Questionable Person

Geno Smith

If Geno Smith wasn’t on national television he might have thrown a tantrum.

Slipping in a very Aaron Rodgers-like fashion, Geno Smith did not handle what was in store for him in a very Aaron Rodgers-like manner though. Geno pouted, his head was slumped down as he texted and he eventually left early, too rattled to endure a few extra minutes of pain. There were even reports that Geno Smith wasn’t going to stay in New York for the 2nd round, which garnered a lot of bad publicity. So Geno Smith stayed, saying he never intended to leave.

His response to finally being drafted. Well, that wasn’t anything to be proud of either.

Geno Smith told you everything you need to know about Geno Smith the person without saying a word and, when he did speak out loud, it didn’t help anyone change their mind.

It is always dangerous to read too much into these types of things. For such a young person to have the most exciting day of their life turn into the most depressing day of their life documented in front of the world cannot be easy to deal with.

Nevertheless, this isn’t a good sign for the New York Jets, who have now officially wasted the past 4 seasons on Mark Sanchez. They could be wasting another 4 on Geno Smith.

Geno Smith already has tons of question marks surrounding his ability to be a franchise NFL quarterback. Duh, he went 39th overall. All those question marks have been dissected to the Nth degree. There have also been mixed reports regarding his possible lack of character, most notably from Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly.

I wasn’t sure what to make of Nolan Nawrocki’s report before the draft. Now, I have to say that I am buying whatever Nolan was saying.

To be a great NFL quarterback, having it figured out between the ears is a must. More so than any other position in sports. Ryan Leaf, Vince Young, Jamarcus Russell. None of them had it.

Geno Smith does not strike anyone as the brightest bulb in the janitor’s closet. He was unable to replicate a simple white board play with NFL Network’s Steve Mariucci. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III breezed through the white board test during last year’s NFL Network special. People don’t rave about Smith’s intelligence like they did with all 3 of last year’s rookie sensations.

Not being smart does not make Geno Smith a bad quarterback. Dan Marino has shown that you can be great without having too much going on up in the ol’ noggin. It certainly doesn’t help though.

More importantly, it is the way Geno Smith reacted at the draft. What he did was confirm all these character questions surrounding him. To react in such a childish manner demonstrates a lack of intelligence, character and an inability to handle adversity. Geno Smith thought it wasn’t fair that he did not get his cookie and he didn’t care who knew that he was upset.

He had to have known it was a realistic possibility that he would drop out of the 1st round altogether. Did no one give him a draft history lesson?

You think that was tough Geno? Wait until the New York media gets a hold of you.

Geno Smith has mentioned how the critics have been motivating him, that the chip on his shoulder is getting bigger and how he wants to prove all the doubters wrong. I guess those things were a lot easier to say when he thought he wouldn’t drop outside the top 10 because, by responding the way he did to the situation, the critics are all refueled and ready to pour more onto the fire.

Instead of showing everyone how mature he could be in handling a very difficult situation, Geno Smith melted. He said that “I think it was just a test of patience, a test of character,” and that “I wanted to make it my duty to come back today and still represent for my family and all of those that support me.” If this was a test, he failed big time. Furthermore, he should not have had to explain why he decided to attend the 2nd day of the draft. It should have been common sense.

It isn’t fair to compare Geno Smith to a guy like Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers is a rock. Nothing bothers the guy. He handled the Brett Favre debacle as well as any sane person could.

The thing is, that’s the type of character I want in my quarterback. I don’t want the guy who knows that all eyes are on him but still can’t turn his frown upside down when Roger Goodell wants to go in for one of those ridiculous bear hugs.

Geno Smith is entitled to be unhappy but a person in his circumstances puts a mask on That’s just what you do. The fact that he wasn’t able to do that says something about the guy and it isn’t anything good.

If any other team was thinking of taking Geno Smith, he must have made them feel pretty good about their decision to pass on him.

The New York Jets got some pretty good value out of a guy some felt would be snapped up as early as 6th overall. An incredibly physically gifted quarterback, Geno Smith is going to bring a lot of buzz, as there always is, to the city of New York.

The past is the past. It’s time for these young men to get to work.

But the way the past 36 hours unfolded for Geno Smith, all I can say is, thank God he isn’t on my team.

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8 Responses to Questionable Person

  1. Brian Penn says:

    Seems fitting Smith should be examined in the NFL’s petri dish for quarterbacks known as the New York Jets. Thanks for the great post!

  2. hornm16 says:

    Good take.

    I don’t believe going 39th in the NFL draft reflects that a QB can’t be a franchise guy. But I totally agree that his body language and entitlement issues could be a huge ordeal to over come. Leaving NY wondering what the hell were they doing by picking this guy? Unfortunately, desperate times call for desperate measures – and the Jets are very desperate.

  3. Chris Ross

    The NFL and moronic idiots place these players in an unenviable situation to begin with all of the speculation as to where they might do in the draft . Unfortunately, when you have the likes of Mel Kiper and Todd McShay being so disingenuous with their prognostications , it makes this all so comedic and asinine ! Kiper spends about as much time analyzing the players , as Lindsay Lohan ….. might do , in drug or alcohol rehab . Shmoozing with players’ agents does not give you an insight into a players’ traits and tell you how good they might be . Unless I’m mistaken , it was Kiper’s dumb a$s who stated in 1998 that Ryan Leaf would prove to be a better prospect than Peyton Manning . If anyone is lacking in credibility , it has to be a pompous #sshole , such as Mel Kiper !

    Geno Smith has simply proven that he is still young and immature , all of the prerequisites that Jets obviously seek . The franchise now has six quarterbacks that they can toy around with , while Tim Tebow carries on moping , that he’s not being given a chance to play . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Tophatal …………………

  4. You know, Geno is expecting to be a first round pick. I’m not saying that he is a first round pick, infact, on my blog I said that he would fall into the second round. What the heck has happened to Matt Barkley, he went from a potential No,1 pick going in the season, to being a fourth round pick.

  5. jarednewmansports says:

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for your feedback, and you make some great points and comparisons in your article. I definitely agree with you that Geno Smith’s childish behavior is a real issue and did not realize he performed so poorly on the white board test. Both of those problems are going to keep New York fans worried through the offseason.

    Personally, I think the Jets should have spent their top draft picks on wide receivers and a tight end in this draft and waited until next year to take a quarterback. Hopefully for Smith’s sake, he can sit on the bench for a while and Rex can whip him into shape before his debut. It just seems inevitable though that Smith will be starting either by the beginning of the season or by the middle of the season. It will likely again be another season where the Jets are one of the focal points of discussion in the sports media even though they don’t have the record to deserve to be.

  6. ahathco1 says:

    I think you make good comparisons and I agree that Geno Smith should have put on a mask. You can feel how you want, but don’t let that show to GM’s that are watching you slip, and seeing how you’re handling it: you’ll only slip farther. Maybe he can sit behind the veterans and learn maturity- Lord knows that Sanchez and Tebow battled through adversity and analytical crap. Smith has the talent, but does he have the right mentality.. in all honesty, I think he washes out of the league as a scrum. I don’t think he’ll develop a killer mentality and adjust to the wear and tear (physical or mental). Maybe he’ll surprise me; only the turf will tell.

  7. And so the circus in New Jersey will continue with Tebow out , Sanchez and Ryan playing the proverbial clowns and now you have an immature Geno Smith . I mean what else could go wrong for such an o incompetent franchise ?

    And speaking of incompetency , are the Nets …. for real ? Deron Williams couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag much less lead this team ! What a goddamn waste of space ! Joe Johnson , even his mother have seen him play this postseason now thinks he should have been aborted prior to birth .

  8. Which makes him a perfect fit for the Jets, no?

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