Tiger and Golf Are One

Golf is nothing without Tiger Woods and Tiger Woods is nothing without golf.

To fill the void that was left by Tiger Woods during his hiatus from relevancy on the PGA tour was impossible. When you know that something better is out there, complete satisfaction is out of the question. There was always the possibility that Tiger could return to a form close to his former self.

Rory McIlroy tried his best to put golf on the map without Tiger. He won the U.S. Open in a Tiger dominating fashion last year but has been crashing and burning lately. However, it probably doesn’t matter all that much for golf that McIlroy has been experiencing these bumps in the road on his way to superstardom.

Tiger is where it’s at.

As long as Tiger is able to show flashes of competing at a high level on the PGA tour, no one else will truly be relevant in golf. Rory McIlroy can win majors. The Duff Man, Jason Dufner, can use his namesake to win over crowds. Rickie Fowler can make fashion statements. Kevin Na can drive fans crazy. It won’t make any difference though.

To call Tiger’s chip on 16 magical would be an understatement. This kind of thing could only come off the blade of Tiger’s wedge. Magic is something that has come to be expected from Tiger Woods. It’s almost as if a shot of that magnitude was inevitable at some point.

Tiger Woods will never be the same dominating force that he was on the golfing scene but that doesn’t matter either. When Tiger is in the mix, there is always the anticipation of amazing. You never know when amazing is going to come but when it does, it is incredibly special. Not one person can complete a narrative the way Tiger Woods can.

Golf is not the same without Tiger because we know what we are missing when he is gone. Having something in your sights but just out of your reach is the worst feeling. That’s what it has been like with Tiger Woods flirting with relevancy. For the golf world to try to focus its attention elsewhere for the past 2 years was wasted effort.

Seeing that Tiger was physically but not mentally capable of putting his game together made things even harder for fans. Whether or not Tiger would be able to return to greatness was, and still is, up in the air but the hope that he will one day do so will not waver.

Tiger has ruined the game of golf for the time being. He isn’t only the face of golf. He is golf. If Tiger is physically capable of swinging a golf club in a PGA tournament, then the rest of golf doesn’t stand a chance of surviving without Tiger. Tiger and golf cannot be separate entities, at least not for now.

However, Tiger’s immense celebrity hasn’t ruined the game forever. There will be a grieving period when Tiger retires from golf. But once it soaks in for fans that Tiger Woods is not coming back, then golf can start fresh. The thing is, it might be a little while before golf can get its fresh start.

Nevertheless, one day, someone will come along and take the golf world by storm. However, until Tiger leaves the game for good, that someone is just going to have to wait.

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11 Responses to Tiger and Golf Are One

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  2. Great post Chris. The classic Tiger uppercut gave me goosebumps. As long as he is around people will dream of him returning to form and everyone else will be measured against him. Don’t forget he might have 15 or 20 more years in him…..scary! Keep up the great posts

  3. Jan Turner says:

    Jan @ smokinchoices, Loved this piece on Tiger. He’s my man and I have missed him so much. I only watch golf because of Tiger – he made it live for me. Have felt the void as you seem to refer to it. But I have seen a man who was dealing with massive inner conflict and worry over his standing with his world of fans. Imagine the loneliness of his recent world. Today must have shown him that we DO still care. I was personally screaming – scared my dog 1/2 to death.

    You know, in one way, I disagree with you, I believe he IS coming back to permanent prominence, he has what it takes. His father was such a major influence (and coach) and he misses that. He’ll reach that guidance (core) again – I really believe it.

    Your blog is beautiful. Your writing is far more mature than your years would suggest. Admire what you are doing and I’ll be back! (No, my name is not Arnold). Your new friend Jan

  4. btx3 says:

    Tiger may well be playing for the next 20 years if you count moving to the Seniors. He revitalized a sport which had become too elitist, too calcified, and too wrapped up in its own tradition to appeal to younger audiences – bringing millions of young players and fans. If Tiger has his groove back – he could well bring another young generation to the sport.

  5. Woods dominates ….. now only 5 wins away from being the all-time winning-est golfer on the PGA Tour in terms of official wins (78) . Undoubtedly , he’s now seen as the front-runner for the US Open at Olympic Hills , and at the same time he’s now risen to #4 in the World Golf rankings and is amongst the top 10 (#3) in PGA Tour Fedex Cup standings . Not so long ago you were in essence writing him off . Now what ?

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  7. buddad1957 says:

    Couldn’t agree more, and about Tiger, I couldn’t care less.

  8. NBC and ESPN share the television rights to this weekend’s US Open.

    Needless to say, they’re both very happy Tiger Woods won last weekend.

  9. joshdurso says:

    Life long Tiger fan here. I swear I’ve been yelling this at the top of my lungs for 3 years since that November when things got a little “close” for Tiger. HA! Just as you said, golf is nothing without Tiger, and Tiger is obviously nothing without golf. Seeing as how he no longer has a wife, family, or even parent figure that he held so dear throughout the first half of his career(dad).

    Although, I look at Tiger as a player–right now. Post U.S. Open. He’s getting there. He’s not there. Tiger will play for ten more years. He will not play in the senior tour. He will hang the clubs up around age 45 without any further playing. He will have surpassed Jack(to many’s surprise) and golf will have to make a major landscape change to accommodate the impending doom; Golf Post Tiger Woods.

    The PGA, and European Tours will likely have to merge as sponsors become less, and less willing to pour the necessary millions needed to feed the machine that is the PGA Tour. Especially after that machine stops producing Tiger-Revenue.

    You have some good reads here my friend, keep up the good work. Definitely earned a loyal reader here.

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