Head Over…Head for Steve Nash

Even if it isn’t always for the best, “the heart wants what it wants.”

The hearts of Raptors fans were longing for Steve Nash in Toronto. For a 38-year-old aging point guard, this was a longing that had classic heart over head feeling written all over it. A mere month ago, you would have been crazy to say that it was possible that the Canadian-born superstar could play for his homeland’s team. However, Nash to Toronto became a real possibility in recent days and fans didn’t mind pulling out every stop to lure him back up north.

Unlike Raptors fans, Bryan Colangelo’s heart wasn’t in on this one. On paper, it looks and sounds good that their general manager’s heart is not playing a part in this decision. I mean, it is his job to use his head to make the best decision for the sake of the Toronto Raptors.

Unfortunately, it was only a small part of Bryan Colangelo’s head that was making the decision to go all-in on Steve Nash. The business side of his head overrode every other region of his head.

Colangelo’s noggin understood that Raptors fans hearts were all-in on Steve Nash. He felt that he could do no wrong by doing everything humanly possible to bring Nash to the NBA’s lone Canadian team. Nash is still playing at a high level and his arrival in Canada would fulfill the pipe dreams of a nation of basketball fans. Fans would be happy he was doing something rather than nothing.

He figured, what’s the harm?

For many Canadians, including myself, Steve Nash will forever be their favourite basketball player. My heart was in on this Steve Nash deal a little while ago. It was difficult not to get on board the possibility of Nash to Toronto. I mean, it seemed close to impossible anyways.

What a difference a few days makes.

On Tuesday, the Raptors and Landry Fields verbally agreed to a back loaded 3 year $20 million offer sheet, which supposedly prevented the New York Knicks from acquiring Nash. Fields is a guy the Raptors apparently are fond of but probably not at that price. Early Wednesday morning, the Knicks became the frontrunners but then lost out on Nash to the Los Angeles Lakers in the evening. Toronto was left in the dust.

Bryan Colangelo went all-in with a pair of 10’s for Steve Nash. The Lakers, they somehow managed a straight flush.

Colangelo’s all or nothing move for Nash via Fields failed big time. The Raptors are going to be stuck with another inconsistent shooting wing player. Fields has potential but he’s not worth what the Raptors are going to pay him. Colangelo gave Steve Nash his best pitch but he knew it wasn’t enough. He decided to risk even more of the future, supposedly leaving Nash no choice.

The Landry Fields move shows that Bryan Colangelo has lost sight of the big picture, well, not that he really had any idea of it to start with.

It has been almost 2 years since Bosh has left for Miami. He was forced to finally rebuild after his retool to impress Chris Bosh didn’t exactly impress. Apparently, 2 years on the rebuild is 2 years too many for the other Bryan GM in Toronto. Colangelo appears to have no issue with compromising the long-term rebuild of the franchise. It’s because he is only looking out for number 1 – himself.

Colangelo knew that Nash was going to buy him some more time.

When Colangelo went all-in for Nash, his eyes lit up like cartoon dollar signs and his blinders only let him see the extra years of job security Nash would provide him. The Canadian icon would have filled the seats, sold merchandise and brought a buzz to the Toronto Raptors not seen since the Vin-sanity days. It was simply business for Bryan Colangelo but this type of business isn’t what the Toronto Raptors need right now.

My heart told me I would have enjoyed the coming years if Steve Nash had joined the Raptors. It would have been a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a situation as unique as Nash in Toronto.

Bryan Colangelo played off those types of feelings. His business head knew that he could take advantage of Canada’s national love for Steve.

Bryan Colangelo was being completely selfish.

The job security of a professional sports GM depends on him making the best decision for the team, except for those times when he is coming close to his expiry date. Once again, Colangelo proved he is unwilling to trust a rebuild. His selfish motives got in the way of his franchises best interests.

The Raptors are lucky to avoid getting Steve Nash. Fields and Nash would have been $55 million on the books for the next 3 years. It would have killed their rebuild. They’re still stuck with Fields but things could be worse.

With the extra revenue Nash would have brought to the team, Bryan Colangelo knew that he would have no trouble compensating for that overpriced tag of $12 million per. However, compensating for those 3 years of lost rebuilding would have been a tad trickier.

For Bryan Colangelo, bringing in Steve Nash wasn’t about helping grow the sport of basketball in Canada. It wasn’t about pleasing the fans. And most importantly, it wasn’t about making the Toronto Raptors the finest team they possibly could be.

BC has been feeling the heat and the Nash sweepstakes were all about what was best for Bryan Colangelo.

His heart may not be in it but, by chasing Steve Nash as relentlessly as he did, Colangelo has clearly shown that his business head has taken over his general managing head.

That’s just bad news for the Toronto Raptors.

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12 Responses to Head Over…Head for Steve Nash

  1. I remember when the Toronto Raptors were relevant.

    Doesn’t seem like all that long ago.

    It feels like an eternity, however, before they could become relevant again.

    • Chris Ross says:

      It really does feel like an eternity. They won the Atlantic in, I believe, 2006-07. Chris Bosh and the team probably should have made the playoffs in his final season here. I guess it’s the lack of a championship or anything close to a sniff of one that makes it feel so long,

  2. The Raptors , a continuing afterthought in the NBA . They now must long for the giddy days and the return of Isiah Thomas . LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!

    The Raptors strive for excellence and success is akin the efforts of the Royals in baseball . It’s not happening anytime soon .

    tophatal …………

  3. diamondjoe88 says:

    Yea, it would have been a great story but I would have been shocked if he went to Toronto. He want’s a ring and he certainly was not going to get it in Toronto, I mean lets just be honest, just like he was not going to get it in Phoenix. The Landry Fields signing, did they overpay? probably, but when your irrelevant you have to overpay to get players there, same is true for every other sport, bad teams have to overpay. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it works…

  4. kylatherose says:

    Nice post, I like your take on BC, the Raptors and Nash. Not that I actually thought that Nash would be a Laker, but I kinda knew he wouldnt go to Toronto. It’s probably best for Toronto anyways, it woud have been a lot of money to give up fo for him at his age. It would have been a short term fix.

    • Chris Ross says:

      Yeah, definitely best for Toronto. I never thought he would go to Toronto until a couple of days ago. And then it seemed like a real possibility. Then they signed Landry Fields, which was just crazy. Yeah, they need a long term fix, not short term.

  5. My non-Canadian heart really really wanted Steve to go to the Raptors too. The Lakers are a monopoly. Will they ever be a “bad” team like Toronto is now? I wish.

  6. Eric Gordon gets 4yrs and $58 million . The NBA much like the NHL devoid of intelligence when it comes to players’ salaries .

  7. mikezanity says:

    Great article and great website as well. Thank you for visiting my website mikezanity.com and thank you for making a comment under the my article about Steve Nash going to LA.

  8. J. E. says:

    Chris…dude congrats on being #3 in the TOP 10!!…man you gotta post that on here and on Twitter/FB too.

    Remind ppl to vote cuz 3rd is a big step brah!

    • Chris Ross says:

      Thanks for the kind words man. I try to keep this blog to be more about sports content but definitely in my casual contemplations on monday’s if I ever get around to doing them for next week (didn’t get enough time for this week). Twitter and facebook are definitely my means of gaining support though. Hopefully I can stay at the top of the pack and get picked for the top 6 when the time comes.

  9. thilanwij says:

    I guess that he really wasn’t the first priority or else he would’ve done what he can to get Nash. But instead of waiting on Nash, did something else that would prevent him from coming by the signing of Fields. Damn, I feel bad for the Raptor fans because they definitely would have filled the seats in if Nash was signed.

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