What to Make of Mr. Tebow’s Wild Ride?

The mounting evidence surrounding Tim Tebow is overwhelming. If it makes us feel better we can choose to ignore it or we can take it for what it should be worth.

We could choose to listen to the Adam Schefter approach. The cop-out, good ol’ wait and see approach. Schefter said in a radio interview that “Let’s just wait and see before we start ripping Tim Tebow and declaring him to be a failure — the guy at least deserves the chance to prove himself over time. I’m not ready to declare a quarterback a success or failure after just two weeks of the preseason.”

But choosing to listen to guys like Adam Schefter would be discounting the excessive information constantly being thrown at us about God’s gift to football.

Tim Tebow is not ready to be top-tier NFL quarterback and he probably never will be.

It isn’t just the two weeks of the preseason.

I’m not jumping on this because hating on Tim Tebow has become the new black as Yahoo Sports pronounced yesterday. In fact, I believed not too long ago that Tim Tebow deserved a chance to start for the Denver Broncos. I still have no faith in Kyle Orton.

However, it was reported by “a highly knowledgeable member of the [Denver] organization told Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports that “If everything was totally equal, and this were a competition based only on performance at this camp, Tebow would probably be the fourth-string guy. Kyle [Orton] is far and away the best, and Tebow’s way behind [Brady] Quinn too. And I’m telling you, Adam Weber is flat-out better right now.”

John Fox refuted that claim but the idea behind it is concerning for Tim Tebow to say the least. It has taken just a few short weeks for Tebow’s status within his team’s new regime to sink faster than a human body thrown into the Hudson River.

The new regime in Denver, headlined by John’s Elway and Fox, may not have drafted Tebow but, contrary to what some are saying, they came in open-minded to the Tebow experiment.

Elway said before the 2010 season that “I don’t think Tim Tebow is a good quarterback at this level at this time.” Sure, he wasn’t a fan like Josh McDaniels was, but the Denver head brass was ready to hand Tebow the reigns to the Broncos a couple of weeks ago. They sure weren’t digging Orton back then.

If the Miami Dolphins had agreed to pony up a 3rd round pick for Kyle Orton than this not so fairy tale story for Tim Tebow would certainly have been different.

It hasn’t taken very long for the folks in the Bronco organization to change their mind. Kyle Orton has been schooling Tim Tebow in practice. Brady Quinn, the man of the 66.8 career QB rating, now occupies the back-up spot. And undrafted free agent Adam Weber could be more ready than Tim Tebow at this point in time.

Tebow didn’t start at the back-end of the depth chart. He has played his way there. We all have our opinions about Tebow but the bottom line is that the people who watch him day in and day out are telling us that he isn’t good enough.

If you can’t make reads quickly, you can’t play quarterback in the NFL. Apparently, Tim Tebow is having more trouble figuring out what’s going on than a blind man at the movie theatre.

If he’s still having trouble making reads then you really start to wonder about his intelligence. Unlike a Sam Bradford, he doesn’t come across as the brightest fellow in his interviews. Although this is purely speculative, you have to question if Tebow is intelligent enough to fully grasp every minute nuance of an NFL playbook.

It may not be the most telling of intelligence tests but Tim Tebow scored an unimpressive 22 on his prior to being drafted. Just something to think about.

His 3 games at the end of the 2010 season, run purely on instinct and intensity, aren’t reason enough to give him a shot. He’s going to have to prove to the Broncos that he can make all the throws and reads. He can only do that in the one place that Allen Iverson has become famous for – practice.

There isn’t a non-football grounds on which you can explain the rapid fall of Tim Tebow. It isn’t his evangelical ways, the media attention or that the Broncos organization has it in for him. I think it’s got to be pretty hard for you to sit there on your laptop and tell me that you know more than John Fox. Not to say that coaches aren’t wrong sometimes but you don’t become a successful coach of 22 years and head coach of the past 9 years without knowing a little something about the game.

You can listen to whoever you want about the Tim Tebow gong show but it seems to me that we should be listening to those who care and have the most invested in him – the Denver Broncos.

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20 Responses to What to Make of Mr. Tebow’s Wild Ride?

  1. Drafting Tim Tebow where he did is the reason why John McDaniels will never be a head coach in the NFL again. There was too much film on Tebow and his poor throwing mechanics to draft him that high and expecting him to be anything more than a project at the NFL level. More than any other position in college, quarterbacks are not developed for the next level; they are used to run that coach’s system so he can win as many games as possible and either keep his current job or get a better one. Vince Young is another example of this situation.

  2. tophatal says:


    I look at the situation this way ….. what does it hurt to start Tebow to begin with ? It’s not as if the Broncos are the presumed favorites in a notoriously bad division anyway ! Were this Cam Newton I’m sure that Merrill Hoge would still be whining like a bitch anyway !

    I hear that John Madden was none too pleased that GM Bill Polian went ahead and signed Kerry Collins as the starter for the Indianapolis Colts while Manning recuperates from his injury. Apparently no one from the Colts were prepared to travel down to Hattiesburg to kiss Brett Favre’s a#s !

    tophatal ………..

  3. nwqfk says:

    In May and June of this year (2011) when the Denver Post was giving Tim Tebow much positive press, even going over board with it, I posted on the Denver Post message board that Tebow would get nailed to a cross right next to Kyle Orton.

    It wasn’t really hard to predict. Tebow, being where he is in his development could in no way live up to the hype the Denver Post levied on him. This is in NO WAY a slight on Tebow. So, the national press hammer came down on the other side of the spectrum as equally absurd calling Tebow a guy that “can’t ever be… fill in the blank”.

    You are right. Tebow is a national media icon. Mix that with the weird view of qb’s in Denver and you have a recipe for drama overload.

    I’m a little different in my thinking than many of these ‘rabid’ fans. I think Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn was the best thing that could have happened to Tebow. Conversely, I think Tebow was the best thing to happen to both Quinn and Orton.

    Eliminate all the ‘negativity’ and ‘noise’ being made around all three of these qb’s and you have three qb’s with a very interesting story behind each one. I strongly believe nothing but good will come out of this for all three of them whose lives have crossed each other paths.

    I have high regards for all three of them.

  4. jnkreydt says:

    I think if Tebow wants a good chance in the NFL, he needs to accept the possibility of a position other than QB. But, he’s done stuff like this his whole life. He was told he could never be a high school football player, and same with college. Maybe he’s willing to be patient with the QB position in order to get exactly what he wants, and maybe that’s the only way he’ll get it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  5. Jsportsfan says:

    The biggest problem for Tebow is that when he played at Florida and was a star, he did so under a gimmick offence (The spread) where is favourite play was the 3 yard dive play. Now he has to adjust to a pro style offence and that can take years. Some guys never grasp it. Just like most option QBs were busts in the NFL as well. Great post.

  6. David Casarez says:

    I’d start Kid Christian. Orton is mediocre at best. Starting Orton is a job security safe bet move for the ex-Panther coach.

  7. Chris, like you mentioned from the Yahoo Sports article, Tebow is actually 4th best on the Broncos roster, behind Adam Weber from Minnesota for Christ’s sake. All this talk was completely irresponsibly responsible from those guys at the evil four letter word, the entire Tebow/Orton conversation isn’t a conversation, it became blown out of proportion and then became mishandled. In no way, on this or any planet should Tebow be starting for any NFL team, for starters it’s purely bad business for fans perspective and for Denver right now, it would be a locker room divided.
    Get some value out of Tebow while you still can, which if you get a 5th rounder than consider that an early Christmas and send him back to Josh McDaniels in St. Louis

  8. The only thing that matters at this point is the fact that Tebow isn’t starting Week 1 of the season, and there was no logic behind drafting him so high. He was a high second round pick at best.

  9. chappy81 says:

    It’s tough to decide what to make of Tebow. Being a Raiders fan, I’m more than happy they have this problem. I love how last year everyone thought he was the real deal, but the games he played in he lost! Solid take on Tebow Chris!

  10. ESPN also recently ‘theoretically’ called Michael Vick a white quarterback, so what do they know.

    It’s still way to early to determine what kind of career Tebow will have in the NFL.

    As a Florida alum, I’m hoping he has success.

    If not, I’ll still look back fondly at the two national championship rings he brought us.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have bible study to attend.

  11. Bobby Charts says:

    Really the only thing i can put on Tim is it takes time in all sports for young players to pan out, sometimes they can be a Blake Griffin, but the QB is alot harder also, I think as some have said already maybe after a year or so maybe he goes to a differant posistion. good post and making us think, Chris.

  12. Humza Ghori says:

    Hey man great insite on Tebow. Really harsh criticism on him haha, like your writing style a lot though. I always wondered if Tebow would be better if he changed his position to a running back. Kids athletic and got a great set of legs and he’s shown he can run, even in the NFL.

  13. buddad1957 says:

    Sounds like just the right man to take over the helm of the Seahawks offense.

  14. agraysports says:

    I think we can all agree that Tebow is inferior to Orton. But Brady Quinn? Remember, Tebow has led the Broncos to victories before. We all need to give him time before the word “bust” is thrown around. The kid needs a break.

  15. devandignan says:

    Hey Chris! Definitely appreciate you reading Can of Corn. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@can_of_corn) and like us on Facebook.

    The fall of Tim Tebow is definitely crazy but it goes to show that he never should have been drafted so high in the first place. I am intrigued by Tim Tebow in the NFL and I actually believe he can be a solid starter in the NFL. I am confused as to why he has fallen from grace and nobody seems to want him.

  16. Dan Condie says:

    Given a fair shake for an entire season, I still am not confident Tebow would succeed in Denver because their scheme isn’t fit for him. Maybe a Tennessee or Miami…… or Philly?…..

  17. Less News says:

    time will tell all about Tebow’s career. Many quarterbacks come out of college lacking necessary tools to make it big in the NFL. Steve Young took 6 years before given a legitimate chance to start at QB. Tebow needs to have patience. He has tools that will make him a great QB in the future, but he needs to learn the game first. It is a lot different than the game he played in Florida.

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