Don’t Suck For Me…Or Else

Andrew Luck is worried.

Well, at least he should be.

“Suck for Luck” is sweeping the nation. According to Luck, this doesn’t concern him too much. He is just going to go out each week, play his game and continue striving for a national championship.

In theory, the Heisman candidate shouldn’t be wasting his time and energy on which city could be his new zip code for the next 15 years. In theory, he is going to be drafted onto an awful team. Too bad for Andrew Luck the Indianapolis Colts are screwing with the nature of the NFL draft.

Luck is saying all the right things but we know all too well that the Colts would be a devastating landing spot for the Stanford product. To Luck, going to Indianapolis would make him feel like he was kicked in the groin by Minnesota Vikings defensive end Brian Robinson. He can ask T.J. Lang how that feels.

With 6 teams – the Dolphins, Jaguars, Vikings, Rams, Cardinals and Colts – still firmly entrenched in the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes, you would have to put Colts as one of the frontrunners after 7 weeks.

The Dolphins and Colts are the two favourite heavyweights in the ‘suckiest be luckiest’ division. But after the thorough beat down the Colts took at the hand of the New Orleans Saints, 62-7 on Sunday night, the Colts might have Vegas giving them the best imaginary odds to take it all.

I don’t think I can remember an instance in my lifetime where Peyton Manning and quarterback controversy was used in the same sentence.

Andrew Luck got into Stanford. He’s smart enough to know that he doesn’t want to be part of one of those. He can ask Aaron Rodgers how that feels.

However, it would be ironic if the first player touted a once-in-a-decade talent since Peyton Manning ended up fighting it out with him for the starting job.

Nevertheless, an ironic situation isn’t topping Andrew Luck’s NFL aspirations bucket list. For his own sake, Luck must make sure he doesn’t ever have to face that ironic situation. He has the power to prevent it but his personality might stop him from doing so.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, there is no doubt that Andrew Luck will be ready to start week 1 of the 2012 season. Heck, he would have been ready to start week 1 of the 2011 season. I still believe he should have come out last year. Maybe he didn’t want to go to Carolina but it has got to hurt a little bit to see Cam Newton have such a successful first half of the season.

The thing is, Cam Newton is exactly the reason that Andrew Luck can’t let himself end up in Indianapolis. Consider this, 4 quarterbacks drafted in 2011 and 8 quarterbacks drafted since 2010 are currently starting in the NFL. It would be crazy if Luck wasn’t starting week 1 of 2012.

No one knows how many years Peyton Manning has left, especially following 3 neck surgeries. Although, if we have learned anything about Peyton we know that he wants Brett Favre longevity, which doesn’t bode well for Andrew Luck.

Luck foolishly proved that he is a selfless individual by returning to Stanford for another unnecessary year. He doesn’t need to prove it again.

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At some point, but not yet, he is going to have to speak up and tell the world that he will not sign with the Indianapolis Colts if Peyton Manning is there. A selfish ultimatum from a selfless individual. Yeah, he might be criticized by some for a move like that but it would be worth it in the long run.

The other Manning wouldn’t sign with the Chargers. His reputation wasn’t tarnished by his refusal to sign. He won a Super Bowl.

Even if the Colts ended up taking Luck, fully intending to trade him, is there really a guarantee that some team is willing to pay the inevitably mammoth price to get him? The 2012 draft is projected to be one saturated with quarterback talent. Well known prospects Matt Barkley out of USC and Oklahoma’s Landry Jones round out the top 3 quarterbacks.

Is the price for Luck really worth it when other potential stars are available in Jones and Barkley?

What about the possibility of stepping into Peyton Manning’s shoes following a trade of the Colts legend?

If Peyton Manning were traded to allow Andrew Luck to start in his rookie year, the expectations and animosity surrounding Luck among Colts fans would be tremendous. While I’m sure Luck would be able to handle the increased stress, the conditions are certainly not ideal for a quarterback with so much already on his shoulders.

Playing in a Miami or Jacksonville type city would allow for a certain degree of patience that wouldn’t be accepted in Indianapolis.

It could be argued that learning behind one of the great minds in NFL history would be beneficial to Andrew Luck. Much like playing behind Brett Favre seems to have been most helpful to Aaron Rodgers.

Despite the possible advantage sitting out 2-4 years could have for Andrew Luck, his situation is far from similar to Rodgers. People tend to forget that Aaron Rodgers slipped all the way down to 24th overall in the year he was drafted. For some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on, I don’t see Luck slipping to 24th overall. Rodgers was not touted as a once-in-a-generation talent, he didn’t have the power to demand better circumstances and are we seriously supposed to believe Rodgers wouldn’t be the quarterback he is today if not for those years riding the pine.

If Luck is as great as they say he is, he can, should and will be able to learn on the job.

Andrew Luck doesn’t have to cost himself precious years of a football career that could potentially be one of the best in history.

All he has to do is speak up.

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14 Responses to Don’t Suck For Me…Or Else

  1. brief22 says:

    Hey man great post! I love what you said about Aaron Rodgers. This could easily be another Favre-Rodgers situation.

  2. Chris says:

    It would be a good opportunity for Luck to learn from the master Peyton Manning if the Colts got him.

  3. Looking forward to watching Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck and Curtis Painter duke it out for the Indy starting gig in 2012.

  4. tophatal says:

    Andrew Luck has decided to remain one more year at Stanford so that he can polish up on his culinary skills . To his credit he did say unlike Matt Leinart salsa and swing dancing were never his forte’ .

    tophatal ……….

  5. reginaldmcintyre says:

    I love your stuff bro and I agree about the Favre- Rodgers situation as well

    everyone please check out my teams blog at hey Mr. Ross how can me and my team become apart of your movement and become a friend

  6. buddad1957 says:

    I totally disagree with you this time Chris. I don’t think teams are trying to be bad they just are. The dolphins may end up with the 1st round pick and they definitely need a QB. For Luck to come out and say “I won’t sign there,” puts him on the prima donna level. I don’t believe it’s in him to do so. Eli’s and John Elway’s declaration left a bad taste in the mouths of some fans. Andrew needs to play for and sign with anyone willing to draft him. He like all else is subject to the Luck of the draw. Declaring that he won’t sign with certain teams put’s a target on his back that he doesn’t need.

  7. Brett Koehn says:

    Hey thanks for the comment on mine. Good stuff bro, I don’t know how I would handle a couple “learning from Peyton” years if I was Luck, besides I bet he’d rather play and stay warm in Miami than sit and freeze in Indy.

  8. Bobby Charts says:

    Going it be intresting to see how this pans out and as you said other than a few older QBs there is a change coming with all the youth at the QB position.

  9. Definitely gonna be Miami.

  10. I hate the ‘Suck for Luck’ campaign. It ruins the competitiveness in the NFL a bit. And, dare I say it, who knows if Luck will even be GOOD in the NFL??

  11. tophatal says:


    Teams in the NFL aren’t necessarily playing bad but the fact of the matter is there are several bad teams currently in the NFL ! The Dallas Cowboys just happens to be one of them ! Still convinced that Romo can play and lead a team in this league ? The Cowboys at present are like the supplemental vitamin drink Red Bull but without the vitamins that energy that they claim to provide . In other words they’re bull_hit !

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  13. brief22 says:

    Personally, I think “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!” Suck for Luck is unnecessary, and while it is a great pun, no NFL player is trying to lose.

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