Spoiled Laker Brat

The enjoyment of watching big market teams with a spoiled fan base lose the way the Lakers did Sunday afternoon is precious. It may have been pathetic to have seen Laker fans booing their 2-time defending champions at the Staples Center but it made the defeat that much more pleasurable.

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It almost makes you feel sorry for the players when they have done so much for a city but the city continues to act like a classroom of toddlers.


Seeing Andrew Bynum give a vicious forearm shiver to a vulnerable J.J. Barea showed us that it’s not just the fans that are spoiled. If the city of L.A. has been acting like toddlers then I guess Andrew Bynum’s behavior resembled that of a newborn baby.

The chance at a 3-peat, for most players, is a once in a career opportunity. The frustration had built up in Andrew Bynum. He had seen his veteran, reality star teammate Lamar Odom give a good shove to Dirk Nowitzki.

No big deal.

However, the volcano erupted in the form of one of the most classless acts you will ever see in the NBA. The victim was J.J. Barea.

A helpless, airborne, 6 foot 175 pound J.J. Barea.

Andrew Bynum took his anger of getting swept and embarrassed out on the first opportunity that presented itself to him. It could have been an 8-year-old child driving to the hoop for the layup and Bynum wouldn’t have cared. His chance at a 3rd straight championship, where he could have played an even bigger part than in each of the 2 previous ones was gone.

Andrew Bynum didn’t get his way so he acted like any spoiled brat would.

Andrew Bynum should be taught a lesson. He deserves at least a double-digit suspension. It shouldn’t matter that J.J. Barea was able to come back on the floor, not that Rick Carlisle had any reason to put him back out there anyways.

But you wonder what goes through the mind of him. Where is the grace in losing to a team that has deserved the victory? Accept it and move on.

Where does this sense of entitlement that Bynum displayed in that 2 second span come from? Show some respect for your fellow player.

Maybe if the fans handled the circumstances a little bit better, Bynum doesn’t feel the same frustration and sense of entitlement that he demonstrated. He has lost a great deal of respect for one foolish act.

It sure isn’t Phil Jackson pampering Andrew Bynum and the Lakers.

Kobe Bryant went out the way a true champion should. He went out fighting. Andrew Bynum threw a tantrum.

You can argue that it was merely a lapse in judgement but after seeing Odom get thrown out for much milder “hit,” he should have taken it upon himself to be the bigger man.

I guess for a spoiled brat that just wasn’t possible.

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13 Responses to Spoiled Laker Brat

  1. Jamie says:

    completely classless act by Bynum, but as a Mavs fan I’ve already gotten past it. Barea is fine, and Tyson Chandler put it best, “The way you get them back for that is by sending them home.”

    Check out my post series reactions here: http://dallassportsrant.com/2011/05/08/mavs-sweep-lakers/

  2. Excellent points Chris! I guess the new Lakers slogan is “Win With Class, Lose Like An Ass.” I say a 100K fine and 5-game suspension whenever the next season starts should be the minimum punishment for “Baby Drew”.

  3. Fisher says:

    Couldn’t agree more…sad, sad behavior on the part of Bynum. If the league doesn’t punish him as harshly as possible the precedent set could lead to real injuries.

  4. Josh Eberley says:

    I agree man. Bynum should see some heavy consequences. As a Mavericks fan I was furious and had Barea been hurt. . .

  5. Nick Poust says:

    Such a punk. If he isn’t suspended to start the 2011-2012 season something is terribly wrong with the NBA.

  6. Bobby Charts says:

    he will pay more ways than one. great read chris. bynum was way way out of line. he did that same thing to michal beasley for t’wolves about 3 months ago or so and got a 2 game suspension. i see 3-4 games for this because its his second time in like 90 days, who knows maybe 5 games! no doubt he will mis games to start 2011-12 season. when it starts, lol…….lockout!

  7. D.B. says:

    He is just mad because he knows he will end up in Orlando next season. But in all seriousness it was one of the cheapest shots I’ve seen thrown in sport, I don’t think a fine and a 5 game suspension gets the message across. A hit like that could have been career ending for Barea, luckily for him and Bynum he is ok.

  8. This is ridiculous behavior from Bynum and Odom. The players are spoiled, they have to realize that very rarely do players have a coach like Phil Jackson, arguably the best who ever coached in the NBA. I was mildly rooting for the Lakers to win it all only for Phil, and to go out a winner. I was very impressed by Kobe’s reaction after the game. Bobby Charts had a great piece about that. Phil deserved more, he was a phenomenal coach, if this is it, blame Bynum and Odom for not only ruining it, but sending Phil off in shame for what they did.

  9. If forgot to mention, great piece. I thoroughly agree. I just cannot believe that the Lakers would do this for such a highly respected coach.

  10. Craig Hart says:

    Totally agree with you, Chris. Someone’s true colors are not seen when they’re winning, but when they’re losing. I think we saw Odom and Bynum’s true colors yesterday. Great post!

  11. chappy81 says:

    Bynum’s play was horrible. It’s not the first time he’s shown his temper though. He’s an immature guy in general and living out here in LA he’s probably one of the Lakers I love to hate. I wouldn’t rip on Lakers fans too much, I mean if you were given 5 championships in a decade, I’m sure you’d expect more from your team than two home losses, so I feel like the booing was justified…

  12. sportrant says:

    I totally agree with you on Bynum’s hit, but not on Odom’s. Seems like I am in the minority, but I don’t even think his was a foul- much less a flagrant 2. I think you are being a tad too critical of the Lakers as a whole. More than just Kobe went out in style. It was mostly just Bynum who screwed over Jackson’s last game.
    Check out my post on the subject: http://sportrant.wordpress.com/2011/05/08/mavs-v-lakers/

  13. sam49 says:

    Good post, Chris. I will have to side the other way though. What Bynum did is no doubt classless and should be suspended for it, but I think it’s being criticized more because he’s on the Lakers. Physically this looked far worse because, like you said, it’s a big guy smacking down a small guy. We’ve seen actions like this before though. Cheap shots, frustration shots…it’s a part of the game.

    I agree with the poster above that you are a bit harsh on the Lakers, but it seems that many people take the sides against them than for them because they are similar to the Yankees.

    Bynum is smart, but still young, and will make foolish decisions. I am his age, and I make dumb decisions sometime. Instead of crucifying him on this hit, understand that this Lakers squad has quit on games like this before (2006 Phoenix Suns first round, game 7; 2008 Boston Celtics finals, game 6) but they should be remembered more for a remarkable run of three straight finals appearances and two straight championships.

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