NHL Needs Sid the Kid

Forget the magic of Tim Tebow. Sidney Crosby returned to the NHL on Monday Night and was nothing short of magical.

It was another one of those “wouldn’t believe it if it was in a movie” moments in sports. After 11 months off from one of the most talked about injuries in NHL history, Sidney Crosby scored his 1st goal of the season on his first NHL shot in 11 months. Crosby didn’t stop there as he racked up 4 points total on the night, adding another goal and 2 assists. This was not only a special performance but it was incredibly heart-warming for anyone born with a soul.

I guess special is as special does.

Hockey is a Canadian sport though and south of the border it often doesn’t generate much more buzz than a bowling tournament featuring Norm Duke and Walter Ray Williams Jr. Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but the point is Crosby’s long-awaited return from his mysterious concussion has produced more than a bit of a noise in the United States.

While the ‘Welcome Back Sid” hash tag may not have been trending on twitter as it was in Canada, Crosby’s comeback illustrates how important one man can be to the world of star-driven professional sports.

With Alexander Ovechkin in an extended slump, the NHL has been absent of a true superstar for the past half-year. No matter how good the games are, no matter how good the playoffs have been and no matter how many games the Stanley Cup goes, nothing can fill the void left by an injured superstar of Crosby’s magnitude. Unlike football and basketball, the game of hockey lacks household names. Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby, that’s it.

No Sidney Crosby equals big problems.

Sidney Crosby’s identity and life is hockey. There must have been a point in the last 11 months where he thought he might have been without the only thing he has ever known. Sure, Sidney Crosby needs hockey. However, there’s no doubt that the NHL needs Sidney Crosby more than Crosby needs the NHL.

Sid the Kid is the poster boy for the NHL. He can be as exciting as a peanut butter sandwich sometimes but his ultimate good guy reputation more than makes up for that. My grandmother is as likely to have Sidney Crosby as her favourite (non-hometown) player as that greasy guy sitting at the corner of the bar. His stardom reaches all.

Crosby is a ratings booster. Everyone knows Sid.

In this day and age of ever decreasing scoring and ever increasing trap hockey, Sidney Crosby is one of the few reasons to tune into a hockey game. The only people happier right now than the Pittsburgh Penguins are the executives at NBC and Versus. If Sidney Crosby can return to the NHL as good or, dare I say, better than ever, it will be almost impossible to keep him out from being mentioned in the elite company of players like Orr, Lemieux and Gretzky. Once in a generation talents don’t come around every day.

It took quite a lengthy period of time but Crosby looks to have come back at the right time. Sheriff Shanny has finally implemented the absolutely necessary harsher punishments for head shots that was lacking from Colin Campbell’s reign. The brutal head shots and concussions to go along with them seem to have significantly lowered in number this year. Amazingly, Dave Steckel, the man who essentially sidelined Sidney, wasn’t even suspended for his actions last season.

That won’t happen anymore.

The overabundance of bad press the NHL received over its handling of the head shots situation is gone and its most important entities are now much better protected.

11 months of NHL hockey without Sidney Crosby was tough. 11 more years of NHL hockey with Sidney Crosby sounds more like it.

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12 Responses to NHL Needs Sid the Kid

  1. First game back in a year and he’s sporting that ‘stache.

    Let’s hope it didn’t take him that long to grow it.

  2. mandyyhaff says:

    Awesome! Love it just even more then my article! Sidney Crosbys written a beautiful story for us all tonight. Truely amazing.

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  4. Bobby Charts says:

    Whata game back and even better was that his team won! Pro leagues need these great players to play its good for all, this is why NFL and NHL are taking head shots serious! It’s a must! Look at this weekends highlights of great solid NFL hits that were clean, the players have to slowly adjust, and they will. The NHL is the same great defense can be played with no heads shots!

  5. Sid is by far the most marketable player in the league. The NHL should jump on that especially now he’s back. He is, no doubt, the best in terms of skills and his attitude is just perfect. A lot of people say he’s boring but his “nice guy” image is what sells to a broader market. He’s also someone people can look up to as a role model.

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  7. buddad1957 says:

    Absolutely spot on!!

  8. brief22 says:

    I totally agree with what you said. I think that Sidney Crosby is more important to the NHL than LeBron James is to the NBA.

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  10. David Pavlak says:

    Good article, I feel it is time that he receives a new nickname however. I felt he has outgrown “the kid” after he turned 20 haha.

    Would you mind passing around my article dealing with the Philadelphia Flyers injury problems? http://cupcrazy12.wordpress.com/2011/11/30/with-pronger-on-the-shelf-do-the-flyers-pull-the-trigger/


  11. Great post Chris, I wrote a little about it on my video games blog (videogamesguide.wordpress.com)

  12. jak218 says:

    As Devil fan and Hockey fan I’m glad Crosby is back it’s good for the game, but I only wished that Ovechkin was playing the way he played in his first 3 seasons in the NHL because we need them both at high levels not just one of them. Awesome writing by the way.

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