Mark Cuban is Perfect for the Dodgers

It may have taken a while but Mark Cuban brought a championship to the Dallas Mavericks. He could do the same for the LA Dodgers.

Bud Selig is a stubborn man. A gentleman of his age, and I use that term lightly, has trouble adapting to new situations. Selig wants to stick with what he knows well. He wants to turn down that awful sounding auto-tune on MTV and keep that Bing Crosby record on the player.

The Dodgers are now in turmoil but Selig still isn’t going to do a damned thing about it. He doesn’t want Cuban rattling any cages. He likes things just the way they are. Bud Selig is once again ignoring a wonderful opportunity to improve his fading product.

The NFL and NBA are taking over the sport of baseball yet Selig doesn’t mind being a spectator. He has the ultimate power to make a difference but chooses otherwise. It’s as if Batman decided that he wasn’t going to protect Gotham.

Maybe Batman is a bit farfetched for the black-hearted nature of the Bud. However, the amount of power that he consistently fails to utilize isn’t.

Mark Cuban would give fans a reason to tune in to watch Major League Baseball.

In a league where the salary cap exists as much as the aliens at Area 51, Cuban’s spendthrift ways would bring the Dodgers to new heights. He would bring Steinbrenner money with a Hollywood personality. Mark Cuban is LA.

Bringing a major market franchise back to relevancy is no doubt high on Selig’s priority list. Without Mark Cuban, the task becomes significantly more difficult.

Love him (which you should) or hate him, a Mark Cuban led team would draw interest. For fans, half the fun of professional sports is finding teams to root for and against. With Mark Cuban, the casual fan will tune in to see how his team fares.

Creating a buzz around a sport that is dominated by Lebron James TV specials and Tom Brady hair talk is exactly what baseball needs. It’s about time someone ruffled a few feathers. Opinionated, arrogant and brash. What more could the sport ask for?

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This would be the New York Yankees acquiring Ozzie Guillen to be their head coach.

Bud Selig has finally found some steadiness in baseball with steroids becoming a thing of the past.

Admitting that he was wrong for not allowing Mark Cuban to buy the Cubs two years back would take away from the steady path that Selig covets but it would give him plenty of street cred around North America. People would start putting Bud Selig and the game of baseball a bit higher in their books. Hard to believe that this can all happen because of one man.

The amount of excitement that merely talk of Mark Cuban possibly landing an MLB franchise is astounding. The amount of hope a software geek can bring to America’s pastime is evidence in itself. The LA Dodgers going bankrupt is the best thing for baseball if it means that Mark Cuban could be part of the exclusive club.

People get the message. Fans want Cuban in. The only person that doesn’t want to listen is Bud Selig.

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22 Responses to Mark Cuban is Perfect for the Dodgers

  1. 108powwow says:

    Cuban would fit in well in LA. He’s not going to party with Charlie Sheen if you know what I mean 😉 He’s a savvy businessman. He’s not afraid to shake things up. And he wouldn’t mind Bud Selig’s fines. Maybe that’s what Bud Selig is afraid of. He wants someone who’s scared of him, and Cuban ain’t that person 🙂

  2. cordaro9418 says:

    I don’t think it’s so much a Bud Selig versus Mark Cuban issue as it is the Major League Baseball owners versus Mark Cuban issue. Jerry Reinsdorf, owner of the Chicago Bleached Hose is also owner of the Bulls and has been established as both for quite some time. As an NBA owner, he hates Mark Cuban and as a MLB owner he has the ear of Bud Selig (himself still an owner in the deep dark cockles of his heart). Cuban is flashy, controversial, loud and opinionated… perfect for the NBA and even the NFL but not particularly baseball. Back in the Day, oh yeah, he’d fit right in with a Findlay, Veeck, early Steinbrenner and the managers of the times such as Earl Weaver, Billy Martin, Tommy Lasorda etc… But this is the subdued era of owners in MLB. Managers make splashes, sometimes GM’s get quoted in the heat of the moment but owners are distant and calculated down to the latest ‘tweet’. They are, on the surface, a tame and respectable bunch with their fair share of a few corporations and a few just plain greedy dimwits (see owner: Pittsburg Pirates). Sure, the Steinbrenners talk, but where their dad looked cold and fairly shrewd, they look selfish and arrogant.

    Can Cuban bring instant results? Yes. He’s organized and resourceful with a passion for winning. Could he re-energize a sagging fanbase and pull his team and fans together as a community leader? No Doubt. Could he do it in a crown-jewel market? That is a question. Chicago is a major market, ruled by Reinsdorf in two sports and his Sox are currently the factual leader if not sentimental leader over the Cubbies.. and so Chi-Town was out. Los Angeles? Selig needs to tread carefully here.

    Los Angeles fans are fair-weather at best and it takes a splash to make a splash in that town (a Lakers town since the Blue lost their title as THE team back in 1998). The Rams were the crown of Southern Cali for years until the Dodgers appeared from a moving truck with NY tags. The Lakers spent decades lighting cigars for Red Auerbach and the Raiders had a rabid fanbase to their credit. Even after Magic brought ‘showtime’ to LA, the Blue were the ticket… forcing the Rams to Anahiem with that other baseball team (who, since the Dodgers went into remission have sense been returned to their Los Angeles moniker) until not only they but the Raiders fled town as well. LA will never be a hockey town, but as the Blue traded Piazza and it’s soul (therefore betraying the fanbase) Kobe and Shaq were just meeting Phil Jackson… and the rest is history. Can Cuban reverse that? Maybe.. but that’s a maybe.

    Mark owns Texas in the NBA… literally. Think Texas and you think Dallas Mavericks before Rockets or Spurs and the Spurs have a far better track record for the past decade. In baseball, Texas hasn’t been much more than a place where Ted Williams managed, Nolan Ryan dominated (and now owns), Roger Clemens was spawned and last years pennant resides. Oh yeah, and where the ‘Stros had those softball uniforms of the ’70’s and ’80’s. I think Bud Selig has to figure out where you put a Mark Cuban. He has to fit…. the team, the fans and the media. Personally I’d like to see him take a smaller market team with a history, like an Atlanta or a Kansas City, a Baltimore or a Pittsburgh and turn them into a bona-fide contender. Then with a track record, blow into a big market like an LA or NY and set fire to everyone in the division. It’s not unheard of, just ask John Henry and Tom Werner. Selig will do what is best for a market and a team.

    Right now, if I had to drop Cuban in the blender…. he’d buy the Mets. New York is an immediate impact market who will jump on the back of whoever calls themselves the deliverer. He can fight for the backpage against the Sons of Steinbrenner and bring some credibility back to the Metropolitans. To go into LA, he’d have to be partnered with a calming local influence such as the Garvey-Hershiser tandem and I don’t know if Mark could handle that. Cuban is a face of a franchise, not just the bill-payer.

    That, and the supportive vote of the MLB owners or ‘Olde Boys Club’ is Selig’s major hurdle.

  3. Although his tentative rift with anyone authoritative would liven up an otherwise fleeting joy which was once called baseball, he would be predominantly the spokesperson for advanced instant replay and umpire scrutiny. In any league we see today, a commissioners first priority is to keep sanctity and respect for his own officials. Like in the case of the MLS, (Major League Soccer) this week, an article was written where games we’re influenced more by a refs decision than the actual play, and how owners and coaches spoke out against such farce, only to be told by League Commissioner Don Garber that the respect towards an official has to be the most important thing to the game, and any person speaking out against officials will be fined and suspended.

    The trend is not only that players and coaches are sanctioned and adhered to definitive rules against officials, but owners are as well. Heck, in soccer, an entire stadium can be vacated and the match still played if the ref sees it as the only way to bring back any civility and order in the game. Mark Cuban would no doubt infuse youth into an aging group of owners, but, would he be taken seriously.? Status Quo would be likened to someone who doesn’t go the extra yard and sit with the fans. Doesn’t want to have meetings with players and coaches and walk around the park. Crack a smile or have a beer with the fans. No True Fans Allowed I guess would be the best way to sum it up. Cuban is what we all want an owner to be, lavish, crazy, and yet heartened and humbled, and a fan.

    In Bud Selig’s Baseball, we have seen the sport rise and fall through steroids and historic feats, but we have also seen the game be stripped of all it once was. It’s too digital, too commercialized, too MODERN. Baseball use to be this game where people played catch with their dad in their front,back, or wherever yard. Kids would play in the streets or park, or empty lots, and kids would buy baseball cards and trade them amongst each other. You’d crank up the radio, and in my case, listen to Vin Scully call the game to a pristine fashion. But in today’s game, we have everything sponsored, we have pointless gimmicks, ( see Sausage Race in Milwakee) and even worse off owners who aren’t adapt to know what true baseball is.

    No my friend, today’s baseball game isn’t anything at all like it was in the good ol’ days, and won’t ever be, ever again for worse I presume. Owners have disconnected from what it meant to pride yourself in a team and saying, ” My team and fans come first, because through them, I am happy..” Mark Cuban would suffice this, but in Bud Selig’s baseball, who really care’s who ends up owning the team. Authority has to be set and respect and obedience demanded.

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  5. tophatal says:


    Selig hasn’t found any steadiness in baseball at all ! How’s he dealing with the Mets’ mess ? Are you crazy ? They’re on the hook in a civil suit that if the partners are found guilty it will cost the Mets close to $1 billion in damages . As for the Dodgers do you honestly believe that Cuban would buy the organization with there being so much debt amassed with there being no guarantee that the creditors are willing to accept pennies on the dollar for the debt ?

    What the hierarchy and owners now need to do is to rein in their costs but it’s obvious that Selig and minions believe that the path they’re now going down is the best possible for the game . Consider this however , in the last 30 months this is now the third major league ballclub to have filed for bankruptcy ( Chapter 11 [bankruptcy reorganization ] ) in one form or another ( Rangers , Cubs )

  6. jstolnis says:

    Hey Chris, good post! I agree, Cuban would be a great addition to MLB. Baseball needs a guy like Cuban if, for nothing else, to get on Joe West’s butt and keep him accountable. He’d help modernize the game a bit, too. Shortsighted of Selig, for sure

  7. The NBA is a totally different animal from MLB. It’s far easier for an owner to affect a basketball team than it is with a baseball team. Would Mark Cuban be a good owner for the Dodgers? It’s possible. Lord knows he couldn’t be as bad as the current ones. On the other hand, the crushing debt, the falling-apart-at-the-seams stadium, the fact that premier free-agents don’t like playing in Dodger Stadium and trying to supplant the Lakers as the #1 team in town – imagine the irony of the Mavericks’ owner trying to do that – make the Dodgers the ultimate challenge and one that even Cuban might find daunting.

    The Dodgers will get a new owner but hopefully, it will be someone like John Henry and his group with the Red Sox.

  8. crzblue says:

    Agree that Mark Cuban would be good but you know at this point anyone would be better than the fiasco that have been the McCourts. I blame Bud Selig for allowing an owner to buy a team on credit.
    Do not agree with the poster that says we Dodger fans are like he put it “fair-weather at best” How many other teams have packed 3M + fans at the stadium when the Dodgers have not won a World Series since 1988. I am a season ticket holder. I am on the road with another season ticket holder. I ran into other season ticket holders and other Dodger fans. Look at http://www.insidethedodgers blog to see the passion. Look at Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness blog, at http://www.Dodgersoul blog, at blog VinScullyismyhomeboy, at the fans in baseball-fever and so many other Dodger blogs out there that write about their love with the Dodgers. No, we are not fair-weather fans. i love all the friends that I have made at Dodger Stadium and in blogs that have the same passion for OUR team like I do.

    • cordaro9418 says:

      crzblue: I’m not saying every Dodger fan is a fair-weather fan, but a great deal of the fanbase (as has been stated by multiple professionals in Los Angeles area managerial positions) is. Look at the Freeway series recently. A perfect Saturday and Sunday afternoon, both talent laden LA teams at the Stadium.. and the seats were the most prominent thing in the stands. Frank McCourt has been spouting how the fans non-compliance has put a dent in his big Blue ATM, which is a useless defense mechanism on his part, but how many fans can say the opposite? Is Frank McCourt keeping the fans away? Even during the latter days of the 80’s and early 90’s, Yankees fans were still filling the stadium to watch Mr. Mattingly play great and go nowhere all while Steinbrenner was playing the role of master antagonist. And by the way, Angels fans aren’t exempt from the accusation either.

      Oh, and to answer your question about filling the seats even though the Blue haven’t won since 1988? Ask Boston and Chicago (of the NL) about fanbases showing up during far longer droughts. Championships don’t determine the absolute bottom line to a fan… a fan is dedicated through the good, the medicore and the worse. Few and far between at times, but still true. The Dodgers have had a more than acceptible team the last few years, with a HOF manager in Torre and a good yet untested one in Donnie Baseball. I watched most of your kids come-up through AAA Las Vegas (when they were still affiliated) and can say you have a good team. But McCourt or no… where is everyone? You are there, your friends are there… but what about the other thirty or so thousand per game you don’t know who are taking a powder? Like in Boston, Chicago and New York, the fans need to show up and let the team know, no matter what happens in the owners box, they are still here.

  9. JW says:

    cordaro9418 has it right…Jerry Reinsdorf is the problem right now, not Selig.At this, point, Selig would love anybody who has some depth to their pockets, but since Steinbrenner is gone, Reinsdorf is arguably the most powerful owner, and he wants nothing to do with Cuban.

  10. Great post. Cuban is never gonna get a mlb team though. Like others have said its not only Bud but the other owners. Baseball is run my old money, mysterious old men no one knows. How many owners can a average baseball fan name. They don’t want anything to do with Cuban, who would turn the Dodgers into the NL Yankees. Fans would love it.

    They are already making moves to have more teams/cities involved at the end of season, extra wild card. So why would they want to have another power house team created, even if its LA.

    The worst thing that can happen is if courts let McCourt keep the team if he can prove he can make the payments.

    Most likely just some other Selig type will become new owner. Baseball will miss out on become relevant in America once again.

  11. For all the Cuban fans out there, answer me this: how would he root against the Lakers at Staples Center one night and FOR the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium the next? LA fans aren’t going to go for that.

  12. Christian Hetrick says:

    good stuff dude

  13. gabezal says:

    Great stuff! Mark Cuban would invigorate an otherwise good ol’ boys union. Here is to hoping Cuban lands in MLB

  14. Alex says:

    I think Cuban should buy the Pirates, the team deserves a goo owner who will spend money. Pittsburg can be a big market, and their fans are very loyal.

  15. chappy81 says:

    The only way I see Cuban getting into baseball is if they do an auction like they did with the Rangers. They aren’t going to just let him buy in, but if he made the highest bid they wouldn’t have a choice. I hope he does buy LA, but at the same time I’m not so sure it will happen…

  16. detectivetrimalchio says:

    Thanks for commenting on my McCourt post. I think you’ve hit the major points really well. Selig’s reputation among the diehard fans is pretty much set. However, to the casual fan, bringing Mark Cuban into the fold would undoubtedly turn some folks around on him. Don’t forget, Frank McCourt was a Bud Selig-approved owner. How ridiculous would Selig look if he came out and said “Mark Cuban is not for us, but Frank McCourt really fit the mold of what we were looking for in an owner,”?

  17. Bobby Charts says:

    its funny but Mark Cuban has really growen up so to speak, we so that thi year in playoffs and in Finals, I would have said NO way 7 years ago, now I could see it very easily and think it might be a great thing for Dodgers or if not them some other lowly baseball team.
    Nice post Chris!

  18. Charles L. Freeman makes a really good point. How are LA fans going to think about this? I definitely think that Mark Cuban should be allowed to own a MLB team, I just wish that that team is the Cubs or the Pirates. The Cubs are now safely owned by the Ricketts, so Alex makes a good point as well in another comment above, saying that Cuban should try to buy the Pirates. Cuban was born in Pittsburgh, and also, as the owner of the Mavericks, there’s no chance of any awkwardness that would happen if he bought the Dodgers. Like Charles L. Freeman said, how would LA fans think of him for cheering against the Lakers as an owner of a LA team?

  19. The problem with him buy the Priates is that they make money every year. Fans still go to the games, they need to do what LA did and stop going, otherwise nothing will change.

    Every year they have the lowest payroll and make money because of revenue sharing.
    Pitt fans if u want a better team hit em in the pockets.

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