Tim Tebow a Real Starting Quarterback?

Tim Tebow must start the season as the Denver Broncos starting quarterback. I don’t think there are many people who could disagree with that. Whether he won or lost against the Steelers today, Tebow earned his spot as the team’s rightful starting quarterback.

The bottom line still isn’t wins. It’s how Tebow gets those wins. Today, Tim Tebow’s starring role against the Steelers was not accompanied by an Oscar worthy performance from luck (god?) for best supporting actor. Tebow time wasn’t reserved specifically for the 4th quarter as the Broncos’s won this game in a manner that John Elway could be proud of who seemed genuinely happy today. I know, right?

Tim Tebow showed the organization they need to stick with him. Even the fiercest critics, such as myself, of Tebow’s stumbling and bumbling inspector Clouseau-like (see my tweet) style of play have to concede this one to the real chosen1. It would be crazy of Denver, at this point, not to publicly show a great deal of confidence with regards to Tim Tebow’s status as the starting quarterback going into next season.

He has clearly improved virtually all facets of his game. That is something no one can ignore.

However, is it enough?

In spite of everything we witnessed against the Steelers, one strong week following a number of poor weeks isn’t going to completely change my mind. Yeah, what a shocker.

The supporters continue to support while the critics continue to criticize.

Tebow still misses open receivers. Late in the 4th quarter he had a chance to put his team into game winning field goal range but on 3rd down with just over a minute remaining he neatly stepped up in the pocket only to badly miss the open receiver running free across the middle of the field. It wasn’t the lone time in the game he missed a receiver by a fair margin. He may have thrown for over 300 yards but it was done on only 10 of 21 passing, with just 1 of those passes being dropped.

Tebow still stands in the pocket for much too long. He hasn’t learned how make his progressions and read a defence with ease. If his primary receiver isn’t there, Tebow must scramble. Can he learn to read defences? Does he have to learn how to read defences?

The only people who flip-flop more than Mitt Romney does may be the football analysts commenting on this Tebow conundrum. Nevertheless, his inability to show he can consistently play as well as he has against the Steelers and Raiders leaves me no choice but to carry on with my scepticism.

Consistency is a must in the NFL. Roller-coasters are fun, but after a while you start to get sick of them. America will never get sick of talking about Tebow. The Broncos, on the other hand, will put up with his inconsistency for only so long.

Tebow deserves the opportunity to succeed in the NFL next year. He should be the unquestionable starter. His performance against the Patriots shouldn’t make any difference to where he stands next season. While he ought to be number 1 on the depth chart in 2012, the Broncos can’t put all their eggs in their holy basket.

To place their full faith in an inconsistent, inaccurate quarterback constantly exposed to injury, despite his thick 245 pound frame, after a clutch playoff performance would also be crazy. Focusing their complete energy in surrounding Tebow with the best personnel for an option offence could blow up in their face if Tebow fails or gets injured.

Tebow has given the Bronco’s a lot more to think about. And to think, a Raiders win last weekend might have put the final nail in Tebow’s starting quarterback coffin. Now, it’s full steam ahead for the Tebow train.

I’m just not jumping aboard. Not yet.

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13 Responses to Tim Tebow a Real Starting Quarterback?

  1. brief22 says:

    Tebow is a starting quarterback. He wins. He displayed that he could get it done in the playoffs a few hours ago. Keep Tebowing, Timmy, you do it might fine.

  2. agraysports says:

    You have to give him credit. He threw for 316 yards and two touchdowns (and ran for another) against the #1 ranked defense the NFL. He’s a pro bowl caliber football player.

  3. Mike Patton says:

    I think we will see a progression with Tebow going into next season. The reason I believe that is that he hasn’t had a whole off-season of getting a ton of reps with the first team. And we all know the first team gets wayyyyy more reps than the 2nd and 3rd teams. His whole time there has been getting little to no reps. I think he will be the QB of Denver. I doubted him to at first, but he has proven that with hard work, persistence he can get better. Now all he needs is time.

  4. Jsportsfan says:

    I’m like you Chris. Not sold on Tebow yet. Yes he earned the starting job next season and I won’t deny he was terrific against the Steelers. However he still miss misses open receivers and relies on the run too much. Plus the game might be more indicative of an aging overrated Steelers defence than Tebow’s play. We’ll see if he can do it in a hostile environment such as Foxboro next week.

  5. tophatal says:


    Here’s what the game indicated to me …….. Roethlisberger on one leg well he is really bad ! . Tebow on two legs …. has heart and determination . What now needs to be done is for the Broncos’ coaching staff and in particular for qb coach Adam Gase to refine the kid’s strengths in terms of his play .

    The Falcons have to go back to the drawing board .

    tophatal ………..

  6. You gotta admit though, CR, that was definitely must see TV and the best of the four games this weekend.

    I was watching out at a local spot with some friends and everyone in the place was glued to the set.

    The place went nuts when Tebow hit Thomas for that 80-yarder to seal the deal.

  7. chappy81 says:

    Even guys like Jake Delhomme, Trent Dilfer, Rex Grossman, and Kyle Orton won some games for awhile (even in the playoffs)! I’m sure it will end eventually. As a Raiders fan, I’m happy to see him starting next season…

  8. cordaro9418 says:

    Blah Blah Blah… at the end of the day, its really simple… the Broncos will ride him until the end of the line or a can’t miss opporunity presents itself. Don’t think Denver won’t be in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, but if they can’t pony up for him (no pun intended), they’ll spend the majority of the off-season with Tebow in training, training, training and more playbook video repitition. He has the raw skills and more importantly, the desire to be a starting quarterback. When ‘Tebowing’ is added to the Webster’s dictionary (literally), you have to ride it out. The fanbase is rabid and seem to have an understanding, even if the management doesn’t, that he’s a kid who can mature and carry the team on his shoulders.

  9. Bobby Charts says:

    If this was Luck, Manning, Bradford, or Stafford in their second year and winning a playoff game verse the Steelers people would be saying this guy is going to be a awesome QB, if not one of the best ever!

    I’m not really saying that for Tim, but ya a point. There was so much DOUBT put in people head from his sophomore year at Florsia we have been told what to think about with Tebow as far as his problems with being a NFL QB

    This kid is only on his second year, Carson Palmer still has not won a playoff game, the List goes on of QB that have played for a while and have not even won a playoff game!

    nice post Chris!

  10. Pretty good analysis except one thing I want to clarify. Tim Tebow doesn’t struggle with reading defenses, he’s an NFL quarterback, he knows the difference between a cover 3 and a cover zero. Tebow struggles with reading his progressions properly, or in what order is he supposed to read his receivers. That’s why you’ve recently seen him run back and forth when the line breaks down because he doesn’t know where to look and moving outside the pocket gives him a larger vision of the field. I agree he still needs to develop more though.

    I was wondering if you could check out my column on Tebow game, Thanks for the click:


  11. Jimmy Hoffa says:

    You’re a pud.

  12. tophatal says:

    No “Tebowing for Jesus” today . So sad , m too bad . . God damn awful performance by the player when it mattered most ! Now what ? Perhaps this chic can induce Tebow or should I say seduce Timmy T to perform better ?

    tophatal ……………………

  13. No!! He is overrated!!

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