Brett Favre is Still the Best Torso

Oh, how the green-eyed monster rears its ugly, ugly head.

Brett Favre, clearly jealous of the praise his successor Aaron Rodgers is receiving, came out recently and said that he was “really kind of surprised it took [Aaron Rodgers] so long” to win a Super Bowl. Understandably, Favre is getting a lot of backlash for this. He sounds like the big brother who can’t stand the newborn baby receiving all the attention.

Yesterday, FoxSports columnist Bill Reiter wrote an article explicitly telling Favre to “shut the hell up.” I think I can assume without making an ass out of myself that he isn’t the only one thinking that. I get it, you’re all tired of Favre’s “destructive need for attention and adulation,” as Mr. Reiter so callously puts it.

Yeah, that’s probably right. Favre is a publicity hogging, insecure, selfish, egomaniacal, son of a bitch in many ways.

What bothers me about Reiter’s story isn’t his hatred for Favre (although that does bother me a lot) so much as it is his absolute adoration for Aaron Rodgers. He says that “Right now, Rodgers is as fun a competitor to watch and cheer for as you can find in sports.” He kills two birds with one stone in that statement, implying that cheering for Rodgers is better than cheering for Favre.

Please. Stop.

Sure, Aaron Rodgers is a good dude. Sure, Aaron Rodgers is a first class, maybe even the best, quarterback in the NFL right now. Sure, Aaron Rodgers is a great competitor.

But there is no way that Aaron Rodgers is as fun a competitor to watch and cheer for in sports at this point in time. Aaron Rodgers is boring. He isn’t and will never be close to the legend that Brett Favre was.

Aaron Rodgers plays the game. That’s it.

He isn’t an exciting guy. That’s the bottom line. He’s a relaxed guy and that’s why he wasn’t bothered by the whole Brett Favre saga in Green Bay. He has that surfer, “chill out dude” kind of attitude. It’s why he, predictably, took the high road to Brett Favre’s most recent jealousy induced comments. He doesn’t rub people the wrong way, largely because he doesn’t have a big personality.

Brett Favre was worshipped by most everyone up until Ted Thompson began to screw him over. In hindsight, it’s clear that Ted Thompson made the right decision to start building around Aaron Rodgers when he did. However, it’s also clear with hindsight that he wasn’t fair to Brett Favre. Brett Favre wanted to play but Ted Thompson wanted to make him a backup. He should have just let him go play elsewhere. Instead, Favre becomes the bad guy.

Unbelievably, I’m reading the comments section of Mr. Reiter’s article and people are questioning if Brett Favre should go into the Hall of Fame as a Packer?

Does America have the memory of a 4th grade classroom’s gerbil?

Simply because a man wants to keep playing doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care for your franchise anymore.

Brett Favre’s insecure, egomaniacal, and selfish personality may have transformed him into one of the most loathed sports figures in all of North America but it also made him one of the most loved sports figures in North America.

Brett Favre’s infectious child-like passion for the game, gun-slinging carelessness and Hollywood charisma would not be possible without those other less attractive characteristics.

His ego allowed him to take risks that no other human being could fathom. His immaturity allowed him to play like a 12-year-old. His selfish nature allowed him to insist on giving us those extra years of greatness.

Who else could make fun of himself the way Favre did in this Hyundai commercial?

Aaron Rodgers, on the other hand, has about as much character as the keys on my laptop computer. Aaron Rodgers may be liked by most everyone except Brett Favre, but he will never be adored for more than his playing ability contrary to what Mr. Reiter seems to so naively believe.

I just wish Favre would stop giving everyone a reason to hate on him because he doesn’t deserve the degree of hatred that he receives every instance his name seeps its way into the headlines. I mean, it’s not fair, that’s my favourite quarterback.

When it is all said and done, Aaron Rodgers may end up being the better quarterback but he will never be able to measure up to the magnificence that is Brett Favre.

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11 Responses to Brett Favre is Still the Best Torso

  1. josh anderson says:

    In response to this: “Aaron Rodgers is boring. He isn’t and will never be close to the legend that Brett Favre was.”

    If by “boring” you mean “the most accurate passer in the world”, or “puts team above self”, or “doesn’t text lewd pictures to female reporters even though he’s married”….then I agree. You think he’s boring because he is smart. He says the right things, puts team in front of self, dismisses all questions about Favre (for 5 years!), and leads his team. As a reporter you want someone who messes up…if they don’t they are “boring”. Shame on you. Rodgers is the best thing that’s happened to the NFL in the last two years.

  2. brief22 says:

    Great post! I agree Favre is jealous of Rodgers. Rodgers got a Super Bowl victory earlier than Favre did. This shouldn’t be too upsetting to Favre but I guess it is.

  3. Doc says:

    You are playing with some of the facts. Favre RETIRED on March 8 2008, and the Packers had to name Rodgers the starter at that point. The Packers didn’t make him the back up and in fact when he still could of come back in June but waffled and the Packer brass then said that’s it only to have Favre pull his crap again in late July. That is when they told him if he came back he would have to compete for the job. I don’t know what the team could of done other then totally bend over and let the guy do whatever he wants whenever he wants. He was good but he was not that good and Rodgers has proven to be better, end of story.

  4. Teeblerone says:

    Favre held the Packers front office hostage for eight years with his “will he/won’t he” waffling on retirement. They made the decision to move on during one of his “I’m retired” phases, only to be put in an awkward situation when he changed his mind. They offered him a front office position if he stayed retired, but he didn’t want it, so they gave him a chance to play elsewhere by trading him to the Jets. There, he played with a bad shoulder, which cost the Jets a chance at the post-season before retiring to get his release from the Jets so he could go and play for Minnesota for two years before finally getting hurt enough not to be able to return.

    Favre’s “gunslinger” mentality made a lot of great moments, but it also cost his team on numerous occasions. His last season in Green Bay, throwing the interception in the playoffs in overtime against the Giants. In Minnesota, throwing across his body back across the field into the heart of the defense when they were in field goal range on the way to an overtime loss. Painting him as infallibly great is a little skewed and to make him out as a victim in the Green Bay departure or in this instance is faulty reasoning.

    I wrote about this same thing yesterday, though I ended up on the other side of the debate. Good thoughts, good article.

  5. JW says:

    “Does America have the memory of a 4th grade classroom’s gerbil?”


    Proof of that…Why is anybody talking to Favre in the first place? Because we all forgot how he went out like a complete beeeeyatch.

  6. tophatal says:

    Oh I’m waiting for Brett Favre to weigh in on the greatness of Aaron Rodgers . No that won’t happen as Schlereth’s lips are now pressed firmly on Brett’s a#s so that’s his ” Brokeback moment” ….. which he’s said to be really enjoying .

    Rodgers’ will surpass his predecessor’s tally of postseason wins . ‘nough said !

    tophatal …..

  7. Magnificence?

    You have a Brett Favre fat-head hanging in your spare room, don’t you?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  8. J.Barry says:

    Brette Favre appears to be selfish and conceited. You support him which is fine but why not simply admit these recent comments about being surprised it took so long and that his replacement fell into a good situation are passive agressive statements, a classic form of jealousy. I enjoy Aaron Rogers because he was able to withstand the whole absurd Brette Favre situation and then get the Super Bowl Ring with in a couple of years!!
    Your article is well written and enjoyable but I do think your age shows. Nobody really thinks Favre is anything but jealous of the class act that followed him and defending him is the stuff of homeristic youthful fans. But you have writing promise. Research issues more to get perspective IMO. Again, obviously very good article as I read it!

  9. Brett Favre, in recent memory, has been an idiot. Sure the man was great in the past, but who really cares. The man was a living legend, but the ending was terrible. He could have stayed and been a team player in 2007. He would have easily rewon the starting job. Would he have retired again? Yes, but I believe that that would have been for good. The Packers did the right thing. Could the Brett Favre thing have been handled better? Yes. Brett stayed in the league so he could stick it to the Packers. Why else would he join the Vikings? Their were plenty of other teams willing to sign Favre that had talent. He signed so that he could get his revenge on the Packers. He then came back because he thought he could get a ring. Didn’t happened. Now he’s done for good. He should have given Rodgers his due, but Favre’s a competitor. Until he passes Favre, Favre will never admit he’s his equal. But I also believe Favre is right. Rodgers had it all. I will let his first season as a starter slide because it was his first. But he blew it the next. They had it all, and I think they could have gone all the way. You’re right, the media and the rest of the sports world have portrayed Favre poorly thes last few years, but it’s not all his fault. Will Rodgers ever pass Favre: yes and no.

    Rodgers will be more accurate than Favre. He will do more than Favre but not eclipse him in stats because Favre has played for 20 seasons.

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  11. C Bearden says:

    Why are all you can’t hack its crying about this article which is very accurate if it weren’t for the defense everyone would be snoring by the 2nd quarter Brett Favre was and still maybe the best quarterback our generation has seen he made football fun if they were down 3 touchdowns with 5 minutes left in the game did he appear scared or shy to throw down field? Hell no he went out there and won the game or fought like hell to prove a point! Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback but look who he got to learn from did he learn winning at CAL? Hell no USC waxed his ass on a yearly basis say what you want but Brett Favre taught Aaron Rodgers how to win how to show guts and brass. Ted Thompson should wish he had Favres “washed up” gunslinger mentality in that playoff game they gave to the 8-8 Giants and the KC game then maybe tomorrow we’d all get to see a game worth watching instead of talking ab how good of a year Aaron Rodgers had until he chocked royally

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