I’m a Gillette Drafted Finalist!

Click on the photo to go to my Drafted profile and cast your vote!

Hey all, this isn’t a usual blog post but I just wanted to inform everyone that I made it to the top 24 of Gillette Drafted, which is a competition run by theScore television network to find Canada’s Next Sportscaster. They are holding a boot camp this weekend and will then widdle the competition down to 6.

Voting is part of the process this year and the top 2 vote getters out of the 24 get an automatic spot in the Final 6 that begins in September. Here is the link: http://www.drafted.ca/finalists/chris-ross/.

Each Person can vote once a day and voting closes August 15. If you could support me by coming back and voting each day that would be just fantastic. Share this on twitter, facebook, and whatever other social networks. Also, tell your friends, family, coworkers, well, everyone really, to vote as well.

Here is the website for all your info on Gillette Drafted

Thank you all for your support in advance!

About Chris Ross
Questions, comments, suggestions? Send yours to cross_can15@hotmail.com. Follow me on twitter @paintstheblack

11 Responses to I’m a Gillette Drafted Finalist!

  1. I voted, bra.

    As of 6/5, 12:14 am, you were in 4th place with 238 votes. I’ll keep a lookout for your Tweets and retweet.

    Keep reminding all of us to vote daily.

  2. Tim Herb says:

    Reblogged this on Black and Blue Sports and commented:
    Guys, make sure to check out our buddy Chris Ross as he audition’s to be Canada’s Next Sportscaster on theScore television network.

    Also make sure to vote for him and the like!

  3. Congrats on the accomplishment ! Well deserved !

  4. buddad1957 says:

    I voted! You are now third. Tweeted and shared on G +1. Would have facebooked it, but i’m at work and facebook is not allowed.

  5. npdillon says:

    Congrats on this man! I’ve enjoyed reading your work and I think we can get you voted #1

  6. Steven Jeffries says:

    The absolute very best to you! We can all say “we knew you when…” soon.

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