Vicktory for the Eagles

Michael Vick has climbed the mountain, yet again. The NFL’s most ironic underdog is back at the top.

Yesterday, Michael Vick signed his second $100 million contract of his career. This time, it’s a flat $100 million with around 40 of it guaranteed. For someone who not only fell off the peak mountain but fell off of it and landed on his head, this is incredible.

Even though signing Michael Vick to a long-term deal is as risky as a rich white man taking a walk in Compton, this is a contract that is absolutely necessary for the Philadelphia Eagles organization.

On this blog I like to hate on the big bad contracts. I do it because they have such a high likelihood of blowing down the foundation of a franchise. Big bad contracts tend to carry a lot of risk. Big bad contracts can unnecessarily tie up salary that could be better utilized elsewhere.

However, this time, the Eagles had to pay Vick.

The Eagles had to do this after they handed the franchise over to the Underdog when they traded away Kevin Kolb. Look at it this way, Kolb is getting $20 million guaranteed and he has hardly done a thing.

At 31, Michael Vick has proven that he is an elite NFL quarterback.

You can’t always go with the safe bet. Low risk and high reward cannot always be the strategy. Elite NFL quarterbacks don’t come along very often. The Eagles are loading up on talent for the next half decade but without a leader the team would have been driving down the highway with the brakes on.

Now, it’s full steam ahead.

$100 million sounds like a lot for a 31-year-old, oft injured quarterback. In fact, $100 million is a lot for a 31-year-old, oft injured quarterback. Nevertheless, this oft injured quarterback is too special. In Philadelphia, he has received the love as a modern-day Rocky Balboa all while wearing his very own Superman cape.

In 12 games last season he threw for over 3000 yards, had a passer rating of 100.6 and rushed for 56.3 yards a game. If you’re the Eagles, there was no way that you were going to let something that special slip through your fingers.

The Eagles are praying to God each and every night that Michael Vick stays healthy. And at 31, there’s no reason to believe he will be slowing down anytime soon if he stays healthy.

Although they drastically contrast in styles, Peyton Manning is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league at age 36. Kurt Warner led his team to a Super Bowl appearance in his late 30’s. And it doesn’t seem that long but Tom Brady has reached the age of 34.

The Eagles pushed most of their chips in when they made their big splashes this off-season. There was no other choice than to go all-in with Michael Vick. They were pot committed.

This isn’t the case of a diva in disguise wide receiver who wanted nothing more than to have his ego fed. Michael Vick deserves the money he is getting. As the only man who can lead his team to the Promised Land, Michael Vick has earned his keep.

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Larry Fitzgerald might have earned his keep but he sure didn’t do what is best for his team. Michael Vick has kept more than his own interests in mind since joining the Eagles. He did everything that he was asked to and, as player who plays the most important position in the game of football, he is getting rewarded for it.

Try and justify Larry Fitzgerald getting $10 million more in guaranteed money than the game’s most electrifying quarterback. You can’t do it.

Vick’s contract seems like a bargain when you compare it with Fitzgerald’s. But bargain or not, this was a deal that had to be done.

It was a no-brainer to the Philadelphia Eagles that signing Michael Vick straight out of the slammer was the right decision. It was also a no brainer for the Philadelphia Eagles to make Michael Vick a $100 million man, once again.

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20 Responses to Vicktory for the Eagles

  1. tophatal says:

    Chris Ross

    It’s about marketability with regard to Vick and Fitzgerald ____ not solely about money and the salaries being commanded . Look at this way if the GM’s didn’t want to shell out that type of “cheddar” then they have the right not to. Don’t forget these are the same damn owners and executives who were literally pleading poverty as their franchises’ well being .

    Let’s hope this time around Vick actually shows some signs of intelligence and maturity , rather than pi##ing it all away as he did the first time .

    tophatal …

  2. missfoley says:

    I definitely respect your analysis of Vick much more than the common everyday “he paid his debt to society blahblahblah.” I guess I have to admit that he truly is a good… no excellent {yes I said it..} quarterback. I guess along with my blog it brings to light can a bad guy really turn good? And I guess you answer that question, yes. I guess if I am going to be making a list of QB greats I would be naive to not include Vick.

    Great story! Thanks for sharing!

  3. In recent months, I’ve done a lot of reading about Eagles coach Andy Reid and owner Jeff Lurie and his wife. These are all very good people who have risked a lot by signing Vick. I hope and pray that he has learned his lessons and won’t let them, Tony Dungy and most importantly, his family down now that things are looking up (wayyyy up) for him. Stay humble and prayerful Mr Vick; act like you still don’t have any money and you’ll be just fine.

  4. Bobby Charts says:

    I feel the Eagles mad the right call, Vick is a game changer! and the QB is the glue to winning, hopefully for Eagles his crazy play doesnt get him hurt. I do feel its a little much for his age but, if anyone or position is worth it its the QB, and he showed his worth last year.

  5. Nick Poust says:

    Good article, Chris. Nice Compton metaphor haha. It is a risk, definitely. But you are right, given his talent it is worth taking. Vick’s turnaround is really still hard to fathom.

  6. Mike O says:

    You had to resign him. Eagles are in a win now mode. Go for it in the next 2-3 years and deal with what happens later….

  7. Last night, the Brick called his one of the greatest comeback stories in sports history.

    From the slammer to back on top in the NFL and a hundred million dollar contract..

    Tough to argue with.

    Can you imagine if he actually won a Super Bowl in Philly?

  8. ballgirl08 says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I enjoyed your spin as well. It’s definitely a refreshing change of events for Mr. Vick. I just hope there’s a Super Bowl in his near future to complete this amazing journey.

  9. agraysports says:

    Interesting take. $40 million guaranteed is an awful lot of money for a guy who had twelve good games last season. The Eagles are going to want to keep him out of the running lanes and into the pocket more. I predict large contributions from McCoy, Maclin, Jackson, etc. and less of an impact from Mike Vick. We’ll see.

  10. Troy Ballard says:

    I am very proud of MIke Vick. He has come along way from being booed all across Philadelphia, to being one of the most iconic sports figures the town has ever seen. It really is one of the most impressive comebacks I have ever witnessed.

    As far as the actual contract, I think the Eagles could have done better. They are shelling out $100 million over six-years, to an agressive and injury-prone QB, that will be 37 by the time his contract is up.

    Questionable choice on the length, but a good signing for Philadelphia in the short-term. But after all – It appears that this season is Super Bowl or bust, and Vick has no choice but to win.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. buddad1957 says:

    “The NFL’s most ironic underdog…” Hahaha, nice quote. I don’t believe we’ll see him play for the Eagles for the entire term of the contract. Near the end, he’ll be renegotiating to stay on the team, or any team for that matter, a salary cap casualty. I’m a Redskin fan (after the Seahawks, of course) so, it’s hard for me to wish him well, nonetheless it’s a good story, especially when done by good writers like yourself!

  12. Great story and Mike Vick is officially back at the top. Good for him and great for the Eagles.

  13. Jb Smooth84 says:

    I’m glad Mike got his money, lets hope he can make the most of it. My biggest fear about this contract is that he gets injured and then they’re screwed. good stuff

  14. diamondjoe88 says:

    Vick is not an elite quarterback! how many Super bowl rings does he have? oh that’s right 0 and I would be shocked if they win this year. Plus, if the Eagles offensive line does not give him better protection then he got yesterday, I mean I thought he was going to get killed, he might only be playing 12 games again this season. Part of it is his fault for not putting more time in to learning how to pick up defenses and sometimes that’s okay because his speed saves him but boy he is taking a big risk. I am happy that Vick has made some sort of a comeback but I’m not ready to crown him an elite QB, I mean that’s like saying Eli Manning is an elite QB, don’t worry Vick is ahead of Manning but you get the point. Good blog as usual but I disagree.

    • Troy Ballard says:

      Listen man – We could play the, ‘A quarterback is not elite until they win a Super Bowl card’ all day. But the fact of the matter is that it takes much more than just a great quarterback to win a Super Bowl, and you can not place all of weight of success on the amount of rings a player has.

      Here’s a brief list of QB’s in the NFL right now that have not won a Super Bowl, but are what most would call elite:

      – Philip Rivers, Chargers
      – Matt Ryan, Falcons
      – Donovan McNabb, Vikings
      – Matt Schuab, Texans
      – Joe Flacco, Ravens

      I’m not here to debate who is the better QB on the list, but there is a list of NFL QB’s and they have never won a Super Bowl. Vick is no different.

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  16. Byung Lee says:

    Fabulous. I agree.

  17. Bennie says:

    Fabulous. I agree.

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