Congratulations UConn Women, however…

Maya Moore led the UConn Huskies to a NCAA record 89 consecutive victories

Last night the UConn women’s basketball team broke the John Wooden led UCLA Bruins record for most consecutive college basketball victories.

89 consecutive victories, pretty good right?

Impressive maybe, but as notable sports streaks go this one ranks near the bottom of my list.

There are haters of this streak and haters of the haters of the streak. I can’t say that I am in either of those categories. Much of what I am going to say may sound sexist, possibly because it is, but it’s not meant in a derogatory kind of way. There are facts that are undeniable when it comes to this controversial topic and whether you like it or not what I’m about to say is not pure opinion, it is fact.

Behind the play of their star 6 foot senior forward Maya Moore the UConn Huskies beat Florida State in rather unimpressive fashion 93-62 to push their consecutive wins streak to 89. Fitting really.

The lack of competition faced in UConn’s record breaking victory is a microcosm of their entire streak and is one of the major aspects of women’s sports that differentiate it from men’s sports. There are far fewer girls who continue with competitive sports at the grassroots level than boys, which would obviously mean that the pool of female players for colleges to choose from for any given sport is substantially less in comparison to men.

Major division 1 colleges are built around kids who hope that they can rise up above the rest and reach the professional ranks. The money, fame and prestige of being a professional athlete is what drives so many boys to work harder than many can imagine just for a shot at a professional career.

However, this is an aspect that is not apparent in the small market of women’s professional sports. There is no money in women’s professional sports aside from tennis and golf, while the prestige and fame can often be limited to your friends, family and a blurb in the local paper.

Colleges are able to build dynasties on their ability to constantly recruit the best players throughout the country. The best players go to the winning colleges and the winning colleges continue to win because they are able to recruit the best players. The extensive pool of players creates an enormous amount of competition in men’s sports, which makes producing a dynasty such a difficult task and when a team is able to build a dynasty like John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins it is. Not that forming a dynasty is not a difficult task in women’s sports but the reality is that pales in comparison to forming one in men’s sports.

When it comes to women’s sports, a college is able to build up a reputation like any other and is in turn able to recruit the best. However, the difference here is that there are far fewer high quality players so when all the best players continually flock to that respective college there are not nearly as many quality female athletes who can go to other colleges, build teams and compete with them on an equal level. By and large there will be a couple of team’s that can give them a run for their money but in general the majority of team’s have no shot against them barring an absolute miracle.

Can you say that this is the same in men’s sports?

You really can’t because no matter the difference between division 1 schools, at any point during the regular season all it takes is a bad shooting night for a team like Duke to be defeated by some no-name school. On the other hand, the UConn’s women team just dominates other schools by so much that they are able to overcome their bad nights. In 2 years only 1 team has come within 10 points of the Huskies. Also, because of Tennessee’s refusal to play UConn during the regular season, the only team that may be good enough to give the Huskies a real run for their money doesn’t even play them.

One team, that’s it, and they don’t even play each other.

It isn’t just the lack of competition either that makes this streak just kind of “meh.” It is the amount of care that I and most other sports fans have for women’s sports in general.

A caller on the Dan Patrick show I think said it best, “I like women, I like basketball, but I don’t like women’s basketball.” It doesn’t get much more sexist than that does it, but it’s the sad truth of it.

Women’s sports are just not entertaining like men’s sports. I’m not going to beat around the bush and say I’m not sure why because I know why I’m bored out of my skull watching women’s sports. Plain and simple it is because women are not close to the same level that men are at in respect to sports.

Does that sound incredibly sexist? Sure it does, but how can you deny that fact. This whole business that women can do anything a guy can do is a bunch of garbage. Again, this isn’t mean to be a derogatory statement because I don’t mean it in the sense such as women not being as smart as men or anything like that because that’s garbage as well. However, when it comes to physical activities, like sports, women do not come close to reaching the competition level that men are at.

The lack of ability in women in relative terms to that of men makes it so women’s sports are not nearly as entertaining as men’s sports. I enjoy watching extraordinary athletes do extraordinary things but because of the in-born physical disadvantage that women possess the things they do athletically do not match up to men.

I don’t mean to say that these women are not athletic people on their own. However, strictly in comparison to men, the top female athletes simply cannot compare to top male athletes in their relative sports.

Don’t get me wrong, my hat is off to the UConn Huskies who have done the seemingly impossible. It is incredibly difficult to overcome all the adversity that accompanies the competition of an entire season, or seasons rather, and to persevere under all the pressure that came with the streak does make it impressive in a certain sense.

Nevertheless there is no way I can give it the credit that the UCLA Bruins men’s team garners for their 88 consecutive wins streak.

If you want to call me narrow-minded then feel free to do so but there is no way to overlook the fact that these women constantly faced insufficient competition as well as the general lack of care amongst the sports world leaves something to be desired from this streak of…greatness?

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