Hating on Howard Will Stop

It’s a match made in heaven that even eHarmony could have figured out. The Hollywood personality finally getting a taste of what Hollywood life is.

Dwight Howard and Brooklyn never really seemed right.

Now it’s time for the public to stop hating on Dwight Howard. I’m not telling them to stop hating. Rather, I’m saying it’s only a matter of time before Howard starts to feel the love again.

People are already starting to forget about the whole ‘indecision’ saga and are envisioning the Lakers sexy starting 5 of Nash, Kobe Bryant, Metta Word Peace, Pau Gasol and Superman himself. They are talking about whether the Lakers have the depth to match up against the likes of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat. They are dreaming of alley-hoops and comedy sketches between one of the all-time great point guards and one of the most athletic 7-footers to ever step foot on an NBA floor.

I said all the way back in March that Dwight Howard will only be booed by the Orlando fans. Heck, that might not even be the case anymore by the time the Lakers take the court in Orlando next season.

The sports world is a very forgiving one.

A lot of guys would now rather have a beer with Tiger Woods, for reasons you can imagine, than condemn him like so many did only a couple of years ago. Michael Vick has gone from dog fighter back to NFL fan favourite, you know, when he’s not injured. Lebron James is no longer a villain simply because he won a championship and, apparently, winning cures all that ails.

People were appalled when Tiger Woods was caught cheating with 896 women. They were disgusted when Michael Vick was found to be cruel and unusual to man’s best friend. Clevelanders and non-Clevelanders burned jerseys and tore down posters when Lebron somewhat predictably spurned the Cavs.

However, people seem genuinely excited about the possibilities with Dwight Howard in a Lakers uniform.

Dwight Howard’s situation is not nearly as shocking as the others because his events were dragged out over the course of the past year. Nevertheless, hate is not the word that would define the reaction to Superman’s relocation.

Now that it is all over, Dwight Howard will probably get nothing more than a slap on the wrist in comparison to Lebron James. The NBA world will forget about Dwight Howard as fast as they will forget about 95% of the athletes in the 2012 Olympics. His immaturity will soon turn back to lovability.

D-12 is no longer the focal point either. He is the 3rd superstar on one of Los Angeles’s many prominent professional sports teams.

Dwight Howard toyed with a fan base that isn’t close to a championship with or without him. The rest of the NBA was just annoyed. Unlike Lebron James, who’s decision felt like a Mike Tyson punch to the noggin, all Dwight Howard kept doing was poking us in the arm like an infuriating little brother would.

The indecision wasn’t the worst thing in the world. It only felt like that in the moment.

The NBA world jumped on the hate Howard bandwagon. Most of them aren’t real Dwight Howard haters though. They have already jumped off and are running after the LA Lakers wagon.

Dwight Howard and all.

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15 Responses to Hating on Howard Will Stop

  1. Chris

    You do remember that last All Star team mustered together by the Lakers and the fate that awaited them when they met the Pistons in the 2004 NBA Finals . Be careful what you wish for .

  2. Giants’ owner John Mara and the NFL are about to file a lawsuit to try and overturn the state of New Jersey’s new gambling initiative . That’s now twenty separate legal issues that the league is now involved in . There are several lawyers around the country who are so happy the NFL has become so litigious and then some . They’re gonna get paid

  3. Dwight Howard is really nice. He’s a good basketball player and all, he just doesn’t have a mean bone in him. If he developed a bit of a mean personality, I think people would respect him a little more and D12 would gain some credibility.

  4. Jarred Belman says:

    Hey thanks for your comment on my article. Loved this. Gotta think Dwight will get some of the positive spotlight that LA brings, will continue to follow your posts.

  5. While it’s difficult to see at the moment, I believe you’re right about the “winning cures everything” mentality of American sports fans. I used to be less than fond of LeBron James, but once he got an NBA Finals ring (and matured from “The Decision”), I had no choice but to respect his game. Same with Dwight, Steve Nash, and the Lakers. Magic fans will loathe him now, but when he’s hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy they’ll realize how much emotional energy it takes to hate a player.

  6. Don’t kid yourself, CR.

    Orlando will let Dwight have it when he comes back to town. I may even make the trip personally to share my two cents.

  7. This is what the NBA has become. Dwight was instrumental in getting Stan Van Gundy fired, Carmelo clearly got Dolan to give Mik D’Antonio the boot, LeBron holding Cleveland and several other teams hostage for a long stretch of time, and so it goes…High profile players looking for that quick ring with the team they feel will facilitate them towards that goal at a quicker pace than the team they left.
    I don’t begrudge Dwight for what he did or even how he did it. He’s just taking advantage of the way the NBA has transitioned itself. Good for him!
    Nice article Chris!!

  8. How lopsided is this trade ? And Stern approved this ? In the mix also were three first round picks in order to offset any financial inequities ? Who’s kidding whom , here ? The NBA and the teams involved simply proving that they’re devoid of intelligence when concerns anything concerning financial expediency.

    tophatal ………

  9. Mike Hallihan says:

    Dwight will only get booed in Orlando. LA will embrace and love him. Most people will forget about the whole thing when the season comes because we’ll all just be excited that the season is starting again.

    Something we fans won’t forget though? Dwight’s drama was even worse than LeBron’s “Decision.”

  10. LBJ got paid $250k to put the fans through that mindless ordeal . Although LBJ’s reps would extrapolate by saying the player donated that sum to the Boys & Girls Club of America. This from a guy whose net worth has to exceed $ 100 million and he asks ESPN to pay for the privilege of that interview ? What’s wrong with that picture ?

  11. frigginloon says:

    I just hope Dwight isn’t as near appalling as Kobe Bryant. I was mortified by his selfish ball hogging at the London Olympics.

  12. nbababble says:

    I’ve never “hated” Howard the way a lot of people seem to. I don’t think he’s a genius, but I think Orlando is as much to blame for the drama as he is, and those guys are older and should be more mature.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, Chris, I’m starting to post my non-basketball stuff at Bleacher Report. If you have any interest in taking a look and giving comments or feedback, that would be cool.


  13. Nice article…thanks for stopping by!

  14. isaaczhang says:

    Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Josh McRoberts, Christian Eyenga, Mo Harkless, Nikola Vucevic and protected first round picks. How in the hell did the Magic agree to this? Not only did they not get potential lottery picks in return, but by all estimation, they didn’t even get the second or third best player in the trade! The more I talk about this, the more it pisses me off, especially since I’m a Rockets fan. Even if I was a rookie GM, how does a draft pick and youngster loaded deal beat out one filled with question mark players and low picks? What kind of freakin thought process does one have to go through to decide they’d rather have Josh McRoberts over Kevin Martin?

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