments. Until Yankee fans finally decide that this World Series or bust attitude each and every year is ridiculous, there will forever be a continuing generation of Yankee haters.

Whatever happened to Karma anyways?

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32 Responses to New York Yankee Fans Don’t Deserve a Winner

  1. Cyn says:

    Nice post.

    //First off, booing is a ridiculous practice for sports fans especially in baseball when the nature of the game requires you to be as relaxed as possible in order to be successful. In general, the act of booing accomplishes nothing when your team is putting in a maximum effort, and probably has more of a negative effect than a positive one.//

    I agree with this 100%. I’m a Red Sox fan and I can’t stand the Yankees and their fan base. But first and foremost, if you are a fan of ANY team, you need to be supporting that team not be booing your own guys. The first two LCS games in New York, the fans who paid big money to be at those games, were leaving the stadium in droves. Who does that? Be appreciative that your team is only one of four out of 30 teams altogether that made it to the championship series and just support your team.

    As an aside, good luck to your Blue Jays in 2011. I’d love to see the AL East get even more competitive.

  2. unclemonkey says:

    To Cyn – as if Red Sox fans are the epitome of class. I go to a Baltimore Orioles vs Red Sox game in Baltimore and have to listen to a bunch of drunk Red Sox fans constantly chant Yankees suck throughout the game. Then they try to pick fights with everyone around them because they are too inebriated to be anything other than low class. Red Sox fans have a lot of room to talk.

  3. NYCPenpusher says:

    Hi. As I mentioned in my own blog comment related to this year’s ALCS, there is a lot more going on with this situation that, unless you are involved in the day-to-day of the Yankees, you just wouldn’t understand.

    First off, AJ Burnett has been hot and cold all season long. Had a fantastic April, cooled off in May, did ok in June, had a decent July, but then just went ice cold through August and September, and more or less pitched himself out of the rotation. There’s been a lot of mental and physical issues with Burnett, a lot of dreary post game locker room interviews and it has been underwhelming, to say the least.

    Now, if the fans know this, we expect the team’s management to know it. So, really, when Burnett was able to make it through the 5th inning with the Yankees in the lead, you really have to say, nice job, you haven’t pitched in a couple of weeks and you did good, now have a set and let the bullpen take over. That would have been the move. Even if you let Burnett start the 6th, at this point, he is on the shortest of leashes! He lets anyone on base: a walk or a hit, that’s all, and it’s time to come out. But that isn’t what happened. Girardi left him in and we all know the result.

    So, the booing might have been for Burnett, but the knowledgeable fans were more likely booking Girardi for letting him stay in to give up that homer, and the lead.

    Conversely, I don’t even know why this is a topic of discussion. In NYC we have “tough love!” If you screw up, we let you hear it! If you do great, we cheer louder than the loudest fans anywhere on the planet. Guaranteed! In other words, we boo because we care!

    I also have to echo what unclemonkey stated, having been to my share of Yankee Red Sox games, and I haven’t yet dared to wear any Yankees gear to Fenway Park. Red Sox fans and Phillies fans are some of the rowdiest, nastiest, orneriest and most ridiculous fans I have ever witnessed. A lot of the time, if you happen to catch the wrong one the wrong way. you feel lucky to escape with your pride intact and yourself in one piece.

    • Jamie says:

      I wish I read NYCPenpusher’s comments before I posted mine – you said it all and you said it well. It’s hard to understand if you’re not any every day Yankees fan

  4. NYFanSinceMickey says:

    Burnett had the stadium on its feet cheering for 5 innings. The boos were for Girardi, who had gotten all he could ask for from AJ and then asked for more. Philly boos its own, Boston boos its own and they boo at CitiField, but they all also chant “Yankees S**K” more than they cheer for their own teams, even when they’re not playing the Yanks. Nice group, good fans, huh! As for playoff attendees leaving, they’re not the regular fans, since the seats are $400-2500. If you can afford that, you can afford to leave early.

  5. jslaton13 says:

    Nice post Chris… with several good points. I would like to echo some of the comments, however. The boos were in fact for Joe Girardi and his textbook over-managing. Yankee fans have grown tired of living and dying by Joe and his binders. The intentional walk with two outs to put Molina at the plate (who has a history of crushing the hearts of the Yankee faithful) was not only idiotic, but just simply unfair to AJ Burnett, who had pitched above any expectations given to him going into the game. THAT is what the boos of frustration were all about.

    I would also like to comment on the actions of other fans at other ballparks… Bucky “fucking” Dent (pardon my language) at Fenway Park… or my two personal favorites… “YANKEES SUCK (CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP) and booing Alex Rodriguez at every single at-bat at every single ballpark… How original!!! Now it seems the fans get off on booing Mark Teixeira and Derek Jeter as well. I can see how fans may have some beef with A-Rod because of the steroids issues… Even Texas because of his departure (although seriously, they should be over that by now)… but what did Tex and Jeter do to baseball? Derek Jeter is arguably one of the classiest men in the game.

    Yes, Yankee fans can be irrational. Yes, Yankee fans can be impatient. Yes, Yankee fans can quickly forget what you did yesterday and want to know what you are going to do today. BUT… aren’t most fans the same way? That’s the beauty of sports… We ALL want to win TODAY. Not yesterday, but TODAY.

    Just my opinion…

  6. Thank you for writing about this!! It makes me so angry the attitude of some Yankees fans. One minute, everyone and their mother is wearing a Yankee hat (in all places around the world), the next, they’re calling for Joe Girardi’s head or booing the crap out of A.J. Burnett. Another thing I’d like to comment on is the fans who, with their team trailing in the late innings of games 3 and 4, decided they had seen enough and left early, essentially giving up on their team. Folks, it is the PLAYOFFS. You do NOT leave a game early, especially during the postseason. Yankee Stadium looked to be about 1/4 capacity by the 9th inning, and maybe even less than that. TBS showed droves of fans leaving game 4 in the 8th-9th. I understand its frustrating when your team is losing, but leaving your seat (which they probably paid half a million dollars for anyway) is absolutely horrendous and shows what true fans the Yankees have. I was at a Phillies game in June against the Cincinnati Reds where the Phils were trailing 7-1 heading to the 9th inning. Did people leave? Sure, maybe a few. But not the overwhelming majority. And what happened? The Fightins scored 6 in the 9th to tie it, then won it in the 10th with a walk-off home run. The fans that stayed (most of the sell-out crowd) were rewarded. Enough of this leaving games early crap. Its sickening.

  7. Cyn says:

    //To Cyn – as if Red Sox fans are the epitome of class.//

    Never said they were. There are idiot fans in every fan base. But the Yankees fans had their idiocy on display for the world to see this week in more than one case.

    I’ve gotten into arguments with fellow Sox fans about booing your own team. It’s stupid and has no place in sports.

    As far as drunken fans chanting Yankees Suck….I visit Camden Yards at least once a year and every time I do it’s for O’s/Sox games and the Orioles fans are the ones who usually start “the chant”. It seems to be the only thing the fan bases can agree on.

  8. mattmclear says:

    Nice article. I do have to agree that Yankee fan’s are annoying. Those same Yankee fan’s will root for the Met’s when they are winning, or root for the Jets or Giants whatever team is playing better that year. Typical bandwagon.

    During that game what I thought was funny is when Joba was struggling he was getting boo’s as well. Then he threw a strike on a 3-0 count and the fans gave him one of those smart ass cheers. He just shook his head in disgust. Great feeling I’m sure.

    As for the annoying Boston and Philly fans, yes they are awful. They also obtained several annoying bandwagon fans from all over with their recent success. That’s the part of sports I hate. Fans that jump from team to team because of who is best that year. Typically those fans are the ones that are the nastiest to. Not all the time but most of the time.

    Also I would like to thank you for not bashing or mentioning the worst team in baseball which happens to be my team. (The Pirates) While the Yankee “faithful” boo their team and take things for granted I also hope Karma gets them and they break the Pirates 18 consecutive losing season streak. Until baseball does a salary cap unfortunately the Yankees will continue to buy success.

    Again great article.

  9. tophatal says:

    Funny watching the Yankees at their home games in this series and parts of the ballpark are completely empty . What’s up with the faithful and oh so loyal Yankees fan then ?

  10. NYCPenpusher says:

    To the people complaining about Yankees fans and people leaving early and parts of the stadium being empty? I don’t know if you noticed, but we’re in a recession, folks, and ticket “brokers” (as they like to call themselves) or season ticket holders that are attempting to make a profit on their investment in this bad economic climate are selling those seats to the highest bidder. Those people you see on camera during the postseason are not necessarily the standard Yankee fans. In fact, I promise you they are not.

    Seats to Yankee games at face value for the regular season are pricey, and most of the best seats are available only as part of season ticket plans. So, ratchet that up and you have a situation where the folks with the best seats (and are the most visible) aren’t the biggest fans of the team. This is a bit more of a problem in NYC than it would be in places like Texas or Philadelphia, since there are so many more people with money here (bankers, lawyers, doctors, celebrities) and they are the ones who tend to scoop up those seats when they come available. Not saying that Arlington doesn’t have its share of wealth, but it’s a bit more concentrated.

    I hope that clarifies things for people who don’t understand the dynamics of Yankee Stadium.

  11. NYCPenpusher says:

    I’d like to address mattmclear’s comments, while I have a moment.

    Most actual Yankee fans (I mean the dyed in the wool variety, not the casual ones) do NOT change allegiance to the Mets. EVER. And that goes the other way also. Met fans do not start rooting for the Yankees. So you really don’t know what you’re talking about. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.

    Now, there are casual fans that support all of the teams because it’s New York, and they are all representing the city (or area, if you want to get nit picky about the fact that the Giants and Jets play in New Jersey). But this is a very big city, so we have all sorts of types here. You can’t characterize a “New York Fan” as one thing or another! But if you are a Yankees fan, that’s what you are.

    I was at game 7 of the 2004 ALCS, and I shook the hands of several Red Sox fans, who looked even more stunned than the Yankees fans that Boston came back from that 0-3 deficit to win the series. There’s always going to be “bad” fans for every team, even the Yanks, but I’d like to think that most Bronx Bomber supporters have some class, and I really believe the vast majority do.

    • mattmclear says:

      TO NYCPenpusher don’t get all bent out of shape because there are a lot of Yankee haters out there. (Including me) I know everyone hates a winner.(Nobody likes the Penguins or Steelers outside of Pittsburgh fans) I wasn’t referring to the die hard Yankee fans. Clearly if you are a die hard fan you don’t jump ship. Also I know a die hard Yankee fan would never root for the Met’s.

      Clearly you know people who root for whoever the better team is. You refereed to them as the New York fan. Those are the one’s that I considered as band wagon. I mean even you said MOST Yankee fan’s don’t change allegiance. So you know some do change. So clearly I wasn’t to far off in my statement.

      So sorry if I called a Yankee fan someone who should be classified as a New York fan. But to tell me I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT, twice, come on. You even agreed with me a little in your MOST Yankee fans statement.

      As far as every team having a bad fan well of course. I do think the Yankee fan’s now at the ball park have more class. But I think that is due to high ticket prices and low income. But if you go to the local bar and talk to the Yankee fan’s there, the class is not there. Agree to disagree that is the beauty of sport debates.

  12. I have to disagree here. Having consistently high expectations should be lauded, not bashed. This is competition, and in competition, you try to win, every game, every year, period. Just because we’ve won in the past doesn’t mean we should stop trying or let other teams win. That’s ridiculous.

    Yes, some fans are spoiled brats. Some fans are incredibly annoying. Some fans are really stupid. Some fans like to boo, some never do. But you’re using too wide a brush to paint all Yankee fans, and I think you’ll find that we’re as diverse in attitudes as New York is in its cultural characteristics.

  13. Amanda Bella says:

    Hahaha, this did make me laugh a bit. You do have some serious points! There are a handful of us who are spoiled rotten & hold ridiculously high expectations. But I think it’s all out of love because we know what these guys are capable of! 😉

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  15. Yes, I see your point about Booing your own team, but I guess after a few over priced Beers and releasing how much you paid for those tickets, then add on top of that your team the so-called experts pick to walk into the World Series despite not having a starting pitching is losing to ex-bankrupt Texas Rangers maybe too much for some. Next we add in the fans that just follow the crowd and join in, so then the booing sounds worst. But the group of fans that pisses me off is the ones who look for any reason to let the over paid players have their anger. Don’t blame the players for their pay just blame them for their play. The owners sign the pay checks and if hate what they make don’t support the team. I just hate the New York Yankees for buying their way into the playoffs each year. In the 2011 season we will most likely see Cliff Lee pitching for those Dam Yankees.

  16. Jeff Versoi says:

    Awesome post. Couldnt have summarized it better myself. I cant tell you how many arguments ive been in with people who are “yankees fans” here in Seattle. About the farthest city you can get away from new york, and im arguing with “ride til I die” yankees fans who havent even stepped outside of the pacific northwest. What the hell, right? Not one of them can justify why they like the yankees except that the new era hat looks fly as hell on their big fat head. Its completely frusterating and baffling. Same goes with bosox fans. Ive literally been told that they like the colors of the jerseys and that they win as to justification to why they are at my safeco field booing my team and puking in my lap when they have lived down the street from me(figuratively) their whole lives. Rangers Giants World Series is the most desireable, both teams are playing like they want this. Lets get it done fellas

  17. Carsten Charles says:

    Good comments by all. Every sports fanbase boos their own team at one point. For people to say booing is unacceptable in professional sports, is asinine. This isn’t little leagues, these athletes are at the top of their class and they should be able to accept criticism, especially in the big cities. I was part of those yankee fans booing in that game and it was not because of AJ Burnett but Girardi’s mistakes from the entire postseason.

    Also, lets get one thing straight, we all know that Yankees, Phillies, and Boston have the most passionate fans and all three of those teams fanbase are pretty ruthless with their criticism and general attitude. Notice that those three teams are also the top three baseball teams in the past decade? Just saying

  18. unclemonkey says:

    Cyn, what O’s fans? There are none by the end of the season. It’s a Yankee or Red Sox home game in Baltimore.

  19. Jamie says:

    Hi Chris,

    I replied to your comment here:

    I have to say I don’t agree with you – all sports fans deserve a winner, especially Cubs fans… poor bastards!

    do you really think Yankees fans are bipolar? have you ever been to any sporting event in Boston? How about Philadelphia? The Red Sox literally boo their bad players out of town, and frankly, the Philadelpha sports fans frighten me – for my well being. Meaning I’m scared that they will KILL ME. At least the Boston fans limit their madness to yelling profanity…

    Oh and the Orioles fans are pretty pathetic – they never show up to games… not there is much to show up and see, i’ll grant them that, but their tickets are pretty cheap.

    Blue Jays fans really impressed me this year, especially late in the season when the Jays were clearly out of the running. Maybe David Wells will take back some of the nasty things he says about them.

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  21. Chris, LOVE the post, and, as a Met fan, I have to deal with Yankee fans every day of the year. I do, however, think Girardi screwed this one up, and will be posting about what mistakes I think he made.

  22. GREAT post. Yankee fans are spoiled brats who have booed every great player that has worn the uniform at one time or another. I may have to quote a line or too from this. “The line that divides passion and stupidity is constantly crossed by Yankee fans, which is why so many people hate the team and its fans.”

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  25. brouhahasports says:

    The spoiled brats comment was priceless.

  26. Nick says:

    Get over it Ross!!! You act like this is the first time the Yankees lost a series since 1922!! You (like many Yankee haters) also act like the Yankees are in the series every year!! Well, that just does not happen!! I root for my team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. FireDannyAinge says:

    Yankee hater here. BIG TIME Yankee hater here but I also disagree. Burnett gets paid a lot of money to pitch well in this type of situation. If he doesn’t show up people have the right to boo him.

    Not that I don’t think Yankee fans are spoiled self entitled (insert bad name here)s because I do but if a hard working person pays that much for a ticket to a game they deserve the team to show up and play for them.

    Day late dollar short.;

  28. FireDannyAinge says:

    I should have read the idiot Yankee fans comments before writing what I wrote.

    I have been to Baltimore several times to see the Sox and each time I was there a Orioles fan started the Yankees suck chant. The guy was sitting right in front of me.; I have also been to Fenway a millions times and those chants have almost always been started by the apposing team.

    Yankee fans have been the second worst at fenway. the Mets fans were actually worse. One fat guy was drunk out of his mind and he walked up and down the bleachers saying red sox suck.

    Every team has obnoxious fans but I have had friends that have been at Yankee stadium that have been spit at, had things thrown at them, had gum put in their hair all while security sat by and watched. Even when they were told what went on nothing as fone about it.

    That would never fly at Fenway.and if anyone says it did they are lying.

    Last year a Celtic fan attacked a Laker fan after the Celtics lost in the finals (Thank you Lakers) and teh Celtic fan got thrown out. The crowd even defended the Laker fan.

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