Tick Tock on the Clock

Tim Tebow

The script had everything that a person could want — intrigue, drama, and a flawed main character. It was a Broadway show that had the makings of being a huge money-maker but the director decided to go another route. Tim Tebow was supposed to be the next big thing in New York but he didn’t even get the chance to be a flop.

It was reported earlier today that the New York Jets are ready to part ways with Tim Tebow. Despite all the expectations heading into the season and the plethora of ESPN coverage, Tebow’s tenure in the Big Apple was just rotten. Following the Mark Sanchez benching this week, Tim Tebow was bypassed as starting quarterback for 3rd stringer Greg McElroy. It was the last straw for Tebow and ultimately signalled the end for the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Unfortunately for Tebow and ESPN, this failure with the Jets might have signalled more than just the end of Tebow’s days in New York.

The director, Rex Ryan, obviously wasn’t comfortable with Tim Tebow having a starring role in his play. This special Tebow package that Tony Sparano designed for Tebow has yet to be found and I don’t think anyone is sure if it actually exists. The coaching staff refused to insert more Tebow into the offence despite Mark Sanchez’s consistently abysmal play. It speaks volumes to what the coaching staff thinks of Tebow.

The clock never struck Tebow time in New York and it appears as though the clock is ticking rather quickly on Tim Tebow’s opportunity to be one of the NFL’s 32 starting quarterbacks.

Although he was such a success in Denver, it appears pretty clear that Tim Tebow will never be more than a novelty in the NFL. A ploy that owners use to increase jersey sales and media hype for their team. No one, except maybe Josh McDaniels, believes that Tim Tebow can be the long-term solution for their franchise.

Nor should they.

The New York Jets had an entire season with Tim Tebow. They saw him workout, practice and play. Well, sort of play. Out of any team in the NFL, the Jets coaching staff knows Tim Tebow better than anyone else does at this point in his career. Regardless of their immense struggles, they still didn’t believe it was worth putting him under center.

They felt it would be better if Tim Tebow didn’t get a sniff at leading their Sanchize.

They knew that Tebow time can lead to short-term success. However, the possibility of short-term success would undoubtedly lead to long-term problems. The potential limited success of Tim Tebow wasn’t worth the pain of having to find a real quarterback somewhere down the road. Let’s be real, that would be an inevitability.

I mean, it has been 3 seasons and Tim Tebow still throws while rolling out to his right about as well as I can cook, which is not very well if you couldn’t guess.

To commit to Tim Tebow means committing to a completely different style of game. It means tailoring personnel to fit his very unique brand of football. It means going all-in on a system that has absolutely no guarantee of working.

After watching the Tebow experiment fizzle out in New York, teams are seeing that Mr. John 3:16 is more headache than help. Any ownership or management group that is more concerned with winning than merchandise sales won’t be willing to roll the dice on Tim Tebow. For a project as defective as Tebow, who wants to take the risk?

Everyone is learning what John Elway knew all along.

I can’t even imagine that Shahid Khan is considering Tebow as a viable starting quarterback option at this point.

Tim Tebow did not get the big break he was hoping for after he was dealt to the New York Jets. All he has left to do now is to hope that someone else sees what Josh McDaniels saw at the 2010 NFL draft.

The thing is, that ticking clock, it’s already close to zero.

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18 Responses to Tick Tock on the Clock

  1. jeffrsabo says:

    It seems like the trade to bring Tebow to the Big Apple was a wasted trade. The Jets parted with a fourth round pick for someone that didn’t seem to fit in anywhere on the team. The Jets coaching staff didn’t seem comfortable with giving Tebow more plays and it became obvious that the former Florida Gator’s days in New York were counting down to zero.

    There is no question that what Tebow did in college was incredible. His style is very unique though and not many NFL coaches and teams have the ability to adapt to his style of play.

    When put on the trade market last year, only the Jets and Jacksonville were interested mainly because both needed a backup quarterback. Seeing the Jaguars have found their backup, it will be interesting to see how many teams are interested in Tebow in the offseason. Rumors of him ending up with the Montreal Allouettes of the CFL have surfaced and we could be seeing Tebow heading north next season.

  2. I feel bad for Tebow. He was, after all, the Jeremy Lin of the NFL. He had a great 9 game run with the Broncos which brought an amazing excitement to the franchise. He was must see football and the country was hooked. If his legacy is to that of a one hit wonder, then that’s sad..
    Nice piece Chris!

  3. patton26 says:

    I think a position change could increase his longevity in the NFL. Maybe a H-Back. But he will not make it as an NFL quarterback.

  4. caleahearn11 says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I totally agree that it takes a specific, tailor-made offense for Tebow to be effective, but for a team like Jacksonville, who barely even has a resemblance of an offense, I think an all out run attack with Tebow could be their best move.

  5. Tebow’s been such a positive, uplifting spirit since he first reared his head in Gainesville years ago.

    That just goes to show you what a dumpster fire that Jets situation is if even he wants nothing to do with ’em.

  6. Momentary flash in the pan , Tebow hasn’t the propensity to learn , if he did then his game would have improved over what we have seen at the college level upon his entry into the NFL . Fans are simply looking a for a damn feelgood story !

    The Jets this season have simply become a circus sideshow filled with a bunch of clowns , apes and whatever else , one is accustomed to seeing at the circus . And the ringmaster , is none other , than Rex Ryan .

    Tophatal …………………………..

    • darealdill says:

      Do you feel like TT had a chance to be a starting QB this year? That mess the Jets did was a joke. He has been in the league for two years. I have already given my reasons(last year with Denver) as to why he, at least, he deserves a shot. That’s what I think he deserves.

      • Has Tebow shown you that he deserves to be a starter given his issues in terms of his accuracy and the stats bear this out ? The NFL isn’t about affable players being given entitlements , or is that your wish , because Tim Tebow just happens to be a nice guy ?

        The bumbling Jets brought in the player, without ever having any idea how they would use him , and you still believe he deserves a shot , based on what evidence ? In the games where he has been on the field , what the hell has he shown you , that indicates he will be able to do anything tangible within the NFL ? But for a few fleeting moments in 2011 , he has done absolutely nothing . And do remember his display in the Broncos’ 45-10 loss to the Patriots? Now that’s a pointer for you !

        Tophatal …………

      • darealdill says:

        Yes. I do remember. I also remember a lot of teams having done much worse. I never said his stats were great or even good for that matter. But he took a team that couldn’t win with what’s his name last year, and managed to get to the playoffs and beat Pittsburgh. He wins. Why does it matter how he does it? Last time I checked, a W is a W.

  7. darealdill says:

    Chris, Thanks for the comment. I do have a somewhat biased opinion of TT mainly because of how he carries himself off the field. We need more athletes like that. Maybe that’s why I give him the benefit of the doubt. But then again, like fantasyfurnace said, he should get more respect and at least a shot. He has done more than most QB’s in the league.

    Look at Cam Newton. All of the hype that has come with him and what has he done. He has played selfishly, complains about his team not winning games, has been labeled a Pre-Madonna because of the way he acts before and after games, and so on and so forth. My point is that last year, Denver was awful before TT took over and then they end up making the playoff’s and beating Pittsburgh… PITTSBURGH!

    How much more does a guy have to do to be given a shot of leading a team long term? Maybe he doesnt have the best mechanics… Maybe you would have to build an offense around him… But doesnt every other team in the league build an offense around their starting QB? Tom Brady has an offense built around his strengths. Peyton Manning is the same. What about Russel Wilson or even Mike Vick?

    I guess what I am saying is that Tebow has shown the ability to find ways of winning. Are they are pretty as Eli in the two minute offense and down by 4 in the 4th quarter? Maybe not. But what you havent seen is him finding ways of losing ball games. You’ve never seen him quit. You never see him pass the blame. Every word out of his mouth is positive and looking towards getting better every single day.

    Obviously Tim Tebow going to be the player that kids try to pattern their game after. But, he is exactly who we should be teaching our kids to emulate in every other aspect of our their life.

    • Chris Ross says:

      I don’t disagree with you that Tebow is a great role model, especially to kids. However, the fact of the matter is that NFL teams couldn’t care less about what type of role model their starting quarterback is and they care more about how many games they’re going to win. My stance in this is more that I don’t believe there are many, possibly any teams still willing to give Tebow a shot at QB. Now, whether he deserves one is a different argument and I probably don’t think he does from a pure franchise winning stand point but I definitely can understand your point of view.

  8. verdun2 says:

    Man can run, man can throw a little. Anybody but me remember the halfback option pass? Walter Peyton ran it occasionally (which was a long time ago). Surely they could give Tebow a chance at it.

  9. The NFL is in the business of making money, and that’s the image hierarchy tries to cultivate, even with the idiocy shown by that proverbial a$shole Roger Goodell !

    The owner of the Jets , Woody Johnson , presides over a consumer goods’ company , Johnson & Johnson, that has a multibillion dollar revenue stream , but the NFL franchise he owns , is being ran like a late night convenience store , with stale goods on display , and a staff that simply doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing .

    Tophatal …………………..

  10. darealdil

    Since when did the NFL become an entitlement program for the untalented ? You really want to see Tebow installed because he’s affable because it’s surely not based on his talent is it ?

    A win is a win ? Have the Jets been winning as of late ?

    If interested let me know what you think ? Click on either of the links shown below .

    Somewhere to hang one’s hat


  11. darealdill

    If Tebow wants ” government cheese” / ” entitlement” then let him go cap in hand to the government . He hasn’t done anything to deserve being a starter in the league . Don’t let your heart rule your head , this is the real world and not a Hollywood script .

    A win is win you say ? So what about his woeful performance against the Patriots in the playoffs ? That 45-10 result shows you he simply cannot lead or handle adversity in most heated of situations and you’re now suggesting he can start for the Jets ? Are you that gullible ?

    Tebow’s stats in the game 9/26 (34/6 % compl rate) , 136 yds , 52.5 QBR .

    These are the stats you believe can win in this league ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

    Tophatal …………………..

  12. buddad1957 says:

    you may not be able to cook, but you can cook up a great, thought providing article. I had no idea who Shahid Khan was, but a quick search took care of that. Despite those thoughts, I am betting he does end up in Jacksonville in the end, either there or elsewhere, the end of Tebow in the NFL seems to be definitely closer then expected. Thanx!

    • Chris Ross says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words. And I agree, probably will end up in Jacksonville. They don’t really have much better than that anyway. It’s hard to believe Gabbert will be the guy at this point.

    • Tebow in Jacksonville merely brings another sideshow to town with the Jags still having to play catch up to all of the other occupants in the AFC South . There’s a reason why the stench from the St John’s River negates the bile emitted from Everbank Field /Stadium this season , the Jags couldn’t win and it”ll be the same next season , with Tim Tebow in tow .

      The Jags made a $28 million profit in 2011 , and Tebow may well help from a economic standpoint , from a competitive standpoint , it won’t be happening .

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