Bang for the Buck

Da'Quan Bowers was drafted 51st overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Most people have experienced it. You go to the store only to buy something that you had no intention of getting but you couldn’t pass it up because it was such a great deal.

Three of this year’s shoppers in the NFL draft came across a product that they weren’t looking for and just couldn’t let them get away.

Talent over need is one of the toughest decisions when drafting players but when that talent comes at a greatly discounted price even Homer Simpson knows that it should be a no-brainer to take the talent.

The New England patriots are known for being smarter than everyone. No denying it. Savvy draft day trading, making the diamond in the roughs seem like an everyday occurrence and pretty much everything else in between.

With franchise quarterback Mr. Tom Bundchen-Brady locked up in New England for the next while, the Patriots still went out on day two of the draft and grabbed projected first round pick Ryan Mallett.

Talk about value.

Ryan Mallett has all the physical tools to one day become a franchise quarterback and at 74th overall the Patriots decided that this guy could become Tom Brady’s successor.

Why not?

This has all the makings of another steal by the New England Patriots. There may be as many questions as there are positives surrounding Mallett including inaccuracy, character and possible drug abuse. However, picking up a quarterback, who has the skills to be a franchise quarterback, in the middle of the 3rd round doesn’t come with much risk. It’s not as if the Patriots have to worry about draft picks anyways.

Considering five other quarterbacks were drafted ahead of Mallett, a player who some had as the third best quarterback in this year’s draft, he should be a steal at 74 no matter what situation he is placed in. I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that the Patriots pulled off something that could make us bow down to the great Bill Belichick once again.

Almost every New York Giants fan at Radio City Music Hall was cheering when their team selected cornerback Prince Amukamara with the 19th overall pick.

A lot of mocks had an offensive tackle going to the Giants at 19 but when Amukamara slipped to them they couldn’t pass on him.

With a defence that finished ninth in the NFL last season, there was no desperation to find an impact defensive player. Protecting Eli Manning was supposed to be priority number one. In fact, probably the only guy who isn’t praising the pick is Eli Manning because this potential shut-down corner isn’t going to be protecting his blind side anytime soon.

Nevertheless, the New York Giants were right to not let the newly dubbed “Fresh Prince of New York” slip past them. Shut down corners don’t come around every day at the number 19 slot.

Needed or not, the teams in front of the Giants should regret their decision not to pick the Prince.

I think I would be writing this even if this next fellow was drafted late in the first round. Now, there is almost no doubt that at 51st overall, Da’Quan Bowers represents the best no-brainer value in the 2011 draft.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had already drafted a defensive end with their 20th overall pick in round one but when they sat at 51 with Bowers on the board they couldn’t say no. Once again, how can you blame them?

Bowers led the nation in sacks with 15 last year and fell mightily on every team’s draft board because of right knee issues. I still don’t understand why 32 teams passed on him at least once, some twice. In early mocks Bowers was projected as a potential number one overall pick yet knee surgery sets him back 50 picks.

I can’t comment nor do I have any knowledge on the extent of Da’Quan Bowers’ knee problems. That shouldn’t matter though when you can pick up a possibly dominating pass-rusher with a late first or early second round pick.

It doesn’t matter who you are drafting, there are no sure things. However, it is a sure thing that without the knee problem Bowers has the potential to become one of the league’s premier defensive ends.

It’s as hard as Aroldis Chapman’s fastball to be able to find a player in the second round that could have the type impact that Bowers might possess. For the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans to pass on Bowers in favour of alternative defensive ends in the second round is beyond me.

Tampa Bay might strike out on Bowers but at least they will do it swinging for the fences.

Like any draft there are bound to be disappointments. Mallett, Amukamara and Bowers may very well end up disappointing their respective teams but with the value that these three players offer there should be no reason to regret the choice to draft them.

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11 Responses to Bang for the Buck

  1. Mike says:

    I like Prince Amukamara as a player and I understand the value for the pick, but I still don’t understand why you would draft a CB when u have Tyrelle Thomas, Corey Webster and Aaron Ross. At best, he may not play much this year and Eli is still getting blasted. Hopefully some of the later picks will come thru to protect Eli.

  2. Dr. Kronner says:

    As a Lions fan I was watching Prince pretty close and was surprised we passed on him. I think he’ll be a great fit in NY even though Corner wasn’t a need.

  3. Brophy says:

    As far as I am concerned Mallett was a steal. He may wash out and prove to be the next ryan leaf, but at least it was 72 picks later. I agree value is important and although the Patriots get trashed for their draft strategy often, and do not have many blue chip first rounders, they have had success with depth.

  4. Bobby Charts says:

    It’s like betting on the Yankees or Phillies to win world series and laying down $100 to win $130, or taking SF Giants last year to win and laying down $100 to $600. Great post! No differant for us Fantasy nuts all chalk is safe but in real life and fantasy world those who gamble a little have the best chance to have the league changing draft pick.

  5. AlexJPerna says:

    Nice analysis of the three draft picks. I feel like out of all the players you mentioned, Prince was the least risky. He’s a solid player with a lot of skills at the CB position. Not a big Giants fan, considering they beat the Patriots in the 07 super bowl but it was a solid pick for them, as expected they had a good draft.

    I feel like Mallet was the steal of the NE draft. He has tremendous upside. I wouldn’t name him the next Ryan Leaf for a few reasons. Ryan Leaf was thrown into the fire immediately and couldn’t really grasp what it was he needed to do. Mallet won’t even see the field for my guess? At least three seasons assuming Brady is healthy. People forget the Patriots already have a tremendous back-up in Brian Hoyer who has been with the Patriots for a couple of seasons. Mallet will even take a back seat to Hoyer. He’ll be learning behind Brady, as we know is one of the best to ever do it and underneath Bill Belichick who has produced some of the better QB’s in the last decade, of course Brady and now upcoming Matt Cassel.
    But back to Mallet, he’s a great player and I find it interesting he fell all the way to 74 overall. Why because he partied in college? Interestingly enough, the ones saying Mallet partied in college must be the ones who are wearing Cam Newton jerseys.

    As for that Bucs pick? Wow. Talk about a steal . As a Pats fan, I was hoping we would address pass rush and Bowers, still considering the knee problems was on my high list of guys available for NE to draft. This guy is a mean machine. With that Bucs front 4, they will be dominate but I mean, they kind of have to be now, right? Saints take Ingram and add him to their already potent offense and Falcons took Jones, add him to their potent offense too. Bucs had to focus on defense.

    Nice post. Keep up good work.

  6. robdomaine says:

    Good Stuff Chris!

  7. Seth Austin says:

    Was discussing this with my friends earlier. I love the Amukamara pick with that value. But they had other needs that a first round pick could have sufficed in filling those needs immediately. Appreciate the reads on my blog and like yours as well!

  8. Th3rdye says:

    Great post! Those were three big steals of the draft. The Bucs could not pass up on Bowers. Look what we did for Cadillac’s knee(s). He is as good as new. Mallet has crazy accuracy, plus he’s a lil street so he won’t get intimidated.
    I have to say I do believe in need over talent especially within the division. NFC South throws a lot so we needed rushers. It’s easy to pick off a pressured QB. As far as the Giants go, someone has to cover Desean Jackson.

  9. Great post Chris, I agree about Amukamara. The guy is just a absolute monster on the defensive end, and I have no doubts he’ll be a Pro Bowler, as soon as next year. He reminds me of Nnamdi Asomugha, and not because they both have long names.

  10. GREAT REVIEW! I pretty much agree with pretty much all you said in your post, especially at the beggining of your article. Thank you, your post is very useful as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your web blog:) Isabella S.

  11. Yeah, I’m a lifelong Giants fan and I’m glad because our secondary has cost us playoff berths in the past.


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