Make The Right Decision Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck will be the first overall pick if he decides to leave Stanford for the NFL

The great Winston Churchill once said “those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Andrew Luck may be majoring in architectural design but hopefully he knows his history as well because he will soon be making a decision that will shape his entire life.

The Carolina Panthers are a team in need of some quarterback help and have also locked up the first overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft. It has been speculated and now seems to be a virtual lock that the Panthers will make Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck the number one overall pick.

However, all of this depends on the upcoming decision of Andrew Luck.

At the Orange Bowl on Monday, Andrew Luck finished off his junior season leading 4th seeded Stanford in a 40-12 rout of the Virginia Tech Hokies. As if there was any doubt to who the best quarterback prospect in the country is, Luck confirmed it with a very solid performance throwing for 287 yards and 4 touchdowns.

The question still remains though of whether Andrew Luck will forgo his senior season and declare for the upcoming draft. He still has not given any indication of his decision and it is even being reported that Luck and Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh could be a package deal according to ESPN.

In recent years we have seen a few examples of quarterbacks who have declined the lure of the NFL to play another year of College ball despite being touted as high first round picks and possibly being the 1st overall.

If Andrew Luck and his Stanford brain have any sense then it should be an easy decision for him to enter the 2011 NFL draft.

We have already seen the demise of former Arizona Cardinal Draft pick Matt Leinart who won the Heisman and a national championship in his junior 2004 season at USC. He was surely going to be the number one pick in the draft if he had left after his junior year but Pete Carroll convinced him to stay for another year.

He had a very good senior season, just not quite as good as his previous year. He lost in the national championship game to Vince Young and finished 3rd in Heisman voting but more questions started to arise about Leinart’s ability, or lack thereof, to be a pro quarterback. He fell all the way to the 10th overall pick and the rest, well the rest is history.

Number two historic failure comes from Washington Huskies quarterback Jake Locker. Like Luck, Locker was almost undoubtedly destined to be the picked 1st overall last year, but he decided to stay at Washington to work on his game and win a bowl game for the Huskies.

Locker got his bowl game victory for Washington but his season was a disaster, in relative terms, marked by a terrible 4 for 20 passing performance against Nebraska on September 18th. In the Huskies’ Holiday Bowl re-match versus Nebraska they were victorious in spite of another Locker stinker in which he looked to be down on confidence. Locker has now seen his draft stock fall farther than anyone could have imagined and will be lucky to be picked sometime in the middle of the first round.

Both Leinart and Locker have lost millions and millions of dollars because of their decision to stay in College. They had their chance to secure themselves financially for life barring a Dennis Rodman or Antoine Walker type bankruptcy yet they still chose to play amateur ball.

Sure, another year of college gives you the opportunity to work on your game but that’s about it. However, there is still no assurance that your game will improve with another year at school anyways.

When you have a chance to be a very high first round pick the decision to stay for another year entails so many dangers that it seems unfathomable for anyone to make that decision.

Sam Bradford missed most of his final College season after he decided not to declare for the 2009 draft

The most obvious of risks comes from a decline in the level of your play, which is exactly what we have seen happen to dumb and dumber. Also, as most people know, football is a physical game and the chance of injury is not small. Sam Bradford may have had a successful NFL rookie season, but his decision to forgo the 2009 NFL draft almost cost him his dream. He injured his shoulder in his first game back that forced him to miss most of his final College season and forced the Rams to seriously consider defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh instead of Bradford.

The possibility of a career ending injury in football is apparent with each and every play more so than any other sport. To put financial security and the dream of professional football on the line is absolutely absurd.

Take a look at Mark Sanchez who is starting at quarterback and has reached the playoffs in his only two NFL seasons for none other than the New York Jets. Pete Carroll and his selfish agenda once again tried to convince another USC quarterback to stay for his senior season. However, unlike Leinart, Sanchez made the right decision and was drafted 5th overall in 2009.

For being the 5th overall pick Sanchez was awarded a $50 million contract with a whopping $28 million of that guaranteed. I’ll let you Imagine what life for the Sanchize would be like now if he hadn’t made the decision to declare for the draft.

The Carolina Panthers are a team that is far from contending for a playoff spot but how many team’s with the number one overall pick are?

It has been rumoured that Luck would not be too happy with his destination being Carolina, but he should remember that there were not many people who thought St. Louis would be a great destination, at least initially, for Sam Bradford. The Rams were a win away from a hosting a playoff game.

Maybe Andrew Luck doesn’t declare for the draft and doesn’t suffer the fate of Matt Leinart and Jake Locker. Maybe he is still the consensus number one overall choice next year. Maybe it won’t matter at all for him if he decides to play out his college career.

If I were Andrew Luck I would not leave my life up to a bunch of maybes.

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14 Responses to Make The Right Decision Andrew Luck

  1. tophatal says:


    I can only hope that Luck lives up to the perceived hype ! First it was Newton being lauded over and now Luck as the “best player” in collegiate football. What happens to that Cardinals’ program should Harbaugh decide to leave for the NFL ?

    Let me know what you think of the following ? Simply click on either of the links provided to view .



    Do You Simply Get The Feeling You’ve Seen This All Before ?

    tophatal …………….

  2. More than any other position, QBs are subject to the type of system they end up in. Leinhart blew his NFL career by standing that extra year and so will Luck if he stays.

  3. Chappy81 says:

    Nice read Chris. Good point on Locker, but I have to point to Sam Bradford who everyone said he was a going to be great. He went back and even had an injury, but still went #1 overall. I’m not saying he’s a success story yet, but when you are as good as Luck, I think it doesn’t matter when you come out…

  4. Brett Lyons says:

    Thanks for posting on my site. I couldn’t agree more. Whether you like whose got the no. 1 choice, you have to go when your stock is the highest. Andrew Luck needs to show Stanford grads aren’t idiots and make the move.

  5. This is a tough one for me, because I hate to see a guy who is so close to finishing his degree bail one year away.

    I think we would all agree that for a lot of these guys, it’s the smartest thing to do because most college football players aren’t going to end up as physics instructors. Now, I think we’d also agree that Luck or Locker are not those guys. (Mallet might be, but that’s a whole separate article)

    Getting the chance to play pro ball is a once in a lifetime experience, and if you manage your money properly, the signing bonus alone can leave you set for life.


    • tophatal says:

      Ravenation LLC

      There’s nothing to suggest that Luck can’t declare for the draft and still finish obtaining his degree in the offseason. It’s all a matter of desire on his part.

      tophatal …………….

  6. ucheedawg says:

    Great looking blog. Agree completely with post. Though it makes a nice story to come back and try to be a hero, it just makes sense to go pro. He will be #1 draft pick, which is a dream for any kid. Don’t mess it up Andrew.

  7. Mister Matic says:

    As a Carolina Fan, i hope he stays one more year, but i agree he’d be an idiot if he did. From a Panthers fan perspective, i dont know about wasting a #1 pick on a QB, we already have Matt Moore, and Clausen (who we wasted a 2nd round pick on). This year was horrible and the offense pathetic, but that cant all be attributed to QB play, we had alot of injuries on the O-Line, running backs, and have nooo wide recievers other then Smith. We need to use that #1 pick on other needs.

    But ye i think Luck would be dumb if he stayed. And if we’re dumb enough to draft him, then he should agree because its not as bad as he thinks it would be in Carolina. He wouldnt have as much of a burden, because we do have great running back duo, and when health are O-Line is very stout. Plus a new coach, bring in a clean sleet for Luck and the coaching staff. But one last thing, if he does stay, it kinda scares me who in the world we draft? the DE from Clemson? AJ Green??

    Sucks to be a Carolina Panthers Fan… Damn Delhommel

  8. kbrxsports says:

    You said on my blog that Luck would not like to play for Carolina or you feel he may not want to play for Carolina.

    If that is true, what a surprise a Stanford quarterback who won’t leave the west coast or go to an eastern team.

    (See John Elway!)

  9. ByesLine says:

    Is this really a serious option? Staying in school? What would he be staying for? Best case scenerio Stanford MAY find itself back in a game similar to the Peach Bowl (assuming Harbough stayed), and Luck can’t possibly have a more hyped season. Staying around is just not a realistic option for either coach or QB if they want to keep moving forward on the successful paths they both seem to be on. Although I believe Luck’s “talents” are on a different level than that of Leinart or Locker, the analogy holds true, nothing good can come out of staying in school one more season beyond sentimental values. Good blog man, keep checking mine, i’ll keep checking yours. A ’69’ of blog checking if you will.

  10. Jeff says:

    I agree 100% he definitely needs to go pro and Carolina has a couple pieces in place.

    It will also be interesting tio see what happens with Locker. Locker still has the baseball contract and could always go that route.


  11. Jeff says:

    I agree 100% he definitely needs to go pro and Carolina has a couple pieces in place.

    It will also be interesting tio see what happens with Locker. Locker still has the baseball contract and could always go that route.

  12. cujomadrid33 says:

    Well I’m looking at this in hindsight now. On one hand, he loses his coach, risks injury and a collapse like Locker and Leinart. He was a lock for the number one pick and millions and millions of dollars. On the other hand, people don’t go to Stanford just for sports. They go for an education that can get them a job almost anywhere. I know we never think about that, but it is important. He is getting a free ride at a very prestigious school so he may as well capitalize on this opportunity. And like all the others say, he has a chance to grow as a quarterback and be better than last year. There will still be teams who need a quarterback and he will be a top 10 pick barring any major setbacks. Overall, I am fine with his decision. You can’t see the future but he is only trying to improve his in both football and education.

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