Al Davis Managing from the Grave?

So, Al Davis is at it again. That’s my only explanation. Who else could have orchestrated this sorry excuse for a trade?

Even from the grave a continually senile Al Davis is still finding ways to derail his Oakland Raiders who have finally started to get things back on track. Giving up a 2012 first round and a 2013 conditional pick, which could end up as high as a first rounder depending on Carson Palmer’s play, sums up everything we have been taught at the Oakland Raider school of General Managing for the past decade.

Just win baby!

With Jason Campbell on the shelf for at least several weeks, the Oakland Raiders obviously felt they had to make a move to stay in the playoff race. Jason Campbell has been about as good as his ol’ game managing self can be. It has been enough to put his Raiders at 4-2 after 7 weeks of the season.

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However, the goal in any professional sports league is to build a perennial winner. The Oakland Raiders haven’t been able to build a once in a decade winner. This trade sure isn’t putting them in the right direction.

It is 1 step forward and 2 steps back playing on repeat.

The Raiders have now spent 3 picks (1st, 3rd and 4th rounder) in 2011 on three separate quarterbacks. Yes, 3.

This trade was not necessary and vital for a team that, at best, was bound for a first round playoff exit. This was not their final shot at glory à la Brett Favre. This was a team at last giving their faithful fan base a legitimate reason to get rowdy every Sunday.

The draft, on the other hand, is necessary and vital for a team attempting to build a competitive team on a yearly basis in the NFL. In no other league is the draft more vital than the NFL. With so much talent from around the country and so many roster spots to go around, talent can be found anywhere from round 1 through 7.

It’s a travesty when teams fail to understand the value of the draft and the Raiders have excelled at this. Think Richard Seymour.

I would have expected a trade like this from a 14-year-old fantasy football player reminiscing back to his elementary school days when Carson Palmer was his favourite player. I wouldn’t have expected the Bengals to get this sort of value for a pseudo-retired past his prime pro bowler. Not even from the Oakland Raiders.

But give credit where credit is due. Owner Mike Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals refused to give in to Carson Palmer’s ridiculous demands and he was rewarded for it. With a little luck from Jason Campbell’s injury, Brown was able to receive tremendous value for his former franchise quarterback.

What can you say though about a man who went all Chad Ochocinco eccentric on us? Carson Palmer is going to be 32 in December and hasn’t given any reason for us to believe that he will play anywhere close to his former self. He also hasn’t played a down of football for quite a while now.

What do the Oakland Raiders expect?

They would be lucky if Carson Palmer could put up some vintage Trent Dilfer numbers.

The Raiders are set to pay the full amount of Carson Palmer’s $11.5 million 2011 contract. In addition, Palmer’s contract runs through 2014 season so it is quite possible, as SI’s Chris Burke points out, that Jason Campbell has “played his last down in Oakland.”

In an attempt to salvage a season that was inevitably lost after Jason Campbell’s injury, the Raiders have compromised the future of their franchise…yet again.

I guess “just win baby” is still at all costs necessary for this much maligned franchise.

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Jason Campbell the Solution? Don’t Think So.

The Jason Campbell led Raiders lost big time on Sunday 38-13 to the Titans

By: Chris Ross

Despite the Oakland Raiders finally making some right moves this past off-season, the move to trade for perennial mediocre quarterback Jason Campbell was an incorrect one. Many analysts at the time felt this to be a shrewd move by the Al Davis run franchise, but all I could do is wonder why they would make this decision under the circumstances.

The Oakland Raiders have not had much success since the departure of Rich Gannon, and after the Jamarcus Russell era was over any quarterback would have been an improvement. It got so bad to the point that head coach Tom Cable was starting Bruce Gradkowski over the former #1 overall pick.

Owner Al Davis, who is very well-known around the NFL for making questionable decisions to say the least, did make the “tough” decision to give up on the great potential of Jamarcus Russell and start a new rebuilding process for the Raiders.

During the 2010 draft the Raiders made actually made some solid picks, such as shoring up the middle of their defence by drafting Rolando McClain with the 8th overall pick. They even waited until the fourth round to take a chance on the unproven, physically freakish offensive tackle Bruce Campbell, who was pegged by some analysts at #8 spot in early mock drafts.

However, I believe that the Raiders, as well as other NFL teams for that matter, made one major mistake on draft day that they will regret in the future.

For a team in desperate need of a franchise quarterback the Oakland Raiders passed up on Jimmy Clausen, who very easily could have been a top 5 draft choice. As I mentioned earlier the Raiders decided on middle linebacker Rolando Mcclain.

Alright, reasonable enough.

What was mind-boggling to me was that when Clausen actually slipped all the way down to the Raiders 2nd round pick at #44 overall, they once again decided to pass on the possible franchise quarterback. In this situation the risk-reward situation seemed so heavily weighted on the reward side that I don’t see how it was possible for them not to at least take a chance on him.

This is a guy who could have very easily gone to Washington at #4 or Seattle at #6. This is a guy who led a potent professional style Notre Dame offence in college. This is a guy who could one day be leading his team to the playoffs year after year.

Instead, some genius decided that the soon to be 29-year-old Jason Campbell could provide stability to the much maligned Raiders franchise. That’s the key word right there, stability.

Oh yeah, Jason Campbell isn’t necessarily going to give your team stability, he maxes out at stability.

Did or does anyone still actually believe that Jason Campbell could become what many hoped he would become when he was drafted by the Redskins in 2005?

The stable Trent Dilfer led the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl title

For most teams stability is not going to lead your team to a championship. Trent Dilfer offered stability to the Baltimore Ravens when their stellar defence led by Ray Lewis won the super bowl in 2001. There aren’t too many exceptions though and I don’t even think that Jason Campbell has the ability to guide a team that was as good as the Ravens to the super bowl.

If you’re an NFL GM and you’re in the process of rebuilding would you take a chance on a quarterback who has the ability to be an elite quarterback in the league or would you want a quarterback that has shown nothing more than stability and mediocrity after four seasons in the NFL?

Carolina decided that using up a second round pick on the former option was worth the risk even though they already had a young quarterback to take the reins of their team in Matt Moore. The thing is, even if Jimmy Clausen doesn’t work out you are only using up a second round pick on him, not a top 10 pick. The reward is so great compared to the risk.

This past weekend Jason Campbell and the Oakland Raiders got steamrolled by the Tennessee Titans 38-13. The 38 points that the Titans scored obviously cannot be put on the shoulders of Jason Campbell and the offence, but the way he ran the offence can be. You’re not going to win many games if the other team scores 38 points, but on the other side of the spectrum 13 points isn’t going to get it done either. Especially when 7 of those 13 points came during garbage time.

Jason Campbell had a very Jason Campbell-like line Sunday afternoon. He was 22-37 for 180 yards and threw for one touchdown and one interception.

Not horrendous. Not spectacular. This has been and will continue to be the story of Jason Campbell’s career.

I do realize that one game doesn’t tell it all, but let it be known that the Oakland Raiders will not be going anywhere with Jason Campbell under center. Also, remember to tell all your friends to check back here in 5 years when Jimmy Clausen is flourishing in the NFL and Jason Campbell is getting spot starts as the second string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

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