Monday’s Seven Casual Contemplations

It is my goal to start your work week off right with random thoughts, ideas, rants and ramblings from the week that was in the world of sports. Sadly, it’s already Monday so let’s get at it. Exclusive to Painting the Black, here are your Monday Morning Casual Contemplations…

Help me Win Gillette Drafted!

Reminder or in case you did not know: I was selected as a top 24 finalist for theScore’s (a TV sports station in Canada) Gillette Drafted competition, which is the search for Canada’s next great sportscaster. This is the 4th season so they have changed the whole format around.

Voting has become an integral part of the process and I need as much support as I can possibly get. Shameless self promotion is key and what I ask of my blog readers is to go to my page and vote every day. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, strangers, pets and just about anything that could possibly work a computer to vote as well.

A couple of weekends ago I attended the top 24 bootcamp in Toronto. This is the main part of their selection process to cut the 24 down to the 6. The 6 will be announced in the middle of August. Not all, but some of the videos from that weekend are already up. If you want to check my videos out click on the link here:

Thank you for all your support in advance. It is unbelievable to know that I have the backing of so many people in the hope of achieving my dream job.

Joel Peralta

I read something pretty crazy the other day from Tom Verducci. He wrote in this article that a veteran MLB coach said 80% of pitchers use pine tar or a similar substance to get a better grip on the baseball.

I now understand Joe Maddon’s frustration behind Davey Johnson’s choice to call Peralta out for cheating.

However, what I cannot wrap my head around is why Major League Baseball allows this cheating to occur. Clearly, it is common knowledge inside MLB circles that an incredibly significant number of pitchers are using a substance to give them an advantage against hitters. Like steroids, this is cheating. The effect of using the substance may not have the same drastic effect as steroids but the principle behind the usage is no different.

Lack of hitting since the steroid era has been a major issue in baseball yet Bud Selig and company seem content with giving pitchers every advantage possible. The pine tar apparently “provides just the right tackiness to spin breaking balls.” Major League Baseball could help themselves out by getting the cheating out of the game. It’s really not all that difficult.


Don’t Stay in School Kids

Jared Sullinger is the reason why you don’t stay in school. Well, that’s if you are a guaranteed top 5 pick.

Sullinger was a guaranteed top 5 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft after his freshman season at Ohio State last year. Different story this year as Sullinger has been sliding more than Bernie Brewer. He is now in serious danger of falling outside the lottery following major questions regarding the health of his back. Sullinger’s stock had already been falling but this essentially sealed his fate outside the top 14.

I feel sorry for guys like Sullinger. By choosing to stay in school and, as a result, exposing his flaws, Jared Sullinger has cost himself about $2 million bucks a year on his rookie contract. The way I see it, as long as you’re guaranteed to be a high draft pick, the benefits of staying in college an extra season are far outweighed by the risks. It is not often the case that high profile players who decide to stay in college 1 extra year fall drastically like Sullinger has, but the risk of that happening should be enough to scare a guy straight into leaving school. Perry Jones III is suffering a similar fate to Sullinger.

Unfortunately for those young men, this could have been avoided with an earlier exit from college.

Retired Professional Athletes Being Bozo’s of the Week

Curt Schilling is tapped out financially. He invested $50 million into his video game company that has gone under. He is broke. He said that all the money he made playing professional baseball is gone. From someone who has not ever had his hands on $50 million, it baffles me that a person could blow through that kind of dough in a few short years. Schilling’s last MLB contract was in 2008. That is only 4 years ago.

I’m guessing his ego probably got the best of him, being unable to understand the phrase “quit while you’re ahead.” Just sad really that even a smart man like Curt Schilling could blow every last penny of his massive savings that quickly.

FIFA/UEFA Exhibiting Human Nature

Instant replay. Get it.

The Oscar worthy diving in soccer already gets my blood boiling enough. It’s unbelievable that I am sitting here in 2012 writing that soccer has to implement some goal-line replay technology.

There is no logical reason behind the refusal to utilize instant replay technology.

On the other hand, the rejection of change is hardly anything new to human society. The head honchos of FIFA and UEFA fear change like the majority of humans do. Their choice is irrational but this isn’t the first time in the history of mankind that people have refused change despite all common sense pointing to the absurdity of their negative response to something different.

I’m sure Galileo could tell you about human nature and its fear of change.


I’m thinking that for this year’s Wimbledon I should just wait and watch the instead of investing any amount of time into the 2 weeks leading up to the finals. As fun as tennis is with the awesomeness up at the top, it definitely takes away from the earlier rounds of the tournament.

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have won the last 9 majors. Is there any reason to believe these two guys won’t be meeting in the finals?

Wimbledon is a fantastic tournament. Classic. But I might just see you all in a couple of weeks for this year’s 3rd installment of a Nadal-Djokovic championship final.

Hart of a Champion

England may have lost in the quarter-finals to Italy but I found a new favourite player from my fellow commonwealth country. England goalkeeper Joe Hart won me over yesterday with his attitude and personality throughout what had to be one of the biggest matches of his life. Through pressure moments he smiled, seemingly enjoying the moment rather than agonizing over it. That expression could come across as uncaring but to me it shows a fantastic personality.

Someone that simply loves the game and, even in the quarter-finals of the Euro championship, is enjoying it the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

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3 Responses to Monday’s Seven Casual Contemplations

  1. If Hart won you over with his personality that might be the only thing that the English national side has in their favor . That was one of the worst performances (against Italy) from a national side that I’ve witnessed from the “Three Lions”. And I;m saying that as an expat Brit . They lacked and had limited abililty throughout the game and it was omnipresent from the start in terms of their play .

    Wimbledon will be a blast but I can tell you this no American will make to any of the singles’ Finals . It will be the usual suspects at Center Court in both the Ladies and Men’s Finals . Serena Williams will be upended before the semis .

    Cheating in baseball ? Oh my ! Hasn’t that been what the game has been built on almost since its inception ? Let’s get real here Chris , what has really changed in that environment ? Bud Selig remains a complete a#s but yet no one is wiling to say that openly . Not the morons at Fox, TBS, or EPSN for that matter as they all drink from the pot that the commissioner chooses to defecate and unrinate in . They willingly do so withougt question .

  2. Is it just me or does Jared Sullinger remind me of Othella Harrington?

    Oh, and I’m still voting, bra.

  3. buddad1957 says:

    Seven Casual Contemplations are the only reason I look forward to Monday. I voted today, continued “best of luck” to you Chris!

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