Take a Chance on Me

Don’t back down now. It’s time to go all-in.

Bryan Colangelo has to push his chips in the middle and hope for the best.

In a draft class where sifting through the talent is about as difficult as getting the Raptors to play good defence, there is no better opportunity for the Toronto GM to make a bold move.

The Raptors should take Kemba Walker.

With each mock draft miles apart from the next, there’s no telling what player each team is going to draft. Even though the Cleveland Cavaliers, who hold the 1st overall pick, are reported to have decided on Kyrie Irving, sources are also saying that is far from a guarantee. The talent level for this draft class was already sparse before 3 of the top 5 prospects decided to delay their trip to the NBA. All that’s left in the lottery is supposed to be the scraps.

Okay, maybe not quite the scraps, but this draft is not the 2003 class by any means. That’s why the Raptors need to make a big splash. With each player even farther from a sure thing than usual, the best bet for Bryan Colangelo would be to put his money on a guy who has the ultimate boom or bust potential.

A college superstar who theoretically doesn’t have the attributes to translate those skills to the NBA. You hear the story every year. That’s Kemba Walker in a nutshell. Walker has the intangibles that others don’t have though. His great character and leadership are unquestionable while his upside is sky-high.

Colangelo has failed as a GM. He must carry a pretty big rabbits foot around because he is awful lucky to have received a multi-year extension. His bold moves have fizzled. The European movement, Jermaine O’Neal, Hedo Turkoglu. Nothing has worked for Bryan Colangelo.

The Raptors essentially fired their defensively inept coach Jay Triano and have hired Dallas Mavericks assistant Dwane Casey thus ushering in another new era under Colangelo.

The era needs to be started off with a bang. Kemba Walker might not possess all the qualities of the Raptors’ change towards a more grinding defensive philosophy but he does have exactly what the Raptors are missing. Star potential.

On a team lacking any direction, Kemba Walker could be the player to guide them to where they want to go.

Andrea Bargnani is a faux star. He wants to be considered the best but doesn’t want to put in the effort. The Raptors are getting away from that, the horrible pasta commercial and all.

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Kemba Walker should love the letter ‘e.’ He’s explosive, exciting, exhilarating and electrifying. Jaw dropping handles, cheeky floaters and freakish quickness. Kemba and his 6″1 frame aren’t close to being considered a true NBA ready point guard but he is an unselfish player, which is always a good place to begin.

Small forward may be the Raptors most glaring need but drafting another slasher with limited shooting range would be redundant and uncalled for. The Raptors don’t want another Demar Derozan. They shouldn’t shove just anybody into that small forward spot. They can wait another year to find a guy that fits the mould.

Drafting another big man would be wrist cuttingly painful for a front court that is already over capacity. Ed Davis and Amir Johnson will require more playing time in order to develop properly and Andrea Bargnani is still under contract for 3 more years. Stretching to find a legitimate big man in this year’s draft would be silly.

A team in the modern NBA must have a floor general. Jose Calderon cannot be a starting point guard on a contending team and Jerryd Bayless has proved that he can’t make the transition. Kemba Walker has the ability to be the Raptors very own General MacArthur.

Kemba Walker is not the safest choice. However, assuming Brandon Knight is unavailable at the 5 spot, Kemba is the right choice. Taking the safe route up to a certain point will only get you so far. The draft is where franchises can make-up for previous wrong doings. It can heal the wounds that have been left by the ghosts of seasons past.

The Raptors were unlucky not to be rewarded for their terrible season. The 5th pick in a weak draft doesn’t seem fair for a team that lost its franchise player. Maybe in the end it will all be for the best.

If they draft Kemba Walker.

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18 Responses to Take a Chance on Me

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  2. sxyvee says:

    NICE!!! I reblogged it & I will follow you on twitter!!! I agree with you, great BLOG!!!

  3. tophatal says:

    The Raptors are a mess from top to bottom ! They make the antics of the Clippers in recent years seem benevolent ! Their roster at present is simply nothing to write home about !

  4. kingbrs49 says:

    Well-said. While I don’t know much about the Raptors, I do know that their franchise has been dead in the water lately – especially since they lost Bosh to the Heatles. While Vesely or Leonard would also make sense for Toronto, considering their need for a strong SF, they don’t have the sheer star power that Kemba has. Not only do they need a slashing scorer who can command the offense, they need a proven leader who will serve as a foundation for a possible future playoff team. Good article!

  5. hey man I completely agree with you on this one. The Raptors have no other options at 5 that would be better in my mind (aside from Irving or Williams suffering a catastrophic fall). I’m gonna follow you on twitter man, hope to see you around my blog every here and now again.

  6. SpreeGoogs says:

    I love Walker to the Raptors. That’s the pick I made for them in my mock draft, which will be up on my blog later this afternoon. The Raptors have to get some experience on this team. They have some great young players, but leadership or direction. Without the new CBA and free agency, they can’t bring in any veterans yet, which is unfortunate, but if there’s any player in the draft who is going to add leadership and experience as a rookie, it’s Kemba. Those intangibles make him the best pick by far. And oh yeah, he’ll probably be the best player left too. Great idea.

  7. JK says:

    Kemba Walker indeed! We have James Johnson at the SF temporarily and believe it or not he has similar skill sets and physical measurements as Derrick Williams. If he doesn’t pan out, we can still look forward to the 2012 draft which consists of Harrison Barnes, James Macdoo or Perry Jones. In the end, you can not teach the instilled qualities of KW. 😉

  8. xprime32 says:

    This was an interesting look on the Raptors. As a Cavs fan and another victim to the sheer evil that is the Miami Heat, I root for Toronto. Hopefully this draft pans out for them. I’ll follow you on twitter. You should follow me too @xprime_time

  9. manbehindthemic says:

    Hey Chris. Thank you for viewing my blog and leaving that comment. Means a lot to me, since I’m new to blogging. I actually spoke on a radio show today making the point that the Raptors need to consider Kemba. You’re exactly right on another big man. Anyways, thanks again for your comment and I will look forward to your articles more.

  10. David Casarez says:

    Looks like Tristan Thompson just made a mega leap up he board from 15 to 4. Cavs just might take the Texas frosh!
    @soccer9omics (Twitter)

  11. Sports Cloud says:

    I agree fully. Nothing else really makes sense for the Raps anyway. He’s the best player on the board at that point and he fills a need that they have.

  12. Hi Chris: There is no doubt that the Raptors need a point guard. Though, I’m not sure I would go with Kemba Walker. Is Kemba Walker going to be the next Isiah Thomas or Allen Iverson? Most people don’t think so. At the end of the day, defense wins championships and size matters. Brandon Knight also has plenty of potential and is only 19 and 6′ 3″. Also, I don’t think this draft is going to be weaker than any other draft. In some sense, even the 2003 was a weak draft. Cleveland with LeBron and Miami with Wade got franchise changing players. Toronto with Bosh and Denver with Carmelo got all-stars. The rest of the NBA did not get anybody who altered their franchises. Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams have a chance to be great players. Who knows, may be one of the European will become the next Dirk Nowitzki? http://tothepointsports.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/is-the-2011-nba-draft-a-weak-draft/

  13. Jammer says:

    Looks more and more like Kemba is slipping. I think he’ll be a steal later in the draft, but with his stature GM’s look scared. I’m still holding out that Knight will fall to the 5th pick…

    • Chris Ross says:

      Yea looks that way. I wrote this with the thought that there was no way Knight was going to slip to the Raptors. It’d be pretty sweet if that happens. Crossing my fingers.

  14. I’m responding a bit late, I really don’t know about Jonas Valanciunas, I hope he’ll be good for the Raptor’s sake. To tell you the truth, I thought this year’s draft was a weak one.

  15. Todd Kress says:

    I enjoyed reading the post. I’m not sold on Kemba Walker like a lot of others, but you make a point that I do agree with – he would bring stardom and attract a higher fan base because of his skills on the court. As I don’t think he should be drafted as high as some are saying, he makes sense in the Toronto offense and the franchise could benefit tremendously from his signing.

    Since draft night is now over, I look and see that the Raptors not only passed on Brandon Knight and Kemba Walker, but they drafted a foreigner who probably won’t play in the NBA this season. Valanciunas is a interesting prospect and I like what I’ve seen from the kid, however, I feel they should’ve went the route of PG which would help the team immediately.

    Anyways, good post and be sure to keep in contact with ours at BallB4All. Check it out here for the latest NBA news that actually matters – http://ballb4all.wordpress.com/ . Also you can follow us on twitter @BallB4All

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