Jimmer Mania

Jimmer Fredette has carried BYU through the first weekend of March Madness

Despite the madness that ensued on Sunday, the talk of the town for most this week will still be the Jimmer. Fredette has come up huge in BYU’s first 2 games of the tournament while revitalizing hope amongst bandwagon Cougar fans across North America.

Even with mad Jimmer love sweeping the nation there is a great degree of uncertainty concerning Fredette’s ability to play at the next level. The question is legit but the answer is cloudy.

Well, sit back and relax and just let this thought simmer.

Jimmer’s got what it takes.

This notion is not just coming from my heart, hoping and praying for this guy to be a real impact guy at the next level. This is coming from an objective observer, well sort of.

Jimmer hater and lovers are quick to compare him to current Orlando Magic guard and former Duke star J.J. Redick. There are some obvious similarities. Both are not daunting physical specimens as neither has the size and quickness that many of their counterparts possess at the NBA level. They’re also knockdown outside shooters with suspect defence who have carved a legacy in College basketball history. In addition, they both faced questions about their ability to perform with the world’s best ballers.

The similarities are there but make no mistake, Fredette and Redick are not on the same planet. Redick has found himself a nice home in the Magic rotation but Jimmer has the potential to be much more.

As a college player, Redick was mostly a catch and shoot guy, a darned good one at that. However, the transition to the next level was not smooth. His inability to create off the bounce, create for others and most importantly guard others hampered his playing time. Nevertheless, when you can shoot like J.J. can there will always be opportunity. Redick was given time to improve and lone behold look where he is now.

Like that dumb blonde down the street, great shooter’s will always get the chance to prove their worth. Over and over again.

Fredette may need some time to get to where he needs to be but when you can not only shoot but score as well as he does someone will give you the opportunity to develop.

J.J. Redick has learned to keep people honest with his much improved dribble penetration. I don’t think Jimmer is going to have too much of a problem with that.

A huge knock on Fredette is his capability of making those around him better. For the most part, he is known as a one trick pony, Kevin Martin style. In spite of this thought, Jimmer still averaged 4.3 assists on the year, which isn’t terrible, and in the first 2 rounds of March Madness has shown that he can facilitate and let the game come to him.

Jimmer may not be like Steve Nash but he ain’t no Kevin Martin either.

Not quick enough to guard the point? Too small to guard the 2? Not interested in guarding anyone?

The defence of Jimmer or lack thereof is obviously a huge liability and cause for concern if you’re an NBA GM.

This is where I like the J.J. Redick comparison. Redick has learned to play solid enough defence that warrants him floor time in crunch moments of games. Jimmer can too.

Yeah, I might be making excuses, but Jimmer’s indifference to playing defence at this point in his career could partially be due to the extensive load that he has to carry on the offensive end. This guy probably doesn’t want to expend a significant amount of energy on the defensive end and who can blame him. I mean, BYU runs 84.367% of their plays through him.

You can’t teach the talents that Jimmer owns but defence is something that can be learned. His physical limitations will hold him back from being anything close to a lock down defender but he should be able to get to a stage in his game where he isn’t a liability on the defensive end.

If he’s willing to put the work in.

It might seem like the Jimmer drug has consumed my brain but I wholeheartedly believe that someday this BYU star will be teaching NBA stars how to Jimmer.

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