Mission Not Accomplished Hope Solo

Unclear on the concept.

That’s Hope Solo.

Following the Americans 3-0 win over Columbia on Saturday, Solo foolishly turned to twitter in order to vent her frustrations. Hope Solo was less than thrilled with the way former American national team player Brandi Chastain was criticizing the defence and goalkeeping.

In 1 of her 4 tweets, Solo wrote “lay off commentating about defending and gking until you get more educated @brandichastain the game has changed from a decade ago. #fb.” Her final tweet read “I feel bad 4 our fans that have 2 push mute, especially bc@arlowhite is fantastic.@brandichastain should be helping 2 grow the sport #fb”

She basically says that Chastain’s comments are hurting the growth of soccer in the United States rather than helping it.

It’s pathetic really. Solo sounds unhappy that Chastain was doing her job with professionalism and objectivity. Her comments indicate that she would rather have an announcer who is as homer as Hawk Harrelson. Essentially, she condemned Brandi Chastain for not being pro-American enough.

News Flash Hope: Not everything can be sunshine and lollipops.

You would think that a figure as publicly recognized as Hope Solo could let the criticism roll right off her back. She must have heard her fair share of critique throughout her professional career. It’s odd that after a convincing 3-0 victory she would take to twitter to criticize an American soccer icon (Chastain was the player who took off her shirt, showing nothing but her sports bra, after her game winning penalty shot in 1999).

It’s ludicrous that Solo believes a little constructive criticism from a commentator is somehow harmful to the state of women’s soccer in the US.

Brandi Chastain didn’t say anything outrageous. Deadspin posted a 20 second clip where Chastian remarks that “as a defender her responsibilities are defend, win the ball and then keep possession. That’s something that Rachel Buehler needs to work on and, I think, improve on in this tournament.”


The state of women’s soccer or women’s sports in general throughout North America isn’t going to be affected by the somewhat negative observations from a single commentator. In fact, that kind of stuff is probably better for the sport. If Hope Solo wants the women’s game to be respected across the country, then the commentators have to announce the game the way it should be.

Seeing the game through rose-coloured glasses sure won’t make anything better.

Hope Solo speaks of Chastain’s supposed lack of focus on growing the game of soccer but the intent of her tweets clearly show that she is more worried about matters unrelated to that very issue. She is an ambassador for soccer throughout North America but she selfishly chose to attack Chastain in the most public realm possible.

They say bad publicity is good publicity but Hope Solo’s twitter tantrum might be one of those exceptions. If she wants to help the sport grow, it might be a good idea to show America that she is more concerned with winning a gold medal than attacking a critic. This is not the attention that women’s soccer so desperately seeks.

She utilized her power as the most recognizable member of U.S. women’s soccer to unnecessarily put the target on the back of an innocent commentator. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it is not Hope Solo’s place to be intervening in a matter such as this publicly.

Bringing publicity to the release of her upcoming memoir? Getting in a shot to continue some bad blood with an old teammate? Showing support for her current teammates? Protecting herself? Sending out not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 hate filled tweets possibly accomplished a number of things.

Helping to grow the game?

That’s one item on Hope Solo’s agenda that won’t be achieved as a result of this.

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12 Responses to Mission Not Accomplished Hope Solo

  1. Stagger X says:

    Pretty short sighted attack. Chastain is a here in US Women’s Soccer. Why on Earth would Solo attack her… Until Solo wins a major tourney, she’s the villain.

  2. patton26 says:

    I agree that Solo needs to focus more on soccer than Chastain’s comments. Chastain is just doing her job and that is to commentate on the game the way she sees it.

  3. Chris

    At least Solo wasn’t on the same level as the Greek athlete Prasakeva ‘Voula’ Papachristou and her racially insensitive remarks concerning African immigrants in her native Greece. Never mind the fact that she also berated minorities who reside in London as well as athletes of that ethnicity having just arrived at the Olympic village in her “tweets”. Great that the IOC sent her dumb @ss home even in spite her less than contrite apology .

    Phelps won’t be going 7 for seven then ? Stop with the hype NBC ! Could Bob Costas sound anymore banal and out of his element ?

    Randy Lerner will be selling the Cleveland Browns to devote more time to his EPL soccer team Aston Villa . ‘nough said !

    tophatal ……………

  4. Hope Solo , do-able ?

  5. notyourtypicalsports says:

    Nice breakdown Chris – definitely over the top reaction from Solo. She seems to be operating on her own agenda most of the time and seems not as connected to the team most of the time. (For example she’s noticeably absent from this awesome team USA lip dub http://notyourtypicalsports.com/tag/usa-soccer/ ). Maybe that outburst was her way of being a part of the team by “defending” her teammate, but I think you’re right. She missed the mark.

  6. Nice article Chris!

    Gave you my vote! I was #5007. Good luck to you!

  7. kujhawk says:

    Solo has been a virus on the U.S team for a while now. She acts so entitled when she should be more of a role model for others and a team player.

  8. sports junkie says:

    Another great read, Chris. I voted this morning. 5003 I think! Best of luck!

    Chris, will you make a promo vid? *please say yes*

  9. V. Veho says:

    Solo has showed her true colors once again. Instead of having a spine and telling Chastain herself how she felt she goes blabbing off to the public about it. She’s a selfish person and I Will be happy for the fans and for the game when she is gone.

  10. mutantpoodle says:

    The only saving grace for Solo is that her outburst came in defense of a teammate. That said, my guess is this has more to do with Solo’s history with Chastain than being truly insulted.

    Also, I’d hope, during the Olympics, one could watch game film with something other than NBC’s play-by-play, if that’s what gets you riled up.

    I actually think this means nothing good or bad for the growth of women’s futbol in the US. Frankly, Abby Wambach’s shiner will probably have 10 times the (positive) effect.

  11. At least the current “Dream Team” showed respect to its predecessors, even if they still think they could take ’em.

    I’m not sure if Solo ever came out and apologized for her comments but she should have. It would have done a lot to benefit women’s soccer, something those who came before her tried so hard to build from nothing.

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