Get Rid of ‘Em

Twin brothers Henrik and Daniel Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks were split up for the first time in their lives via the NHL All-Star fantasy draft

I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that they have got to scrap the all-star games. No applause necessary for the originality.

On what may possibly be the worst weekend this year in sports, we saw two brutal all-star games in which even the highlights were almost unbearable. I think it would have been more fun playing scrabble on family game night. Seriously, I like scrabble.

The Pro-Bowl is as big a joke as Jose Canseco’s boxing career was. There is no reason for the NFL to play this game. Football is a game that is built off of pure intensity and violence, yet in an all-star game there is no way that guys can play with anywhere near the same passion that they do during the season. No one wants to get hurt in an all-star game and nobody wants to hurt a fellow player in something that is essentially meaningless

Might as well make it a flag football Pro-Bowl if you’re going to keep it around because what is put on display each year sure isn’t NFL level football. I mean, at one point it was 42-0 and the first half wasn’t over.

They should stop torturing the players and the fans that waste their time to watch this spectacle. At least they put the game back in Hawaii this year.

The NHL at least tried to do something this year to spice up their all-star game even if it only ever had the potential increase the hype prior to the game. You don’t see hockey as the lead story too often on major American sports sites as it was on Friday evening.

However, as much hype as the fantasy draft caused, it in no way led to the player’s to work harder during the game. If they could find some way in the NHL, as well as the NBA, to force the player’s to play some defence then maybe these games could actually hold some viewers. Alas, there probably is no realistic method for these leagues’s to follow in order to make these multi-millionaires show some effort for one extra game.

The combined goal total of 21 in the NHL all-star game exceeded the Vegas over/under set at 16.5.

Major League Baseball’s all-star game is not enjoyable because it actually means something in terms of World Series home field advantage. In fact, I think it’s stupid to decide something like that in an all-star game. It may create a little extra buzz each and every year, but in baseball there is never a reason not to try. Its baseball, how can you not put in a full effort?

The 3 other major North American sports don’t have that luxury. Moreover, with all the complaining that surrounds each respective all-star game from fans and analysts alike, it would make more sense to just abandon the game’s altogether.

The most intriguing feature of the NBA and NHL all-star games, which in my humble opinion are the skills competitions, have even lost their allure.

Keep the breaks, keep the status, but lose the game.

Maybe they should just make everyone play baseball for the all-star game.

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18 Responses to Get Rid of ‘Em

  1. Rohb says:

    I agree I’d rather watch one of those eating competitions with Rex Ryan and Albert Haynesworth rather then the Pro Bowl. In the NBA the dunk competition lost its draw for a few years as well but it is the only All-Star event in any of the major sports I watch and I usually catch the replay. Good read man!

  2. I tend to agree with you here Chris. Free agency has deteriorated the pride that players had about either their representative leagues or conferences. Thus the intensity of the competition has suffered. Additionally, the ability of fans watch virtually any team or game they want and view highlights on the Four Letter has weakened the excitement of seeing a good/great play compete who you have never or rarely seen play. The uniqueness is missing and the All-Star games simply aren’t as relevant any more.

  3. I tend to agree with you here Chris. Free agency has deteriorated the pride that players had about either their representative leagues or conferences. Thus the intensity of the competition has suffered. Additionally, the ability of fans watch virtually any team or game they want and view highlights on the Four Letter has weakened the excitement of seeing a good/great play compete who you have never or rarely seen play. The uniqueness is missing and the All-Star games simply aren’t as relevant any more.


  4. Bheise says:

    I actually liked the fantasy draft style for the NHL all star game. There’s potential there. I funk it would be a lot better if the NBA tried it. There are fewer players involved and it would lead to bitterness and feelings being hurt which could lead to some epic basketball….maybe. the pro bowl on the other hand is beyond salvageable. None of them care. They can’t blitz. Tue blow plays dead. Its not football at all and a total joke. The AFC didn’t even show up to play the game. On the plus side Cleveland browns center Alex Mack scored a TD officially making it the lone highlight of the Cleveland browns season! Haha

  5. mbouf says:

    Hey Chris,
    I like your blog and definitely agree with the points you made too. And scrabble game night on a Friday night would be a BLAST (yes, I love scrabble too).
    I definitely think it is time to scrap the actual all-star game, but would like to see them keep the skills competition alive

  6. I have to agree. In the Pro Bowl, guys don’t want to get hurt to mess up their franchises. Maybe all leagues just need a skills competition, because there’s no denying the appeal of the Home Run Derby, Sprite Slam Dunk (although it’s fading) and the Celebrity All-Star game, or recently the T.O. and Friends game.

  7. Jay Menard says:

    Good points. The problem, however, lies with the fans. The NFL pro bowl earned higher ratings than most real sporting events. As long as there’s money to be made these farces will continue. Fans need to vote with their wallets!

  8. PuckSage says:

    I don’t think All Star games in contact sports are really fixable. Basketball and Baseball are non contact sports and playing normally people rarely get seriously hurt, even by the fairly low standards of those two sports.

    In hockey or football guys get worse injuries in practice than baseball and basketball players would stomach, and still play their next several games. Tim Thomas played all last season with a hip injury.

    I’d like to see the skills competition tweaked a bit more but the game will be forever boring.

  9. ami5035 says:

    That was great – I totally agree. If anything they need to decide if they’re going to take the risk and really play or just stick to things like the Skills Competition. I think its tough for anyone to really scrap the idea all together because of the tradition. So many people love going to the games to see all those players in one building.

  10. Really, the game is solely for the players to have fun. I mean, what can you really say about the All-Star Games? “I saw LeBron, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh BEFORE they teamed up… In the All-Star Game.” I love the skills competitions mostly in the NBA, with the Dunk Contest, and even though the draft format I like much better, the quality of the game will never really get better. Great post. I agree that the games should be scrapped. Once again, great post.

  11. I actually like the all star game. It is fun and something which the players can enjoy (Phil kessels excluded there). I think you do have to approach it with a ‘you know what you getting’ sort of attitude tho and introducing physicality is dangerous as you want to see best players and teams in the stanley cup.
    If you did want to introduce a physical element to any all star game it would need to be on a locality team system like the NRL state of origin games in Australia. This is too difficult in the NHL with too many players from too Many different locations. Even in the NFL players come from all over the USA. And then there is the draft system has diluted and changed a players loyalty.

  12. JW says:

    Really, isn’t the whole concept of an All-Star Game just a vestigial relic from a by-gone era?

  13. Joe Calabro says:

    I 100% agree with pretty much every thing you said, I mean the lack of defense in these games its almost like making a mockery of the actual league, not that the NHL is worried about that because they are all ready at the bottom lol Great blog and I agree

  14. Anytime Jose Canseco’s failed boxing attempt is mentioned, I am pleased. I agree with the lack of excitement for the all star games, but the Pro Bowl is definitely the lamest. MLB All Star game is usually interesting and I applaud the NHL for trying to make it interesting this year. Blake Griffin should put on a good show this year in the Dunk Contest. Maybe next year, the NFL can have players compete in a series of events similar to American Gladiators.

  15. Adam says:

    I agree, All Star games lack enthusiasm, the will the win, and the physical nature. While it might be fun to watch them for a short amount of time the showcase gets old extremely fast and becomes mundane at best. If they did away with them I wouldn’t complain, as I do not see a point for them at all, but ultimately the spectacle attracts a decent amount of fans every year. Why? Who knows, but as long as the higher-ups see that they will not stop the travesty that is the game itself.

    Anyway, I really enjoy your posts Chris, especially the Tiger one. I was a huge Tiger fan myself, as was the rest of the world, and am trying to get interested in the other players so that the entire sport is not lost. I appreciate you checking out my blog. I love how interactive you have made your blog with twitter, subscriptions, and email comments and questions area, and also was wondering how you tag your writing so that it is searchable…I appreciate your feedback, have a good one man. See you on here or twitter…I’m @adamholman225.

  16. Adam says:

    Do you think the NHL will continue the players draft or do you get the feeling that it is a one and done sort of thing?

  17. awieders says:

    An All-Star game by it’s very nature is laid back and relaxed. It’s always going to be that way because it’s a break for the players. The only way to make the weekend better is to do what the NBA does and make it an entire weekend’s worth of enjoyment.

    The NFL has never and will never have a good all-star game. Nobody is going out there with the intention of playing hard, and you can’t do the Pro Bowl in the middle of the season because no coach is going to let there players play in it.

    I appreciate the plight, but I just say don’t watch it if you don’t want to see it. The Pro Bowl is rendered more meaningless because of how much fans vote. Look at the NBA…Yao Ming made the All-Star game and he’s been out since mid-November. Fan voting is a joke. All-star games are purely for the players. It’s really not for the fans.

  18. shwaa905 says:

    Totalyy agree Chris. Every year, people just wanna see what happens when all the best play together. But the all star games will never show this, well maybe baseball like you said. The closest we will get to a game with all stars trying is the olympics. Everyone can remember the gold medal hockey games, now that is good hockey. Those players are fitting for the pride of their country. Theses all star games are just throwing more money at people with too much of it already.
    Everyone should check out my blog too if you want. I know you have already chris, Cheers.

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