Lampard non-goal didn’t matter…are you kidding me!

England leaves the 2010 World Cup with another disappointing finish

Earlier today European soccer powers England and Germany faced off in the round of 16. Germany went on to take the match by a seemingly lopsided 4-1 score. After 32 minutes England was down 2-0 and looked defeated. However, a Matthew Upson header inside the box cut the deficit in half as England started to pour it on. They continued the pressure after the Upson goal as Lampard thought he had tied the game with a chip shot the bounced off the bottom of the crossbar, over the goal line and out. But alas a goal was not awarded by the referee. Thus at half England was still down 2-1 despite giving a poor effort for the first 30 odd minutes. England continued strong in the second half and came very close to breaking through a number of times with the best of those chances being a Frank Lampard free kick that hit the crossbar. The English push allowed numerous German counter-attacks and against the flow of play Muller scored in the 67th minute and then again 3 minutes later to make the score 4-1. Many people may be saying that the disallowed Lampard goal didn’t have any real effect on the game. They will say that the Germans were ultimately the better team and that the score was 4-1. If you’re in that boat then you are sadly mistaken.

There is no doubt that Germany was the better team for the majority of the first half as the England defence looked about as stable as a 3 legged horse. However, there is no denying that after Germany took that 2-0 lead England transformed into a completely different team. The 2-0 deficit removed the tension from the squad, gave them a sense of urgency that was lacking, and allowed them to just play the game. Being down 2-0 in soccer is such a difficult thing to comeback from. Being down 2-0 to a supposed superior team is even more difficult.

For a long time we are going to be hearing people say that Germany was the better team and that the Lampard goal didn’t even really factor into the game. The German squad would have won eventually anyways.

I don’t understand this thought process in the slightest bit.

First off, any sports fan should know that if the Lampard shot is counted it would signal a significant turning point in the game. England would have gone into the half with all the momentum on their side, where as the Germans would have been deflated like a pin to a balloon.

Also, despite losing a bit of the momentum because of the non-goal the English squad were still able to come out very strong in the second half. England was carrying the play and creating potential scoring opportunities. Yes it is true that the English did not capitalize on some of their almost chances but you have to remember this is soccer. What do you expect?

The Germans may have been the better team at the end of the day but the reason they won 4-1 was not because they were the better team. The reason they were able to blow the game open was because the England push for that all important tying goal allowed odd man counter-attacks from the German side. If the Lampard goal is counted there is no reason to believe that the Germans would have been able to have the amount of odd man rushes like they had when they were up 2-1. If the English had not been down by a goal they would not have been forced to attack in the manner that they did. The game would have been a much different game had that 2-2 goal in the 38th minute counted. As a hockey fan I see this happen all too often where a team down in the final period of a game are constantly exposed defensively as they give their all out push to salvage a good result . This situation is very similar in soccer and was very apparent today.

It should be mentioned that prior to this game, the previous 4 encounters between England and Germany resulted in extra time. This is not American football or hockey where scoring isn’t at as much of a premium. This is soccer.

This also brings to greater light the importance of video replay. I highlighted this point in an earlier post and even though controversial goals do not come about very often, the ability to have video review on hand is very crucial. I strongly believe that the key to a game is getting the calls right. I have heard it over and over that fans do not want to stop the game because it ruins the “flow” of the game. Think about that and realize that getting the call right is much more important than a few minutes of stopped time. Ruin the integrity of the game or ruin the flow? Your choice.

The Lampard non-goal was the biggest deciding factor in today’s 4-1 German victory. It is indisputable that England would have gone into the half with all the momentum, they would not have been forced to play so offensively, and thus the outcome would not have been the same

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