The Magic of Tim Tebow

There’s the magic of Tim Tebow. Mike Mayock said it and everyone else watching Thursday night’s game against the Jets was thinking it.

Tim Tebow did his thing in the final 5 minutes of the game. His team needed a field goal but in typical Tebow fashion, he drove down the field for a go-ahead touchdown. With 58 seconds left to play, Tebow put his team up by 4 points and for another week has silenced the critics.

OK, partially silenced.

Tim Tebow’s magic isn’t real. I’m still not buying it. His comebacks amaze me but it’s all smoke and mirrors. Tebow is giving America a great show. Maybe Las Vegas will give him a call soon. He could have one of those high-priced, fancy shows with all the extravagant lights and sounds.

The thing about all magic shows is that they are illusions. A good magic show will put you in awe, make you ask how in the name of Tebow did he do that but in the end you know you’re just getting fooled.

Tim Tebow has two things going for him: He has great feel for the game and he knows how to come through in the clutch.

I keep hearing that winning is the bottom line. Winning is not the bottom line. At least, winning the way Tim Tebow has is not the bottom line.

The bottom line is that Tim Tebow can’t play quarterback and win in the NFL.

He marched his team down the field for a game winning drive but he should never have had the opportunity to do so in the first place. Tim Tebow has taken advantage of his opportunities but the way he is playing, those opportunities shouldn’t be coming around as often as they have.

At some point, Tim Tebow’s luck is going to run out.

Mark Sanchez isn’t always going to be there to throw an unnecessary pick six. Matt Cassel won’t always be around to run a hapless offence. A matchup against the miserable Miami Dolphins squad that can’t recover an onside kick doesn’t come standard in the NFL.

If the Denver Broncos were any good offensively they would have blown those 3 teams out of the water.

His one decent outing against the Oakland Raiders came with a side of 3 interceptions courtesy of Carson Palmer.

I don’t care that Tim Tebow doesn’t have a group of good NFL receivers. If you can’t throw a 10 yard out on target then it doesn’t matter who you’re throwing the ball to. Tim Tebow was getting all day to throw against the Jets yet he was still having more trouble hitting his man than an out of football, overweight Jamarcus Russell.

I feel for John Elway. John Elway was clapping when Tebow scored the go-ahead touchdown but his eyes were filled with disappointment. He wants the Tebow experiment to fail and I don’t blame him. The way Tebow plays isn’t sustainable. He knows it.

John Elway knows that you can’t teach accuracy.

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Cartoon steam comes out of John Elway’s ears whenever he sees Tebow throw the ball. His elongated motion is disgusting. It’s as if Tebow is throwing in epic movie hero slow motion. The problem for Timmy T is that the blitz doesn’t also come in slow motion.

With the Broncos next two games featuring the Chargers and Vikings, it’s entirely plausible that Denver could be sitting at 7-5 atop the AFC West going into their Week 14 game versus the Bears.

However, a 7-5 record still shouldn’t mean Bronco fans can be too optimistic. This unsustainable style of play is only stalling the inevitable realization they will either have to go in another direction or that Jesus…err Tebow needs to drastically improve. Emphasis on the drastically.

The 4-1 Broncos with Tebow as their starter simply means the Broncos most likely won’t be looking at Matt Barkley or Landry Jones come the 2012 draft.

4-1 doesn’t say anything about the Broncos ability to win playoff games, which, by the way, is something they won’t be able to do with Tebow. Squeaking out tight victories against weak teams, that does nothing more than put another notch in the legendary Tebow belt, doesn’t win Super Bowls.

There is no doubt a lot of magical talent within Tim Tebow. Unfortunately, Tebow’s weekly magic gig will soon run its course and it will be time for another act to take his place in the mile high city.

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33 Responses to The Magic of Tim Tebow

  1. benjaminchow says:

    “. Winning is not the bottom line. At least, winning the way Tim Tebow has is not the bottom line.”

    Uh…this is contradictory. A win is a win. How can “winning” a football game NOT be a bottom line? It makes no sense. Winning in the end is the ONLY thing that matters.

    As you can see already, Tim Tebow’s mechanics are already improving. His accuracy has improved dramatically, but he has sub-par wide receivers that could NOT catch the balls for some reason.

    Be patient, let Tim Tebow develop. He may not be a great pocket passer, but the system works. This TEAM is only getting better and I will be able to beat elite teams as the season goes on.

    (Chicago is overrated, their defense is absolutely terrible. Luckiest team in the NFL just how everyone views Tebow as the luckiest QB in the NFL.)

    • Chris Ross says:

      The Broncos defence has 13 sacks in Tebow’s 4 wins. It has allowed only 23.5% of 3rd downs to be converted against them in the 4 wins. They have stepped up and that’s been the difference between Orton and Tebow. Don’t even get me started on Chicago. Most overrated team in the NFL? Do you watch football or do you just read the box score and a few articles?

      • RMcLain says:

        while benjaminchow may “just read” box scores but one thing is for certain; You like to spew the same ballyhoo garbage that everyone else that is a talking head on ESPN has already said. Fine you don’t like maigic and you think Tim Tebow is a lowsy player. Same ws said of that 49ers QB, what was his name, oh yeah Joe “The Show” Montana. People in Denver, though you won’t faind many nowadays, thought John E. was a lousy player too. One thing is for certain your comments and the comments of other commentaters have all been in vain. The Broncos are winning despite your arrogance of who statistics woork in the NFL. So just like the other hater out there against this style of play; your commentary stinks.

  2. Ryan M. says:

    If he didn’t publicly proclaim his love for Jesus, I have the feeling that your criticisms wouldn’t be as sharp. As Madden was fond of saying: “There are no easy games in the NFL.” He’s 4-1, and he has the attitude to improve. If he can make it through this season as the starter, I think he can improve his accuracy- you have absolutely no basis to say that he can’t improve his accuracy besides your own bias. After all, Vick was a pretty terrible passer earlier in his career, and I don’t think you’d have many people question that he has improved.

  3. Alex says:

    Its true, a couple of close victories against bad teams and one bored Jets team doesnt make up for Tebow playing terrible for 90% of the games. Im actually impressed with the broncos defense more than tebows last minute miracle drives. Oh and (benjaminchow) the Bears defense is not overrated they have won four straight including a win against a lions team that made the broncos look like a high school team. Bears and broncos will meet in a couple weeks and i guarantee tebow wont have much success running the football. Or throwing it but thats all him.

    • benjaminchow says:

      Lol…the Bears defense is ranked #23 as total defense in the NFL. The last 4 games they played were against BAD teams (Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, AND Detroit). None of those teams are playoff caliber teams, are they? I expect Denver to beat the Bears in another close one, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chicago has a record 9-3 at that point BECAUSE they play awful teams.

      • Joe says:

        Tampa and Detroit aren’t playoff Caliber?? I could tell when I read the article you didnt watch football but after the responses its even more onviosu

  4. I understand what you’re saying, and I agree with parts, but overall I disagree. What we’re seeing out of Tebow is literally the worst we’re ever gonna see him play. Think about that. Yea, he misses passes but that’s gonna change. He didn’t come into this year as the starter. Next year he will. He’ll actually have time in the off-season to work with the team and improve his throwing mechanics like he was going to do this year but was stalled because of the lockout. Also, you basically say that he’s not winning the games, but that the other teams are losing them. Opposing teams don’t just lose three weeks in a row. Believe it or not, the Broncos are winning games. Most quarterbacks don’t come into the league and win right away. Tebow is a natural winner. That doesn’t go away. And you can teach accuracy, its called practice. Tebow is only going to get better and better, so i suggest you get on the bandwagon now.

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  6. tophatal says:


    The meek shall inherit the earth the Jets on the other hand …………… phew ! Tebow laid it out in one big gutsy performance .

    tophatal ……

  7. cliffc718 says:

    Thats a nice painting though. my problem is that the jets fell for some repetitive moves that tebow was doing. jets should be ashamed of themselves, smh

  8. Ricky Keeler says:


    You know my take on Tebow from the comments I left to you as well as my blog I write on. This guy can flat out win. You can teach mechanics but you can’t teach the heart that Tebow has and the love for the game. I knew with 5 min left last night that Denver was going to at least tie that game. Eric Decker has dropped a ton of passes for him this year, but the run game is Tim’s strength. We don’t criticize Cam for not throwing as much, but his team is 2-7 and he has a better cast than Tebow does. The D is playing better, but why couldn’t they play this for Orton? Its because the defense feels they are in every game with Tebow under center or in the shotgun. Game by game, the team and the media are starting to see that this kid is something special

  9. kevinmblocker says:

    “On the money” observations.

    I’m curious to see at what point a defensive coordinator – who has shut Denver’s offense down all game long using its base formation – realizes that installing the obligatory prevent only assists in the mythical “Tebow-led comeback.”

  10. Ricky Keeler says:

    See Kevin, I think Tebow plays better because that’s where John Fox lets Tebow be Tebow. He puts the empty back formation in and allows him to call his own plays. McGahee was banged up last night, so Tim had no running game to begin with. He is not a good under center QB for the moment, so keep letting him be like he was in college because it is working.

  11. Raz-NT says:

    I’m a bit confused as to why they waited until the last 5 mins of the game to really roll out “Tebow time”. Why doesn’t he just run around like that the whole game? No one seems to be able to stop him. My concern is that for the first 55 mins of the game their defense and special teams set them up with multiple possessions inside Jets territory but they just couldn’t move the ball – at all. Seriously, I’ve never seen a team have such consistently great field position and not be able to capitalize. Really, that game should’ve been a blow out.

    Sure, a win’s a win and he got it done with his legs in the end, but I was not impressed at all with his passing game. Horribly inaccurate! I liked your reference to JeMarcus Russell because I too thought of him while watching Tebow miss open receivers over and over again. What’s worse is that his accuracy decreases even more when he rolls out of the pocket. This is a guy who on paper has the tools to extend the play by escaping from pass rushers and making something happen, but unlike elite QBs such as Aaron Rodgers or Ben Rothlisberger who can locate open receivers and hit them between the numbers while on the run, Tebow isn’t coming close.

    Lastly, I gotta agree with Ryan M about noticing your bias towards Tebow because of his faith. I’m not religious myself, but if that’s part of what inspires him to compete, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t see himself as any kind of savior or miracle-maker, the way you are sarcastically portraying him. He actually seems like a pretty humble kid with a lot of heart. And I can respect that. I just don’t think he’s anywhere close to being an NFL-caliber passer, which is going to limit his success in the long-term.

    • RMcLain says:

      Love the respect at the end of the comment about heart and faith. I am not a christian but I am a believer now after seeing this guy play. To your earlier comments about why not play Tebow Ball all day long. You guys are not seeing the beuty of the John Fox coaching system. They know that they have a game changing QB who needs more time under center. They could have run up a higher score on the option but what good would that have done TT in the long run. The staff know that they have a guy who can get 7 to 15 points in a 5 minute time span under option but they want TT to become a better passer and he can be with some development. Thats where the D comes in. As long as the Denver D can keep it with in 7 to 10 then keep TT chained to the pocket and help hime develope. I know there were plenty of times under center anyone watching the game was that TT had 10 to 15 yard running but stayed behind scrimmage and did not let his instinct take over. You saw and I saw it. There was coaching genius, palyer development, inspiration, and a will not die team attitude last night. Tell me the last time the Steelers or the Pats won a season without that?

      • Chris Ross says:

        I appreciate your interest and your passion RMclain towards this issue. But to say they are trying to make him a better passer when they ran the ball 55 times a couple of weeks ago and threw only 8 times doesn’t really make any sense. The one time he threw a bunch of passes was the 39 he threw against the Detroit Lions. Since then the coaching staff has game planned around Tebow’s strengths rather than focusing on developing him as a pocket passer. The reason why they don’t score points throughout most of the game is because it isn’t a very effective offence. Why they have been able to score in the last 5 minutes speaks to Tebow’s special ability and just good, plain ol’ luck. As I said in my article, that luck is going to run out eventually because Tebow’s inspiration, guts, and heart isn’t going to be enough.

  12. Bobby Charts says:

    Good post and realistic thoughts! Here’s my opinion on Tim Tebow, I want this type of guy on ALL my favorite pro teams and to play for THE Ohio State buckeyes! I dont want a highly talented Marice Carlett. I dont want a highly talented Terrell Owens. I dont want a highly talented Allen Iverson! I dont want a highly talented Ryan Leaf!

    Tim Tebow is a great guy that is very well rounded in the concept of putting team above self, Tim has a amazing will to do well, and a crazy desire to put in the work that is needed. Just listen to his teammates!

    I want on my team, shoot not on my team then, I want to root for Duncan, the Manning brothers, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Cal Ripken JR., Valde Divac, you get my point!

    I love watching and rooting for Tebow because of what he brings to a TEAM! Look at it this way how many players have the talent Tebow does not but that player does not have the desire or care or brians tebow has, what does that talented player have?

    To me winning on the level of a Super Bowl is extra credit, folks there is a 90% a player in the NFL WONT win a Super Bowl!

    So I dont hang that on Tim, what about Jim Kelley for the Bills? Whats he got?

    Tim Tebow has made the Broncos relevent, people are taking about him and them.

    I will continue to root for and watch Tim and wish him nothing but the best, I will not be one to doubt this kid and think that he will never have the skills!

    Honestly I feel with this kid’s desire and heart there is a big change he will be able to throw well in the next 5 years rather than bomb out of the league, OH LIKE JAMARCUS RUSSELL!

    Folks thats it! Thats the name I was looking for, do you wnat a guy to throw like Russell and have the smarts as a 3 year old, or a Tebow who is working on getting better and has a DRIVE TO GET BETTER!

    Thanks Chris, go piece!

  13. chappy81 says:

    Nice post! As a raiders fan I hope he does keep winning, because it will force the broncos to keep playing him! Is anyone else tired of his God talk in interviews? Answer a damn question without thanking god!

    • RMcLain says:

      There is a difference in “in it to win it” and “in it for the paycheck”. Some will not play unless they are payed good, “Ochocinco” and others play because they love it more than the check, “Tebow”. Think about it, Orton quit playing the game and was unable to convert many 3rd down sits while fans booed him, his lost his love to play and it cost him his starting job. Timmy may talk about God but I know your were thanking God yourself when you team late owner passed away recently. Now the Raiders can focus on the game not whos the fastest. BTW I have read posts from many Raiders fans who have more originality in thier period at the end of thier sentences then your whole thought does in this post.

      • chappy81 says:

        Ummmm, really!?! Before each question Tebow answers he always wants to thank god. I feel like it’s a little excessive. I mean, I get it if you thank him a couple time, but he doesn’t need to thank the man every chance he gets. I have no idea what you’re point is on the paycheck thing. Duh, some guys don’t love the sport and are just doing it to get rich, but that doesn’t mean they need to force feed us God either way. I’m not an atheist or anything, but no matter what your message is if you overdo it, I will be annoyed…

  14. squingy says:

    Are there any more completely opposite quarterbacks than Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez when it comes to expectations and reality?

    • RMcLain says:

      Yeah, Cam Newton, Jemarcus Russel, even Ryan Leaf when he played. Plenty of QBs expected to do something special and just suck.

  15. broncosfan47 says:

    I will tell you why the Broncos (and Tebow) are winning right now, and why Tebow is more than just traditional statistics can explain.
    Fox is keeping the play calling as conservative and safe as he sees fit. As long as the Broncos are within one score of the opponent he is perfectly content with run,run,run punt, running time off the clock and playing the field position game. This keeps the defense fresh, minimizes mistakes and turnovers, and minimizing the risk of injury to Tebow. He only ran 2 times in that game up until that final drive. If you actually watched the game they didn’t even utilize the option much after the first 2 drives, most of the offense (or lack thereof) was run from a traditional set. The Broncos O-line could not move the Jet’s D-line most of the game and lost the battle at the line of scrimmage. But if you are within a field goal all game why take chances with running triple option plays where either you can muff a handoff on a read, miss a pitch or a shovel pass, or leave Tebow open to taking a shot in the open field? If you ask me the whole team is buying into the fact that they can and will win if they keep it close. People can say all they want about the fact that the Jets stopped the Broncos most of the game and that other defenses will do the same going forward. It didn’t do the Jets any good when the Broncos went to a 5 WR set and Tebow beat them with an empty backfield and pure heart. I give a lot of credit to the defense for playing lights out all game, and to the coaching staff for making the most with what they have.
    As for Tebow: Is he a pretty passer? No. Although I don’t think he is as bad as everybody makes him out to be. You don’t throw 7 TD’s with only 1 INT in 5 games if you are that terrible. I think he would rather put it where only his receiver can catch it than turn it over. And he is admittedly terrible throwing in the pocket. I think that if he is to succeed in a traditional offense in the future they need to keep him moving with bootlegs ala Jake Plummer from years ago. In the end though, we are talking about a 24 year old kid who has never had to run a traditional style offense with less than 10 starts under his belt. I say that with his attitude, athleticism and work ethic he can improve as time goes on and evolve into a QB that can consistently succeed in the NFL. If that means he is a 13/25 150 1TD 0 INT guy with 40-50 rushing yards a game and commands enough respect as a running threat that he can open holes for a RB and control the clock, I’ll take it.

  16. CR….

    I could easily come up with a one-word answer: hater.

    But I won’t go there.

    I watched this kid play some serious ball in Gville for four years. When he came out of high school, critics said there’s no way his game would fly in the SEC.

    Guess what.

    I think that after only eight starts, it’s still too early to condemn the kid’s future in the league. Everybody has. It’s becoming fashionable.

    Still gotta hand it to the kid for not listening to the naysayers, and to Fox for adjusting his game plan to suit his talent.

    Circle Dec. 18 on your calendar. That’s when Tebow & Co. play the New England Patriots.

  17. I’m tired of hearing all this nonsense about weak teams. ANY GIVEN SUNDAY!! You can make all the excuses in the world but a win is a win. I’m glad the Broncos are winning so I can watch Elway’s love affair for Luck slip away. Why is everyone giving this guy so much hype anyway? He’s still a college QB unproven in the NFL.

  18. He might not be “The Guy”, but I think we should give a little credit to Tim Tebow! He’s gone 4-1 since taking over for Kyle Orton and hasn’t disappointed, at least in terms of record.

  19. DJ Mappquest says:

    A win is a win. Unless Tebow creates a game akin to “Miracle at the Meadowlands,” no one will be remember how he won in his career. People will strictly remember that he won. His luck hasn’t ran out yet because he has more to give. The only problem is you have Tebow as a still young in the NFL days with hardly much experience thanks to the lockout. That lockout hurt Tim Tebow more than anything since he didn’t have time to pick up everything else necessary to not need luck and win on skill. But now that the Broncos are finally investing in him, he will soon have enough, if not more than enough, skill to win. Had the Broncos invested in him solely from the beginning, he would be much better. But no, he had to compete with a washed up QB named Kyle Orton and thus only got half the attention.

    And remember, Tim Tebow alone doesn’t win games. It is a team sport. Just because he gets help form his defense doesn’t mean he himself sucks. That just means the Denver Broncos are the Denver Broncos. Football teams are not one man shows. If Aaron Rodgers was surrounded by mediocre receivers, we wouldn’t be talking about him or the Green Bay Packers. He’d be laughable as much as the next person. But because Rodgers has targets, he is phenomenal. That is team effort. One man can’t win the game but he can surely help change the beat of it with the help of other men.

  20. Anthony Oliva III says:

    I like your analysis, Chris. Think you make a lot of good points.

    My article on about Tebow was basically making fun of myself, although I did bring up some legit points about his “success”. I had destroyed Tebow in this article earlier in the week ( and after he won on Thursday night, I had to eat some crow.

  21. tophatal says:


    Tebow took a knee and firmly placed it in the groin of the Jets . Rex Ryan …….. you’re not winning a Superbowl this year or any other year to come ’til get that defense playing great .

    If as you state a playoff system isn’t warranted within collegiate football because it creates the premise that we care more about the events come the postseason. Then why at all have a playoff format within the NBA , NFL , NHL and MLB ? The BCS wasn’t created to level the playing field but merely as a way of garnering more cash for each of the major BCS conferences . Money is at the root of it all , it’s as plain and simple as that !

    tophatal …

  22. Hey, I know that people reading this are football fans and if you are, come check out my football blog

  23. jacksonramer says:

    Tim Tebow is a,amazing! His character on and off the feilds inspires me. Tebow gives me chills when he plays!

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